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Environmental Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Awareness Training

Environmental Awareness Training

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Environmental Awareness Training

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  1. Environmental Awareness Training Environmental Management system Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd

  2. Why do we need an Environmental management System? • To reduce Greenhouse gas emissions • Ensure better quality of life for everyone, now & for generations to come • Sustainable development • Shows good corporate citizenship and environmental responsibility • Caterpillar Code of Worldwide Business Conduct and Operating Principles

  3. WHAT IS GLOBAL WARMING? • Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising.

  4. Facts about Global warming • The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, it’s already happening and that it is the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. • We’re already seeing changes. Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitat, and the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing.

  5. Environmental Challenges (Global) • Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions • Development of the renewable energy industry • Production processes to be more efficient minimizing environmental impacts • More carbon sinks by revegetation and reforestation • Plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis. • Reduction in landfill • Conserve natural resources like water

  6. What is ISO 14001 ? • ISO 14001 is the International Standard Organization’s code for environmental management system which is similar to ISO 9001 Quality standard • ISO 14001 has a policy like the Quality policy. • ISO14001 begins with identifying how Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd operations, impact the environment. • ISO14001 doesn’t finish, as there is always continuing improvement and changes happening.

  7. Why Conform To ISO 14001 • To ensure a thorough, proven work system is in place to help protect our environment • To Capture Legal and social responsibilities • Cat reputation • To lead in environmental sustainability

  8. What is Involved in an Environmental Management System ? • Continual environmental assessments • Understanding of environmental laws, policies, and regulations • Environmental management programs • Operational controls of the targets • Monitoring of targets • Awareness and training • Auditing of the system

  9. Our Environmental Policy: Key Points • Developing, designing and operating facilities based upon efficient use of energy, resources and materials to minimize pollution and other environmental hazards. •       Establishing an ongoing program of review to continuously improve our environmental performance. •       Providing adequate resources, personnel and training to ensure that our employees are aware of, and are able to fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

  10. Our Environmental Policy: Key Points cont. • Meeting our legislative requirements as a minimum and participate in the development of responsible legislation. • Fostering research into more effective waste disposal methods that will minimize or eliminate any adverse environmental impact from our activities. • Encouraging open dialogue with employees, regulators and the public on environmental issues and be responsive to their concerns.

  11. Activity Aspect Impact Objectives & Targets Operational controls EMS work instructions and procedures Some Commonly Used Terms

  12. Activity • Activity can be an element of a process, product or service. • For example : • Handling of Hazardous materials • Discharges to Sewer • Product refinement • Vehicle maintenance

  13. Aspect • An element of an organization’s activity, product or service that can interact with the environment • Example • Exhaust emission from a vehicle • Spillage of hazardous material • Solvent evaporation during painting process • Leaks from storage vessel

  14. Impact • Change to the Environment from the activities of the organization. This may impact positively or negatively on the environment. • Examples • Air pollution resulting from CO2, CO emissions • Global warming (due to CO2 emissions) • Pollution of drains resulting from acid spillage • Soil pollution

  15. Operational Control • Environmental Operational Control is the control of environmental aspects that may have a significant environmental impact. • Example : containment measures, Work instructions and/or training should reduce the risk of environmental impacts and noncompliance with legal obligations.

  16. E.M.S. Work Instructions & Procedures • Work procedures and instructions are a step by step task method. • These are required to ensure a uniform process is maintained. So results can be analysed • They are written to ensure that compliance with legal and other requirements are met

  17. Risk management process

  18. Some Significant Environmental Impacts from our operations

  19. Environmental Objectives and Targets • Example Objective: What do we plan to do to minimize waste and pollution and to reduce the environmental impact ? • Example Answer : find more efficient use of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emission

  20. Environmental Objectives and Targets cont. • Target : Arises from environmental objectives as to how and when we meet our detailed, measurable environmental performance. • Example Target: reduce energy consumption used on air conditioning by 20 % by Dec 2006 against 2005 results. (Actual amount achieved in natural Gas alone was 29% savings)

  21. Some past/future projects • Maintained / Achieved ISO14001:2004 • Implemented solar hot water system • Implemented radiant heating for factory • Decommissioned all cooling towers except the Dyno / genset one • Upgraded Underground Diesel tank system • Solar light for sign • Replacement of possible asbestos containing doors Bld B • More removal of Asbestos cladding • Fluro Tubes Recycling

  22. Some future goals and how we measure them

  23. Some simple examples of energy conservation After hours switches turn off after 2 hours running time

  24. A Sample of Recycling effectively

  25. Ask Yourself • Have you read and understood our Environmental Policy?  • What does the policy mean to you? • What do you do if you find a hazardous material spill? Contact Spill Kit Operators   Phone Emergency ext221 or 9221 Securityext 337or 9337 Safety ext 373 or 9373 • How do my actions affect the environment at work or at home ? • What can you do to minimize waste in your work area?

  26. An example of our actions effecting the environment Ear Plugs enter Steeles Creek waterway Plugs are washed down the drain when it rains Ear plugs dropped on the ground • Plugs get caught in reeds. • This assists in capturing other foreign objects so the Waterway becomes choked • Marine life die causing the water to stagnate Which breeds mosquitoes and disease • People suffer all because the plugs were not put into the bin

  27. Quick questionnaire • Which of the following form a part of the Caterpillar E.H.&S Policy? • We shall make every effort to mitigate the environmental impacts, which our business imparts on the environment. • Operate facilities based on efficient energy use, minimisation of waste and prevention of pollution; • Our commitment includes the continual improvement of our EHS management systems and our performance in these areas. • All of the above

  28. Quick questionnaire cont. • Which of the following are some of the reasons for having a An Environmental Management System? • To reduce Greenhouse gas emissions • To ensure we comply with legal & Corporate requirements within a structured method • Shows good corporate citizenship and environmental responsibility • All of the above

  29. Quick questionnaire cont. • Which of the following are part of risk management? (Tick all that apply) • Identify • Evaluate • Treat • Review • Ignore, if too hard

  30. Quick questionnaire cont. • Which of the following Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd projects, that are energy saving initiatives? • Solar powered lighting • Solar powered hot water • Radiant heating in Manufacturing • After hours Air-conditioning Switches • After hours Lighting Switches • All of the Above

  31. Remember if you have any questions about our Environmental System and policies feel free to contact Chris on ext 153