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Fourth Grade ELA PowerPoint Presentation
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Fourth Grade ELA

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Fourth Grade ELA
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Fourth Grade ELA

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  1. Expectations Do your best every moment to learn. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Use the polling tools. Raise your hand if you want to read and lower your after having a turn on the microphone or using the tools. Check your audio: • Tools  Audio  Audio Set Up Wizard Fourth Grade ELA Week Fourteen Day Three The Sign of the Beaver Novel Study This session will be recorded for learning purposes.  Learning purposes include: a lesson review for students who are absent, students who want to review for a test, etc. and will be distributed for learning purposes.

  2. Daily Review Get those polling tools ready!

  3. Word Study: Prefixes • Objectives: • I can recognize prefixes and suffixes and their meanings. • I can read words containing prefixes and suffixes. • I can write and spell words with prefixes and suffixes.

  4. Draw a Picture to Illustrate subzero underbudget

  5. Reading

  6. Vocabulary chagrined earnestly glistened handiwork sinew

  7. Teacher Read Aloud How has Matt’s perception of Indians changed? RL 4.9 was definitely wrong. His arrows wobbled off in odd directions or flopped on the ground a few feet away.

  8. He was chagrined when next morning Attean came walking out of the woods and surprised him at his Teacher Read Aloud Is Attean a good teacher? Why or why not? Identify evidence from the text to support your answer. RL 4.1

  9. Teacher Read Aloud “Need fat now,” he said. “Bear fat best.” “Will this do?” Matt asked, bringing out a bowl of fish stew he had left cooling on the table. Carefully, with a bit of bark, Attean skimmed off the drops of oil that had risen to the surface. He rubbed the oil from one end of the bow to the other till the bare wood glistened. Matt’s frayed bit of string he cast aside. Instead he set about making a bowstring as he had Are Matt and Attean friends? Why or why not? RL 4.3

  10. Teacher Read Aloud What do you think Matt will do next? What would you do if you were him? RL 4.1 flew with astonishing power off somewhere into the underbrush, anywhere but where he had aimed it. As fast as he could make new arrows he lost them. But he was determined. He pegged a target of birchbark against a tree and shot at it grimly, his arrows coming

  11. Teacher Read Aloud What will Matt’s dad think of his new skill when he returns? RL 4.1

  12. Chapter 12: Whole Group Discussion • What did Matt decide he needed? • What was wrong with the bow that Matt made? • How did Attean help Matt? Why do you think he helped him? • Describe how Attean made the bow and arrow.

  13. Groups Find the breakout room with your team name and move yourself!

  14. Team Jobs • 1st Person Listed: Assistant Coach (Coaches the team like an assistant to the teacher/keeps everyone on task) • 2nd Person Listed: Broadcaster(Will “broadcast” or share the group’s work when we return to the main room) • 3rd Person Listed: Sports Journalist (Take notes for the team/writer) • 4th Person Listed: Equipment Manager (See who has a microphone, let teacher know if tools are not working/technical difficulties) • 5th Person Listed: Pinch Hitter (Takes the job of anyone who is absent and/or helps any team member as needed) • *EVERYONE READS

  15. Vocabulary The witch spoke in a harsh, grating, rasping voice. The dog caught his left foreleg in the trap and could not escape. Sarah was indignant when she found out her best friend was telling lies about her. When his friends found that Garrett was stealing from then, they treated him with scorn. The fox stalked his prey shrewdly and cleverly. The actor forgot his lines, so he had to improvise them.

  16. Discuss: How does it help Matt to look for the signs? RL 4.2 “Indians not use iron trap. Iron trap bad.” “You mean a white man set this trap?” Matt thought of Ben.

  17. “No. Some white man pay for bad Indian to hunt for him. White man not know how to hide trap so good. Attean showed Matt how cleverly the trap had been hidden, the leaves and earth mounded up like an animal burrow with two half-eaten fish heads concealed inside. The fox watched them, its teeth bared. The angry eyes made Matt uncomfortable. “We’re in luck to find it first,” he said, to cover his uneasiness. Attean shook his head. “Not beaver hunting ground, “he said. “Turtle clan hunt here.” He pointed to a nearby tree. On the bark Matt could just make out a crude scar that had a shape somewhat like a turtle. He was indignant. “We found it,” he said. “You mean you’re just going to leave it here because of a mark on a tree?” “Beaver people not take animal on turtle land,” Attean repeated. “We can’t just let it suffer,” Matt protested. “Suppose no one comes here for days?” “Then fox get away.” “How can he get away?” “Bite off foot.” Indeed, Matt could see now that the creature had already gnawed its own flesh down to the bone. “Leg mend soon,” Attean added, noting Matt’s troubled face. “Fox have three leg beside.” “I don’t like it,” Matt insisted. He wondered why he minded so much. He had long ago got used to clubbing the small animals he caught in snares. There was something about this fox that was different. Those defiant eyes showed no trace of fear. He was struck by the bravery that could inflict such pain on itself to gain freedom. Reluctantly he followed Attean back to the trail, leaving the miserable animal behind. Discuss: How does Matt feel about leaving the fox in the snare? RL 4.3 Discuss: Why does Attean insist on leaving the fox behind? RL 4.3

  18. Discuss: How does Matt feel about Attean? How do you know? Highlight examples in text that show how Matt is feeling. RL 4.1 some terrible danger and he, Matt, would be brave and calm and come swiftly to the rescue. He would kill a bear unaided, or a panther, or fend off a rattlesnake about to strike. Or he would about an enemy band of Indians sneaking through the forest to attack the place where Attean was sleeping, and he would run through the woods and give the alarm in time. In the morning he laughed at himself for his childish daydreaming. There was little chance he would ever be a hero.

  19. Discuss: What has Attean taught Matt? RL 4.6 Discuss: What has Matt taught Attean? RL 4.6 The only thing Matt could teach him, Attean was set against learning. For Attean, the white man’s signs on paper were piz wat- good for nothing. Nevertheless, Matt noticed in spite of himself Attean had learned something from the white boy. He was speaking the English tongue with greater ease. Perhaps he was not even aware of

  20. Discuss: Do you think that Attean notices the changes in how he speaks? RL 4.1 porcupine waddle off unharmed. Perhaps, after all, those lessons had not been entirely wasted.

  21. Closure • How would you describe Matt and Attean’s relationship? Would you want to be friends with them?

  22. Grand Slam! I am understanding the text and applying comprehension strategies. I understand the characters and can make insightful inferences. Home Run! I am understanding the text and trying to use comprehension strategies. I understand the characters for the most part and am able to make predictions. Base Hit! I am understanding the text with my teacher and classmate’s help. I understand most of the word, but sometimes I have trouble summarizing the text in my own words.

  23. Homework • Read Chapter 14-15 independently • Quiz #2 Sign of the Beaver in GoFormative username: student ID number password: student

  24. Exit Ticket- Teacher Model • Explain what the sign of your family would be and why. The sign of my family would be a dog. Dogs are loyal and faithful companions, just like the members of my family. We pride ourselves on being good friends and once one of us befriends you; you become a friend for life! We are all caring and good listeners for a friend to rely on. If you saw the sign of the dog on a tree in the woods, you would know that a friend was near. Like Attean, we would be happy to help someone in need. Unlike Attean, we would be more willing to accept help in return. We know that friendship is a give and take relationship. You will always have a friend in a member of the Ferrell family! • Draw a picture of your sign.

  25. Exit Ticket • Explain what the sign of your family would be and why. • Draw a picture of your sign.