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The New Community Project

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The New Community Project
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The New Community Project

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  1. The New Community Project • Resources that challenge us • Experiences that change us • A community that gives us hope NCP Special Projects support Girls’ Education, Women’s Development, Reforestation and Rainforest Preservation We send 100% of donations to the programs—really! Photos by David Radcliff, director, New Community Project

  2. In Nepal, there is a saying: “To be born a daughter is a lost life.” We’re working through our partner Women Empowerment to change that sentiment.

  3. Volunteers like Arati (kneeling) offer skills training and Women Empowerment also supports girls’ education. NCP provides grants of $7000 per year.

  4. Sudan. One of the most compelling situations on earth: poverty, war, hunger. Yet the people are resilient, hospitable, faithful—they just need a chance.

  5. NCP provides $20,000 per year in grants for women’s development: skill training (like this tailoring workshop in Pageri), home gardens, literacy programs—the tools they need to build a better life.

  6. NCP supports girls’ education in Sudan to the tune of $15,000 per year, working thru the Girls’ Education and Development Association to provide scholarships, sanitary materials, shoes and uniforms.

  7. And then there’s Paskwale Ben: “I am preaching the gospel of trees.” NCP gives $15,000 per year to help him do just that, planting and distributing thousands of trees to restore the earth and alleviate poverty.

  8. NCP also provides grants for reforestation and forest preservation in Guatemala and the Ecuadorian Amazon to protect biodiversity, stem global warming, stop soil erosion, and preserve places of beauty and wonder

  9. In El Salvador, $3000 per year in micro-loans helps women like Fatima have options other than picking coffee at subsistence wages; $5000 per year helps Burmese children return to school after Cyclone Nargis

  10. NCP also offers Papula Paper products from Uganda, where at-risk and disabled women make jewelry, photos frames and stationary from recycled materials, and textiles from Ixtauacan, Guatemala.

  11. The New Community Project—working with our global neighbors and God’s earth to provide a future of dignity and opportunity. Join us!