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Training Inner Workings of Eclubs PowerPoint Presentation
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Training Inner Workings of Eclubs

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Training Inner Workings of Eclubs
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Training Inner Workings of Eclubs

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  1. Training Inner Workings of Eclubs By Shalini Poddar Webmaster, PWGA PWGA

  2. Topics to cover today… • How to use the calendar to set up Events • How to set up playdays • How to create a news item/article • How to upload photos to your photo album • How to use the Admin tab PWGA

  3. 1st page after successful login… PWGA

  4. 1st page after successful loginCont… • The tabs that you see on the menu are: • About Us • Members • News • My Game • Photos • Calendar • FAQs • Forum • Admin PWGA

  5. Calendar • Lets first look at the Calendar page • Click on calendar on the main menu • On this page you can put up tourney events & area playdays PWGA

  6. Calendar PWGA

  7. Calendar cont… • Click on [Create new Event] – top LHS to create a new event – tourney or playday information • #1 Event Information > Events • Select – is it a meeting or a tourney? • Give it some title • Describe the event • Schedule a start & end date, start & end time PWGA

  8. Calendar cont… • Enter all Contact and Location information • If it’s a tourney, fill in information that you want for each attendee: GHIN#, HCP Index, Gender, Home Club, Cart/Caddie • Payment information- Would you like them to RSVP? • Any additional info that you may want to convey to your players • Do you have any external files to attach to that? • Do you want them to go visit a particular web site for more info? If so, this is the place to provide a link to that site PWGA

  9. Calendar cont… PWGA

  10. Event Description Box • Icons in the description box: • There are several icons/buttons in the top row • There are many buttons in the 2nd & 3rd row • Click inside the box • If you hover your mouse over the buttons, they tell you what their purpose is • Also, this is very similar to any word processor that you use e.g. Word • MUST click inside the box to activate all the buttons PWGA

  11. Event Description BoxCont… • Please remember, this is NOT a full word processor, so options may be limited. • Best thing to do is to use your own word processor & then copy & paste into this box • Same principle applies to Excel documents PWGA

  12. Event Description Box – 1st Row • Source – skip – use only if you know how to adjust code • Print Preview – how it will look on screen • Cut – text has to be selected first– Ctrl X • Copy – text has to be selected first – Ctrl C • Paste – Ctrl V • Paste as plain text – no graphics • Paste from word • Print • Undo – Ctrl Z • Redo • Erase – Remove any formatting • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout, Subscript, Superscript PWGA

  13. Event Description Box – 1st Row Cont… • If you are copying and pasting from a word doc, use “paste from word” button to preserve formatting • A dialog box opens up • CLICK inside the box and then press Ctrl V -- OR-- • You can just copy and paste directly from your word doc into the box. If the formatting disappears, use the above method • Does not seem to paste any graphics/pictures PWGA

  14. Event Description Box – 1st Row Cont… • For an excel document,it will not bring in the gridlines. So your best bet maybe to attach that file separately. • Format anyway you like – bold, italic, underline, etc. PWGA

  15. Event Description Box – 2nd RowFormatting • The 2nd row can be used to enhance formatting • Add numbered bullets, regular bullets, increase or decrease indent • Next you have 4 buttons to left justify, center, right justify, or justify left & right together PWGA

  16. Event Description Box – 2nd RowHyperlink • To create a hyperlink: • First, select the text that you want your players to click on that will take them to the webpage • Click on the hyperlink button • This opens up a dialog box PWGA

  17. Event Description Box – 2nd RowHyperlink Cont… • The dialog box has 3 tabs – Link Info, Target, Advanced • Link Info has 2 requirements – Link Type & Protocol/URL: • Link type has 3 options to choose from: • URL – actual address for the site • Anchors on this page – this takes you to different sections on the same page (if the page is too long) • Email – this will link the selected text to an email address that you provide PWGA

  18. Event Description Box – 2nd RowHyperlink Cont… • Protocol is generally http://. But you can use the drop down menu and choose something different (look at the site’s address) • Some secure sites have https:// • Next fill out the exact address e.g. • Best way to avoid mistakes is to copy & paste the URL directly from the site instead of typing it. • Click ok. PWGA

  19. Event Description Box – 2nd RowTarget frame • Target tab: • Best to use the New Window (Blank) so that he webpage opens up in its own new window • Skip Target Frame Name • Skip advanced tab PWGA

  20. Event Description Box – 2nd RowRemove a link • To remove a link: • Select your text – this will activate the “broken link” button • Click the button right next to the hyperlink button – you can see a broken link • Voila – link is taken off! PWGA

  21. Event Description Box – 2nd RowImage Insertion • Image Insertion: • This icon of 2 mountains and the sun on top is the universal icon to insert images – called a thumbnail PWGA

  22. Event Description Box – 2nd RowTable insertion • To insert tabular data, or anything that you need to keep in rows & columns, click on the table button • This opens up a dialog box • Insert the number of rows, columns you want • Select a border size – if you do not want any borders – type in 0 (zero) in the border size text box PWGA

  23. Event Description Box – 2nd RowTable insertion cont… • Height and width of the table • You can use the “Alignment” box to get the table to be on the LHS, RHS, or in the center • Cell spacing gives you space in between the cells • Cell padding – elbow room- gives you space within each cell for the text. PWGA

  24. Event Description Box – 2nd RowTable insertion cont… • Select the table and click inside it anywhere and Right Click • You will get a menu • This menu will allow you to insert more rows, more columns, delete rows or columns, to split rows or columns, and various other details. Do experiment with all this, if you need to PWGA

  25. Event Description Box – 2nd RowTable insertion cont… • I was unable to get the split/merge cells to work • I would suggest you work in Word first and then copy & paste PWGA

  26. Event Description Box – 2nd RowHorizontal Line, Special Characters • To sub divide your page you can insert horizontal lines using this button • To insert special characters, use this icon e.g. sign for cents, British pound, etc. PWGA

  27. Event Description Box – 3rd Row • On to 3rd Row: • Format: Lets you pick various sizes for your headings, subheadings, etc. • Font: pick any font you desire from the list provided • Size: Increases or decreases the size of your font • Next two icons are for changing the text color and using a fill color to highlight text PWGA

  28. Additional InformationAttachments • Click on the Attachments [Add] button • Opens up a dialog box • Click on [Upload File] • Opens a new dialog box • Select Browse and navigate to the folder where you have your file saved • Select that file • Hit the Submit button PWGA

  29. Additional InformationAttachments Cont… • That file gets listed in the previous dialog box • Click on [Attach] next to the file • Go back to the main event Information page • You should see the file as an attachment • You can now close the separate attachment picker window • Add as many files as you wish PWGA

  30. Additional InformationAdd Links • To add links to a webpage, click on LINKS [Add] • Gives you text boxes to fill • Type or copy & paste the URL of the webpage, give it a title and a description • To add more links, click on the LINKS [Add] again PWGA

  31. Event InformationDONE!! • Check everything and hit the submit button • You are done! Whew! You have now created an event on your calendar • Clicking the CANCEL button will erase all the information. Be careful… PWGA

  32. Create a News Item • Click on NEWS on the menu • Click on [Create News Item] • A page very similar to the Event Info page opens up • Fill up all the required info • To display the news article you just created on top, click on “Feature on top” PWGA

  33. Create a News ItemAdding Images • To add images/pictures go to #2 Additional Information • Click on the thumbnail on the RHS of the text box which says IMAGE • Upload the picture you want, & attach it just like we did in the Event Info page PWGA

  34. Create a News ItemAdding Images Cont… • Image Alignment: lets you wrap the text on the LHS, RHS, Top, Bottom, Etc. • Image size: Lets you change the size of your image. • Remember – altering the size WILL affect the picture resolution – specially if you are making it bigger • Try to stick to a small image PWGA

  35. Create a News Item • Once you are done, recheck everything, and click the Submit button • Your news item will be created and should be featured on the top of all other news!! • Please remember: GHIN is the BOSS. Anything they put up, you cannot edit/modify or delete • Next comes the associations – i.e. PWGA • Next is your individual eclub PWGA

  36. Photo Album Create a New Gallery • Click on Photos on the main menu • Click on [Create a New Gallery] • A page to create a new gallery opens up • Give the album a title, and a description PWGA

  37. Photo AlbumCreate a New Gallery Cont… • Now lets move on to adding pictures • Click on the Browse button, navigate to where your pictures are saved, and click open • You can select one picture at a time • Click on [Add more files] to keep inserting pictures from your computer • Click on the Submit button • It does take a while for the pictures to come up PWGA

  38. Photo Album Create a New Gallery Cont… • To speed up the process, if you wish you can resize your original photos and then upload them • Remember: MAKE COPIES OF YOUR ORIGINAL PICTURES BEFORE RESIZING PWGA

  39. Photo AlbumCreate a New Gallery Cont… • To copy and paste from a browser or a webpage, you can just paste the link to that page directly instead of copying the picture. • Use the [Switch to link] on the RHS corner to do this PWGA

  40. Photo AlbumDelete an Album • Now you can View your albums, edit them, add or delete pictures as you wish • To delete a whole album: • First click on “View photo album” • Then “Edit this gallery” • Scroll down & click “delete” • Then Click on “Back to Gallery List” • The album should be deleted PWGA

  41. Admin Tab • Here are the things that you will work on as an admin: • Club Edit • Event management • Payment Options • Player Maintenance • Billing • Email Broadcast PWGA

  42. Admin>Club edit • Lets look at Club Edit • Again, this is similar to creating a news item or a calendar event • You can change the color theme of your page anytime. Just click on the drop-down arrow and select one PWGA

  43. Admin>Club edit • Now, you can have photos, forums on your eclub. This will be reflected as tabs on the main home page • Pick open/closed registration using the drop-down arrow PWGA

  44. Admin>Club edit • Auto Re-Billing is very important • If you check this option, GHIN sends out an automatic reminder to all your members to pay their dues every billing cycle • Some of you may find this feature useful and some may find it annoying PWGA

  45. Admin>Club edit • Just remember you can uncheck this box anytime if your members do not like receiving emails from you • Enter the admin’s email address. This is the email that your members will see PWGA

  46. Admin>Club edit • You can add as many questions as you wish • Check everything and hit the submit button • Please note: only things marked with an asterisk are needed. Rest of the information is optional PWGA

  47. Admin>Event Management • Click on Event Mgmt • This is the page you will see • You can create a new event and fill out info • None of the events that you see on the right can be edited here as it put up by PWGA PWGA

  48. Admin>Event Management • For events that you upload you can edit and keep track on how many users have registered • If you wanted to delete something you can check the box on the left hand side and click “Archive” PWGA

  49. Admin>Event Management • To get it back, go to the top and select “Archived” • Then check the box and hit “Restore” at the bottom • Use this drop-down arrow to control the display of events – active, cancelled, archived PWGA

  50. Admin>Payment Options • Online credit card payments cost extra so most of the clubs do not have that option • Set up payment by check, enter the address the check needs to be mailed. • You are done! Simple PWGA