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Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites

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Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites. IS 591 Electronic Commerce. Table of Contents. Topic 1 Introduction to the Web Presentations Topic 2 Web Site Design. Introduction to World Wide Web Presentations. Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites. The World Wide Web.

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table of contents
Table of Contents

Topic 1

Introduction to the Web Presentations

Topic 2

Web Site Design

introduction to world wide web presentations

Introduction to World Wide Web Presentations

Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites

the world wide web
The World Wide Web
  • A structure of documents connected electronically over the internet
  • Composed of Web Documents or Web Pages
  • Web Sites or Presentations are related sets of Web Pages
  • Web Browsers are used to view Web Pages
web pages
Web Pages
  • Consist of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Code, Graphic Objects, and Embedded Programs and Scripts
  • Web Browsers interpret HTML code and cause the Web Page to be displayed in a particular format
  • Pages are linked together using Hyperlinks
uniform resource locators url
Uniform Resource Locators (URL)


Domain Name

File Path

Translates to an IP Address (ex:

web infrastructure
Web Infrastructure
  • Web Servers
    • Server Computers
    • Server Software
  • Intranets/Extranets
  • Local and Wide-area networks
web presentation design criteria
Web Presentation Design Criteria
  • Effectiveness
    • requires that the presentation be complete, sensibly organized, and accurate
  • Affectiveness
    • requires that the presentation capture attention by being interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable
  • Navigational Efficiency
    • the ease with which users can locate information
evolution of web presentations
Evolution of Web Presentations


Paper Replacement

Text and Graphics


Intersite Links



“Flashy” Text Rewrite





users defined
Users Defined

Targeted Surfers




levels of understanding
Levels of Understanding






Presenter Understands Users


Relationship may be with unintended audience

No Effective




User Understands Presentation

roles of web creators
Roles of Web Creators






web site design

Web Site Design

Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites

information domain
Information Domain
  • The totality of information collected during the Research and Idea Generation phase.
  • Also known as Presentation Content
information objects
Information Objects
  • Any fully defined unit of information that expresses a single complete thought as perceived by the viewer.
  • Also known as “chunks”, each information object results in a Web page element.
  • Information objects are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.
information structure diagrams
Information Structure Diagrams

Program Description (A, 1)

Information Technology Minor (I, 1)

Course List (A, 4)

Course Requirements (A, 1)

Volatility Legend:

I = Infrequently

A = Annually

design considerations
Design Considerations
  • 40% to 60% of a Web page should be white space
  • Average surfer views a page for under seven seconds
  • Web design is often best done by teams
text analysis
Text Analysis
  • Start with Information Objects
  • Review text associated with the object’s source (document, form, etc.)
  • Discard irrelevant text
writing goals
Writing Goals
  • Complete or Comprehensive
  • Accurate or Accuracy Labeled
  • Easy to Read
  • Clear
  • Useful To At Least One Defined Audience
  • Concise
text composition elements
Text Composition Elements
  • Layout
    • Placement of text on a Web page
  • Typography
    • Typeface
    • Type style
    • Type Size
  • Color
    • hyperlinks, legibility, mood, tone
text arrangement
Text Arrangement
  • Proximity
    • places similar or related items near to each other
  • Alignment
    • position relative to edges
  • Contrast
    • used to establish focal point
  • Repetition
    • repeated consistent use of design elements
text grouping
Text Grouping
  • By location
  • Alphabetic
  • By time
  • By quantity
page formatting
Page Formatting
  • Methods of screen presentation and the division of space on a page
    • Menus
    • Image maps
    • Frames
  • Intrapage Hyperlinks
    • Move within a page (at same URL)
  • Intrasite Hyperlinks
    • Move between information objects at same web site
  • Intersite (Free) Hyperlinks
    • Move user to other web presentations
criteria for intersite links
Criteria For Intersite Links
  • Information on the site is complete and accurate
  • Relationship works to your site’s competitive advantage
  • Tone of site is compatible with yours
  • Site appeals to your expected audience
  • Site support your page or site goals
linkage evaluation
Linkage Evaluation
  • Ratio of Possible to Actual Links should be in 40% to 60% Range
  • Seven or Less Hyperlinks Per Page (Not including intrapage links)
  • One Intrapage Hyperlink Per 10-20 Lines of Text
  • Use Intrasite links if your pages have 150 Lines or more

Text, Graphics, Sound, Animation, Video, or other media products combined into a single product or presentation

multimedia analysis guidelines
Multimedia Analysis Guidelines
  • Determine the purpose of enhancements
    • Description, Decoration, Exploration, Demonstration
  • Determine the format of enhancements
    • Graphics, Animation, Sound, Video, etc.
  • Match purpose and format to make selection of multimedia form
multimedia composition
Multimedia Composition
  • Selecting or developing multimedia objects for the Web presentation
  • Integrating objects into Web pages
  • Evaluating the total effect
    • affectiveness
    • effectiveness
    • navigational efficiency