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What is Ready ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Ready ?

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What is Ready ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Ready ? National public service ad campaign produced by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and The Advertising Council Educates and empowers Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks

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What is Ready ?

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what is ready
What is Ready?
  • National public service ad campaign produced by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and The Advertising Council
  • Educates and empowers Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks
  • Goal is to get the public involved and ultimately increase our nation’s level of preparedness
ready campaign components
ReadyCampaign Components

Ready America – Information for Americans on how to prepare themselves, their homes and their families

Ready Business – Information for owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses on how to prepare their companies

Ready Kids –Tool to help parents and teachers educate children 8-12 about emergencies and how they can help their families prepare

Listo America / Listo Negocios / Listo Ninos – Spanish language versions

ready encourages
Ready Encourages…
  • Individuals and families to:
    • Get an Emergency Supply Kit
    • Make a Family Emergency Plan
    • Be Informed
  • Small-to-medium sized businesses to:
    • Plan to Stay In Business
    • Talk to Their Employees
    • Protect Their Assets
spreading the message psas
Three unique Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaigns developed by the Ad Council

Ready America - all Americans, with special focus on parents

Ready Business - small and medium-sized businesses, with focus on owner/operator, HR and IT

Listo – Spanish speakers

TV, radio, Internet, print and out-of-home ads, most localizable

New Ready, Listo and Ready Business PSAs soon

Spreading theMessage - PSAs
new ready psas
New Ready PSAs
  • Two new TV and radio ads, released May 23 feature former Presidents Bush and Clinton
spreading the message web sites
Spreading theMessage – Web sites
  • can be linked to your Web sites
spreading the message materials
12 Ready Publications

Ready America - tri-fold, brochure and supply list

Ready Business – tri-fold, brochure, poster and Mentoring Guides

Listo – tri-fold and brochure

Ready Kids – activity book and poster/teaching guide

Newest piece for pet owners developed with Humane Society, ASPCA, AKC and vets released May 31

New pieces for seniors and special needs being developed

Free via and 1-800-BE-READY; can provide copies for your organization or event

Spreading theMessage - Materials
spreading the message pr media
Annual Public Relations Efforts

National Preparedness Month

Resolve to Be Ready

Media outreach, especially around new products, current events, anniversaries, etc.

This year, Ready has been featured on:

CBS’ Early Show

NPR’s All Things Considered

Fox News’ Weekend Live

Happy to work with your publications

Spreading theMessage –PR/Media
spreading the message partners
Citizen Corps key partner, localizes and spreads Ready message at the grassroots level

Partnering with a variety of public and private sector organizations, including:

Minor League Baseball

Boy Scouts of America

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Small Business Administration

Always looking for new partners

Spreading theMessage – Partners
ready successes
The Ad Council has declared Ready of the most successful campaigns in its over 60 year history

Over $532 million in donated media support

More than 1.9 billion hits and 23 million unique visitors to

More than 256,000 calls to 1-800-BE-READY

More than 5.5 million brochures requested or downloaded from the Web site

Ready Successes
ready s road ahead
Move into the Preparedness Directorate with focus on building a culture of preparedness

Closer alignment with Citizen Corps

Stronger connection with state and local efforts

New Ready Web site

New materials - seniors and special needs

New PSAs

Ready’s Road Ahead
what you can do
What You Can Do
  • Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed
  • Spread Ready message to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.
  • Work with Citizen Corps to help create emergency plans for your office, your children’s school and your community
  • Take part in National Preparedness Month
    • Focus on family preparedness
    • Expand effort through summer and fall
    • Link to existing events
    • Looking for great efforts to feature as our launch