thoughts of an anonymous beginning agriculture teacher l.
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Thoughts of an Anonymous Beginning Agriculture Teacher

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Thoughts of an Anonymous Beginning Agriculture Teacher .

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thoughts of an anonymous beginning agriculture teacher
Thoughts of an Anonymous Beginning Agriculture Teacher

In today’s educational system, the most challenging aspect seems to be motivating students to desire learning. . . . The second most difficult obstacle, in my opinion, is discipline management. . . . Strong yet fair rules and consequences are a must. Discipline must start on day one. And last, but not least, is the challenge of teaching the increasing number of culturally diverse students.

  • A mood or desire that “makes” a person do something rather than not
  • The reason(s) for doing anything
So, people are subject to different types of motivation depending on the situation, the circumstances, and the individuals involved.
types of motivation can be classified as
Types of motivation can be classified as . . .
  • Extrinsic – originating from external (outside) forces
  • Intrinsic – originating from internal (inside) forces
extrinsic motivation
Extrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic motivators are not necessarily “bad” – depending on how they are used or misused
  • But their effect tends to diminish over time and with the frequency of use
teacher behaviors that can help to extrinsically motivate students adapted from w huitt 2001
Teacher behaviors that can help to extrinsicallymotivate students. . . (Adapted from W. Huitt, 2001)
  • Provide clear expectations
  • Give corrective feedback
  • Make rewards available
  • Provide valuable rewards
intrinsic motivation
Intrinsic Motivation
  • Originates from within the individual
  • It is a “felt need”
intrinsic motivation12
Intrinsic Motivation
  • I do this because it is what Iwant to do.
  • Not because it is what youwant me to do
intrinsic motivation13
Intrinsic Motivation . . .
  • Has much greater potential for creating sustained (lasting) behaviors than does extrinsic motivation
  • It is the essence of Delayed Gratification:the ability to defer immediate pleasure or reward for long term gain or accomplishment
Teacher behaviors that can help students to become intrinsicallymotivated. . . (Adapted from W. Huitt, 2001)
  • Explain or show why learning a particular content or skill is important
  • Create and maintain a climate of curiosity
  • Provide a variety of activities and sensory stimulations
  • Provide games and simulations
  • Set goals for learning
Teacher behaviors that can help students to become intrinsically motivated (Adapted from W. Huitt, 2001)
  • Relate learning to student needs
  • Help students plan ahead and look toward the future
  • Individuals have “unfelt” needs as well.
  • This may be especially true for adolescents.
unfelt needs
So, it is also very important

that teachers help students to understand what their unfelt needs may be, for example . . .

The need to prepare for a future career or job

The need to obey rules and to follow procedures

The need to avoid or to reduce risky behaviors (health or life threatening)

The need to save money

Unfelt Needs
if experience is the best teacher mine has been the following
If experience is the best teacher, mine has been the following:
  • If you will try to reach students through the Affective domain, that is, make a consistent and honest attempt to understand and appreciate their values, attitudes, interests, and beliefs
  • Eventually, most students will allow you to assist them in the Cognitivedomain, that is, help them to acquire valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities
some important principles of learning from the student s perspective dodd 1995
Some Important Principles of Learning from the Student’s Perspective (Dodd, 1995)
  • Learning is personal and idiosyncratic, e.g., there are many ways to “understand” and to “misunderstand”
  • Every student behavior (or misbehavior) is a way of communicating
  • Assumptions on the part of the teacher are sometimes wrong