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Benefits of Team Building PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Team Building

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Benefits of Team Building
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Benefits of Team Building

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  1. Benefits of Team Building -Decision making is more in alignment with company goals and strategies. -More buy-in on decisions and better commitment and execution, better productivity. -Members have a clear stable culture and conflict is more productive. -Time and energy is not wasted as much on politics. -Members have more fun and less stress. -Franchise Owner can go home at a decent hour.

  2. Evolution of Teams

  3. Sales VS. Production Owner/GM PC or PM OM ACCOUNTING HRS HRS RC HRS HRS RC HRS HRS Helper

  4. HRS RC ACCOUNTING HRS HRS PC or PM HRS OM RC HRS HRS Sales and Production TEAM 1. What rules do we put in place so we can work better together and meet our goals? 2. What goals are we going to set for ourselves? 3. How will we measure our results?

  5. We will admit to our mistakes without fear of retribution. • Always tell the truth. • We will take ownership/responsibility of our own issues. • We will work together to focus on fixing the problem, not on who/why. • If we don’t have anything positive to say about a team member, we will keep it to ourselves. • If others insist on talking negative about a team member, we will walk away. • We will have fun at work. • Ask the team for advice without fear of ridicule • We will be patient with each other

  6. OUR CHARTER • Case Handyman and Remodeling Amherst New York • Our Objectives and our Intent • To provide quality remodeling work on time • To provide quality remodeling work on budget • To create delighted clients. • To exceed GP goals on each job. • To exceed quarterly GP dollars goals. • To have a safe work environment. • To function effectively and in a fun way as a team. • To exceed quarterly and annual sales goals.

  7. Breakthrough • Teams need to push through the adjustment phase • setting clear short term goals • Celebrating early successes • Putting ground rules in concrete form with a charter and rituals • Confronting those who violate common rules • Team agrees to hold themselves and one another accountable for the teams success This phase if successful is characterized by interest and energy. The team is making progress.

  8. Teamwork • Things to avoid • Assignment of Blame • Resentment • Jealousy • Impatience • Fear • Things to attain • Trust • Resolving issues together • Helping others succeed • Celebrating successes together • Patience

  9. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team LACK OF TRUST • Trust is all about vulnerability, and being able to expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities to other members of the team • The team leader can help by setting the example • Finger pointing and assigning blame erode trust • Team members need permission to make mistakes without fear of retribution/ ridicule /firing/ FEAR OF CONFLICT- get outside comfort zones, team leader mines for conflict LACK OF COMMITMENT TO DECISIONS- Team members need to buy-in to team decisions even if they disagree. Avoid ambiguity, end discussions with a clear understanding of what was decided on. EMBRACE ACCOUNTABILITY- The willingness of team members to remind one another when they are not living up to the performance standards of the group. FOCUS ON RESULTS- Clarify desired results and keep them visible- post a Scoreboard

  10. Further Exploration • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell • Learning the 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork book and/or DVD training curriculum by John C. Maxwell at • Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni