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HSA for America

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Regence HSA Healthplan A new kind of health care coverage HSA for America Regence HSA Healthplan What is an HSA? How does it work? The Power of HSA The Power of Regence Banking Partners Seamless Integration – Regence Financial Services Banking Solution – HSA Bank

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HSA for America

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hsa for america

Regence HSA Healthplan

A new kind of health care coverage

HSA for America

regence hsa healthplan
Regence HSA Healthplan
  • What is an HSA? How does it work?
  • The Power of HSA
  • The Power of Regence
  • Banking Partners
    • Seamless Integration – Regence Financial Services
    • Banking Solution – HSA Bank
    • Banking Solution – Wells Fargo
    • Comparison of Banking Partners
health savings accounts how it works
Health Savings Accounts: How it Works

Enroll in an


health plan

coverage under the health plan kicks in once the deductible is reached

Open a

Health Savings Account

the account belongs to the member

contributions are tax-deductible

The health plan and HSA work together

start paying for qualified medical expenses from the HSA right away

save and invest for future health care expenses or retirement

more about the health plan
Members must be covered by an HSA-Qualified health plan to be eligible for a Health Savings Account

Premiums are generally more affordable than traditional health plans

Youcontrol your overall costs by determining how much you’d like to fund the savings account with your savings in premium on the health plan

More About the Health Plan
  • IRS Rules for
  • HSA-Qualified Health Plans
  • Larger deductible amounts
  • Maximum OOP amounts
  • Preventive care can be offered before the deductible
  • Prescription benefits are built into the medical plan
more about the hsa
More about the HSA
  • Contribution to the account
    • Annual contribution maximums are determined by the IRS
    • Anyone can make contributions to the member’s savings account
    • Contributions are fully tax-deductible for the member
  • Ownership & use of the account
    • The member owns the funds permanently, which roll-over each year and follow you wherever you go
    • HSA funds can be invested for future medical expenses or retirement
    • HSA funds can be spent tax-free for qualified medical expenses

HSA-Qualified Medical Expenses

Expenses covered by the health plan, such as…

Expenses over and above what’s covered by the health plan, such as…

  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Prescription medications
  • Alternative care
  • OTC medications
  • Contacts & Glasses
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Weight-loss surgery
  • And many more!
eligibility rules
Eligibility to the Regence HSA Healthplan

Same Regence BlueCross BlueShield Individual medical plan eligibility guidelines apply

Eligibility to the savings account (IRS guidelines)

Members must meet the following IRS guidelines to open an HSA

Must be enrolled in an HSA-qualified health plan

Not have coverage under another health plan, such as a spouse’s plan

Cannot be enrolled in Medicare

Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return

Eligibility Rules
hsa a different kind of health plan
HSA: A Different Kind of Health Plan



You choose the contribution amount, giving you more control over your annual health care costs

You have ultimate choice – you can spend your HSA funds today on services you choose, or save them for future health care expenses



Your contribution expenses become growing assets, as they roll over each year and even offer tax-free investment

Roll Over

  • You have ultimate ownership over their health care dollars
  • You own the funds
  • You own the decisions


triple tax advantages
Triple Tax Advantages

When money goes in

When money grows

When money comes out

Tax Free

Contributions are not included in the member’s taxable income

Tax Free

Interest and investment gains are not taxed

Tax Free

Money for qualified medical expenses can be withdrawn tax-free

An HSA is the only investment opportunity that offers this unique triple tax savings

regence s full service solution
Regence’s Full Service Solution

Unlimited, upfront preventive care and built-in wellness programs

Coverage against the unexpected

Robust Benefit Package

Guided tours from the basis to plan customization and total ownership

Navigational Tools



Multiple lifelines for personalized support

Support at each step of the way, with an option for seamless integration

robust benefit package
Unlimited preventive care coverage before the deductible gives you access to the care you and your family are most likely to use

Built-in wellness programs help you lead healthier life, including:

24 access to CareEnhance® Nurseline

Regence Health Coaches for 1:1 support

Special Beginnings maternity program

Robust Benefit Package



Financial Protection

  • Catastrophic coverage protects you against the unexpected
benefit snapshot
Benefit Snapshot

Benefit Options



Provider Networks

Traditional or ValueCare

Non-Contracting Providers

Deductible Options

$1,500 single / $3,000 family

$2,500 single / $5,000 family

$3,500 single / $7,000 family

OOP Maximum

$5,000 single / $10,000 family




Preventive Care

Deductible waived

No annual limits

80% coinsurance

Deductible waived

No annual limits

60% coinsurance

Office Visits

Deductible & Coinsurance

Deductible & Coinsurance


50% (Subject to medical deductible)

Lifetime Maximum

$2 million

navigational tools
Navigational Tools
  • Guided tour takes members through the set-up process and HSA resources

HSA Flash Tutorial

Personalized 1:1 Support

  • HSA-trained customer service advocates
  • 24-hour Nurseline
  • Personal health coaches
  • Scenario-based education tool & calculator for plan selection

Your Guide

to HSA

Member Welcome Kit


  • A community of Regence members
  • Ask-the-HSA Expert
  • Podcasts, webinars and helpful articles


introducing regence financial services
Introducing Regence Financial Services


Reducing Waste, Confusion & Fear

  • Integrated Enrollment one implementation process
  • Integrated Claims automaticpayment
  • Regence Member Service single source for help
  • Integrated online access tools to manage wealth & health
  • Flexible options customized to your needs




Leveraging the Power of our Members





Actively Engaging our Members in their

Health Care Decisions

Simple Solutions - Powerful Tools - One Point Of Accountability

Regence Financial Services

rfs industry leading services
RFS – Industry-Leading Services
  • One website for all your needs
    • Online enrollment
    • Review account balances, payment status, contributions, and transactions
    • Enroll or change investment choices
    • Make payments from HSA account
  • Monthly consolidated statements
    • Activity from all accounts held by the member will be summarized on a statement, including:
      • Debit card transactions
      • Payments, contributions, and balances
      • Investment activity


Online Services

Easy Money Management

rfs investment optimization
RFS – Investment Optimization
  • HSA Investments
    • Members can invest in more than 60 funds, managed by Fiserv Trust Company
    • One low monthly fee for participation in investments
    • After initial investment of $500, investments can be made in increments as low as $25 each
    • Online enrollment & investment management via myRegence.com
  • Competitive interest rates paid on funds that are not invested
rfs blue healthcare bank rate chart
RFS (Blue Healthcare Bank) Rate Chart

* Monthly fees waived if balance is over $2,000

hsa bank
HSA Bank

Banking Experience

  • A national leader in HSA Accounts with a high level of experience
  • Provides both online and paper enrollment
  • Website allows members to check account balance, transfer funds, and integrates with MS Money or Quicken
  • Debit card, checks and manual reimbursement available

Investment Options

  • Employees can transfer funds easily between their HSA account and the Brokerage
  • Access to stocks, bonds, and over 11,000 mutual funds
  • Employees can make trades online, over the phone, or through a broker
wells fargo bank
Wells Fargo Bank

Banking Experience

  • Wells Fargo is one of the largest Financial Services institutions in the nation
  • Paper enrollment only
  • Website allows members to view account balance and download forms
  • Funds are accessed through debit cards or through manual reimbursement requests – reimbursements are direct deposited to employees account

Investment Options

  • 6 different investment options are available
  • Options range from more conservative money market funds to a 100% equity option
regence hsa healthplan29
Regence HSA Healthplan
  • Regence offers a full-service HSA solution, with:
    • A robust benefit package that combines comprehensive preventive care and wellness programs with solid coverage
    • A full suite of member tools and personalized support to facilitate navigation at every step of the way
    • Providing one-stop integrated service for both health plan and financial services