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Scanners, flash drives, digital cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Scanners, flash drives, digital cameras

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Scanners, flash drives, digital cameras - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scanners, flash drives, digital cameras Scanners Types: handheld, flatbed, film/slide, drum(industrial)

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  • Types:handheld, flatbed, film/slide, drum(industrial)
  • Components:Charge-coupled device (CCD) array, mirrors, scan head, glass plate, lamp, lens, cover, filters, stepper motor, stabilizer bar, belt, power supply, interface port(s), control circuitry
  • How it works: lamp lights document, scan head moves across the document, mirrors reflect the image onto a lens, and the lens focuses the image through a filter on the CCD array.
  • The marketplace


  • Quality measurement:
    • CCD vs. CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
    • Resolution: hardware sampling (1,200-4,800 dpi), and software (interpolation): 9,600- unlimited.
    • Sharpness: depends on the quality of the lens andthe brightness of the lamp.
    • Depth: 36-bit, up to 48-bit color, but output is 24-bit
  • Interfaces:
    • USB, SCSI, FireWire, parallel
    • Software: Twain and WIA (conflicts in XP)
  • Scanner FAQ

Use XnView to edit

flash ram and drives
Flash RAM and drives
  • Flash RAM basics
    • a solid state storage: a type of SRAM, EEPROM chip
    • nonvolatile and does not require constant power to retain information, unlike DRAM.
    • How it works: cells values are defined by rows and columns grid using tunneling.
  • Devices that use flash RAM
    • BIOS chip
    • memory cards: PDAs, cameras, MP3 players, etc
    • smart cards: future of smart cards?
    • flash USB drives: why not replace hard-drives?
flash usb drives
Flash USB drives
  • Flash USB drive basics
    • NAND flash memory (cells arranged serially) integrated with a USB interface , up to 8 GB of storage
    • components: USB connector, USB mass storage controller (CPU and memory), flash memory chip, crystal oscillator (clock), LED
  • More
    • The USB Flash drive alliance
    • Making the USB flash drive bootable
    • Portable applications for USB flash drives
digital cameras
Digital cameras
  • Digital camera basics
    • based on CCD (we saw it in scanners): sample the original light that bounces off the subject, converting light patterns into pixel values
    • resolution: the number of unique cells in the CCD, measured in megapixels
    • capturing color: color filter array over each photosite
    • exposure, focus and zoom
    • storage media: flash RAM and file sizes
    • interfaces: USB or FireWire, also storage media readers (floppy, USB)
    • Image management: XP, XnView
digital camcorders
Digital camcorders
  • The basics
    • analog camcorders: CCD, lens and motors to handle zoom, focus and aperture, VCR shrunk down to fit in it.
    • digital camcorders: captures a frame of video from the CCD and (using an analog-to-digital converter) records the signals as bytes in a tape, DVD or hard-drive.
    • digital formats: MiniDV, Digital8, DVD, memory cards
  • The marketplace
    • digital camcorders: 2002, 2004, 2005
    • digital cameras: big cameras for beginners