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Environmental Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Awareness Training

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Environmental Awareness Training
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Environmental Awareness Training

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  1. Proudly Presents Environmental Awareness Training

  2. Consider Some of the Locations Where DNCP&R Operates? Asilomar Grand Canyon Yosemite Sequoia National Park

  3. How Do We Help Protect the Environments in Which We Operate? l DNCP&R has adopted an Environmental Management System called GreenPath. l Maybe you’ve seen the buttons?

  4. What Is the Purpose of GreenPath? • To help DNCP&R operations better manage our environmental responsibilities • To promote environmental awareness in our associates, guests, community and clients. • To reduce the environmental impacts that our operations have on our environment.

  5. GreenPath Goals • The Key Elements of our Environmental Policy Are: • Continuous Environmental Improvement • Pollution Prevention • Comply with all Environmental Laws and Regulations

  6. GreenPath is Registered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) DNCP&R was the first Hospitality Company to receive ISO registration. Asilomar was the first State park to receive ISO registration. ISO 14001 Registered

  7. Asilomar Accomplishments l We’ve done a great job! • Reduced Electric use by 628,197 KWH • Reduced Natural Gas use by 92,400 therms

  8. Asilomar Accomplishments • Reduced water consumption by 9.8 million gallons • Reduced trash generation and disposal by 1,880 tons • Recycled over 857 tons of plastics, metals, and paper

  9. Asilomar Accomplishments • Recycled over 337 tons of cardboard • Donated 8,628 extra meals to charity • Recycle total of 1,140 tons

  10. Energy use (Electricity & Natural Gas) Water use Solid waste Significant Environmental Aspects

  11. Material use Air emissions Flora & Fauna Significant Environmental Aspects

  12. What Is the Target? • l Consider and practice methods to reduce all negative environmental impacts. • Methods Include: • Conservation • Recycling/Reuse • Use Environmentally Friendly Products

  13. Turn It Off!

  14. Recycle It!

  15. Keep It Safe! Use environmentally friendly products.

  16. How Will I Remember the GreenPath Policy? • The corporate environmental policy and your responsibilities are posted in your department. • Become familiar with our environmental policy and your environmental duties related to your job

  17. Your Environmental Duties are an important part of Asilomar’s Environmental Management System. Failure to follow your Environmental Duties may result in the unnecessary generation, discharge or emission of waste to air, land or water, Environmental Duties

  18. violation of environmental laws and regulations, violation of concession contract with State parks, the unnecessary use of resources, a negative economic impact, harm to the Park’s environment, wildlife and facilities, or injury to yourself or others. Environmental Duties Continued

  19. How Is GreenPath Enforced? • DNCP&R has assigned the responsibility for GreenPath to John Huey. Mr. Huey is the DNCP&R Director Stewardship • Rick Wood is the Environmental Manager at Asilomar.

  20. So, What Has This All Got to Do With Me? l DNCP&R at Asilomar wants to encourage you to enthusiastically support GreenPath. l Become familiar with, and practice the environmental duties related to your job.

  21. What Else Can You Do to Help? You are encouraged to: l Ask Yourself: • What can I do to help prevent negative impacts on our environment? l Share: Ideas with your co-workers and management.

  22. Who Benefits From Our Efforts? Them US Our Guests

  23. What is GreenPath? What are the goals of GreenPath? What is ISO 14001? How can you help protect the environment? Where can you find out more about GreenPath? What are Asilomar’s Significant Environmental Aspects GreenPath Quiz

  24. Congratulations!