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  2. The Zolfe was created by Nic Strong, owner of Spatz Arlon, a Tier-one automobile industry supplier and with the assistance of other top engineering firms. Nic’s goal with Zolfe was to design, develop, and manufacture a light-weight sports coupe that rivals cars costing and weighing much more than the Zolfe GTC-4. Development of the Zolfe has been directed by Jez Coates, who was chief engineer for Caterham cars for the past 22 years. The Zolfe GTC-4 will break the traditional specialty car mold, by offering modern day features (air conditioning, stereo, etc.) in a purists performance car. A track days and street legal version will be offered with the same body and chassis (including an FIA approved roll cage) and will differ in a limited number of items, such as fuel cell, suspension, and engine output. About Zolfe

  3. Technical Development And Engineering Of Zolfe Parent Company Of Zolfe: Spatz Arlon Ltd

  4. Stadco is a Tier 1 supplier of automotive Body-in-White for products and services. Stadco’s core capabilities include aluminum and steel pressings, assemblies and product and facility design. Stadco worked on the Zolfe vehicle ergonomics and occupant space that will accommodate a 95th percentile male complete with helmet. Stadco will complete the bodywork development and provide the manufacture of body and chassis for Zolfe. Stadco made the Aston Martin DB7, MGF/MGTF and Ford GT aluminum space-frame structures. The Role Of Stadco http//stadco.co.uk

  5. Simpact provides specialized computer aided engineering and 3D digitization. Revised the design of Zolfe’s tubular space-frame chassis to allow fitment of a range of engines. Simpact’s computer model allows optimization of chassis structure, permitting proper gauge and diameter of every tube in the structure. Eliminates redundant tubes that offer no benefit to the chassis. Ensures maximum torsional stiffness, crash prediction, and improvement of crashworthiness of the chassis structure (includes a full FIA approved roll cage, proper placement of fuel tank, and collapsible steering column). Simpact has provided specialty design for companies such as McLaren, Lotus, Chevron, Caterham and Lola. The Role Of Simpact www.simpact.co.uk

  6. Multimatic has four operating groups that provide products for the automotive industry: Hinge Systems Group – complete vehicle closure systems, such as door, hood, trunk, etc. Stamped, Welded Assemblies Group – seating hardware and other integrated vehicle sub-systems. Suspension Systems Group – components and sub-systems. Engineering Services Group – full service design, engineering, prototyping and testing. Multimatic was engaged in the suspension design and geometry for optimal handling performance. Multimatic has provided expertise for companies such as McLaren and three other Formula 1 teams. The Role Of Multimatic Technology www.multimatic.com

  7. Result Of The Development Process (the GTC-4)

  8. Duratec 2.3 liter engine Electric windows Electric mirrors Alloy wheels (15 inch) Tinted windshield Heated windshield High intensity rear brake light Sun visors In-door water bottle holder Features Of The Zolfe GTC-4 • 2 power outlets • Wiring harness for stereo and 4-speakers • FIA approved roll cage • Sports exhaust system • Cloth/leatherette seats • U.S. license plate (12” x 6.5”) • Tie-down eyelets • Engine start button

  9. Duratec 2.3 liter engine Air conditioning Stereo (satellite ready, CD, auxiliary input for MP3 player) Optional alloy wheels and tyres Steering wheel options Driving lights Optional Features • AP brake package • Suspension upgrade • K&N intake system • Limited-slip differential • Rear hatch window • Automatic transmission

  10. Race-ready engine Fuel cell Racing seats and seatbelts FIA approved roll cage Race suspension and brake set up Race wheels and tires Plumbed in fire extinguisher system Battery cut-off switch Other requirements Features Of The Track-Days Zolfe GTC-4

  11. Zolfe cars will be imported to the U.S. by Moto America Inc, dba Zolfe Sportz USA (www.zolfeusa.com or 770-794-9115) . Moto America, owned by Frank Boulton, has been in business for 18 years and has successfully provided 50-state emissions legal specialty cars for companies such as Caterham. Moto America, now Zolfe Sportz USA will provide the following: Establish dealers in the U.S. and key provinces in Canada. Organize the U.S.-based web site, special events and racing promotion. Offer boutique items for purchase on the web site and through dealers. USA Importing, Marketing, And Sales