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Adjunct Instructor Hiring Module

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Adjunct Instructor Hiring Module - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adjunct Instructor Hiring Module. Goals. Complete process: in a more timely fashion with less redundancy with greater accuracy Clarify process details and deadlines. 3-Part System. Process model with visual representation and written description of each step

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Presentation Transcript
  • Complete process:
    • in a more timely fashion with less redundancy
    • with greater accuracy
  • Clarify process details and deadlines
3 part system
3-Part System
  • Process model with visual representation and written description of each step
  • Dashboard with step by step tracking of progress within the process
  • The “Courses and Instructors” module in SCT portal
part 1

Part 1:

The Process Model

the diagram view
The diagram view
  • “Swim lane” diagram
  • Each lane is a performer
  • Each lane contains steps for that performer
  • Arrows show complete process flow
the steps in writing
The steps in writing
  • Each step in the diagram is linked to a written description
  • The description gives the steps, the performer, and its place in the process
  • Any questions before we move to the next part?
part 2

Part 2:

The Dashboard

see where you are in the process
See where you are in the process
  • Shows the classes needing adjuncts
  • Shows each step in the process and its performer
  • As each step is finished, tracking icons appear
dashboard details
Dashboard details
  • Clicking on the “document” icon ( ) will allow you to see the details for each step in the process
  • Each set of step details has five elements:
what step description
What: step description
  • The description here is the same as in the process model
who designated performer
Who: designated performer
  • You can send this person a message by clicking “send message” – type your message and the system will send an e-mail to the person
sample e mail message
Sample e-mail message
  • Your message
  • The system automatically enters the sender based on who is logged into the portal when the message is sent
when projected completion date
When: projected completion date
  • If you set a date, the system will send you a message at prescribed intervals (i.e. two weeks before, one week before, etc.)
  • For some steps, documents are required to complete the step
  • Performers can upload additional documents if wished
  • Some steps will have a checklist of items that need to be done before moving on
  • Check off each item to be able to move to the next step
  • Logs all adjunct-assignment actions for this particular course
  • Any questions before we move to the next part?
part 3

Part 3:

Courses and Instructors

  • To access the Courses and Instructors module in the portal, please locate the link to the left on the portal homepage
new features
New features
  • Streamlined faculty assignments, including adjunct budget tracking
  • Adjunct contract letter now sent as a PDF attachment in an e-mail
  • Professor/instructor teaching assignments shown for past, present and future
  • All letters sent to any adjunct instructor on file
  • Running totals of CHGs for your department
assign a faculty member step 1
Assign a faculty member – step 1
  • Assign the person that is already assigned in ISIS
  • View other instructors from past semesters
assign a faculty member part 2
Assign a faculty member – part 2
  • Highlights…
    • Faculty title (lecturer)
    • Current workload (0 credits)
offer letter sent as e mail
Offer letter sent as e-mail
  • Existing adjuncts receive e-mail to their account
  • New adjuncts also receive payroll forms
  • Departments can include additional documents
  • Chair approval needed
review professor instructor teaching assignments
Review professor/instructor teaching assignments
  • Then type the name of the instructor…
teaching assignments by instructor
Teaching assignments by instructor
  • Adjuncts will see their own course load when they log into the SCT portal
  • Chairs and office managers can see each adjunct’s teaching load in Courses and Resources
  • A few highlights…
    • Check for input into ISIS and Portal
    • Total credits
    • Total pay
    • Compare present, past, and future
adjunct teaching assignments by department
Adjunct teaching assignments by department

-Click on “Instructor + Workload”

-Select department

sent letter log step 1
Sent letter log – Step 1
  • In the Ultimus report, locate the entries with a number beside them
sent letter log
Sent letter log
  • Highlights…
    • Date sent
    • Letter number
    • Option to send another letter
timeline for spring 2008 adjunct assignments
Timeline for Spring 2008 adjunct assignments
  • Monday, Nov. 12, 2007 – all returning adjuncts
  • Friday, Dec. 7, 2007 – all new adjuncts