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LANSCE Status and Progress Update

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LANSCE Status and Progress Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LANSCE Status and Progress Update. Presentation to Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee August 2, 2001 Paul W. Lisowski Los Alamos National Laboratory LANSCE Division Director. Outline. Realizing the full potential of LANSCE Progress to Date 2001 Run Cycle Target Moderator Summary.

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LANSCE Status and Progress Update

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lansce status and progress update
LANSCE Status and Progress Update

Presentation to

Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee

August 2, 2001

Paul W. Lisowski

Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANSCE Division Director

  • Realizing the full potential of LANSCE
  • Progress to Date
  • 2001 Run Cycle
  • Target Moderator
  • Summary

LANSCE is a Unique Multidisciplinary Science Facility

800 MeV Proton Linac


Production Facility

(Under Construction)

Weapons Neutron Research

Manual Lujan Jr.

Neutron Scattering Center

Proton Radiography

lanl goal deliver neutrons and protons safely and reliably for all lansce users
LANL Goal: Deliver Neutrons and Protons Safely and Reliably for All LANSCE Users
  • Appoint new LANSCE management team
  • Engage other scientific user facilities to benchmark and improve LANSCE performance
  • Develop and implement effective governance model involving NNSA, SC, NE, LANL and user communities
  • Ensure appropriate support and oversight, informed by independent review of bottom-up cost estimate
  • Pause BES development of new Lujan instruments to focus on operation of the user program
  • Increase LDRD investment in Lujan science program
  • Maintain strong communication with LANSCE User Group (LUG)

LANL Plan to Realize the Full Potential of LANSCE (1)

  • Management team in place
  • Benchmarking of scientific user facilities is underway
    • Visits to NIST and ANL completed, planning underway for fall trips
  • Governance model developed and being implemented
    • Incorporates the ideas and expertise of the LANSCE User Group and many at DOE, NNSA and other facilities
    • Held initial meeting in April, 2001
      • Maureen McCarthy NNSA Chair, Pat Dehmer DOE-SC, Dave Crandall NNSA-DP, Owen Lowe DOE-NE and others attended
      • MOA ready for signature
      • Next meeting planned for September, 2001
  • LANSCE User Facility Cost Estimate review (K. Berkner, Chair)
    • Underway at Los Alamos

LANL Plan to Realize the Full Potential of LANSCE (2)

  • Pause in BES Spectrometer Development
    • Funding reprogrammed
  • LANSCE science planning
    • Neutron scattering plan based on user input completed by Alan Hurd and others
      • Will be incorporated into overall LANSCE Strategic Plan with a first draft in September
    • A LANSCE planning workshop involving the broader user community is planned for the next LUG meeting, August 12 -14, 2001
    • Strategic Plan will be integrated into NNSA/DP 5-year planning process
  • Additional LDRD investments in Lujan science secured for FY2001
doe has clarified its governance of lansce



Funding Coordination

DOE has Clarified its Governance of LANSCE
    • “Assign … Defense Programs as the Organizational entity with corporate responsibility and accountability for strategic integration of all three program offices using LANSCE. This approach applies both to the short-term objective of facilitating IPF construction and the long-term goal of reliable accelerator operations.”from Memorandum from the Deputy Secretary of Energy to General Gordon 12/21/2000
  • Single Point Accountability
  • Single Line of Authority
  • Participation of all stakeholders
  • Authority and Responsibility chain includes accountability for those controlling the resources







Program Manager



Highest Priority: Establish a Long-Term Sustainable Program Serving All Users Safely, Reliably & Predictably
  • Completed outage 20 days ahead of schedule and started user program on schedule: July 1, 2001
    • Proposals arrived March 12, 2001 for PAC review
    • Proposals evaluated and instrument time scheduled
    • User Facility Production started July 1, 2001
    • User Program will run through December 23, 2001- a total of 2544 hours for Lujan Center
  • Run safely, reliably and predictably for all users
  • Implement the governance, management, and science plans to realize the full potential of LANSCE and the Lujan Center
all major accelerator outage tasks completed on schedule
All Major Accelerator Outage Tasks Completed on Schedule
  • Interim Safety Assessment Document (ISAD)
  • MPF-963 Cooling Tower tie-in
  • Nuclear Facility Maintenance
  • IPF Shield Wall Construction
  • IPF Transition Region Modifications
  • Accelerator Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Accelerator Start-up

LANSCE Web Page Outage Display

lujan center received 152 proposals for the 2001 run cycle
Lujan Center Received 152 Proposals for the 2001 Run Cycle

Number of Proposals Received=152


FDS 0 10

HIPD 4 34

LQD 6 18

NPD 10 27

SCD 0 6

SPEAR 5 28

FP11A 0 3

FP14 1 1

FP5 2 4

Average Oversubscription rate is 2:1

106 Days Available

In User Program

* Not supported in user program for FY01; will run if support becomes available

** Nuclear physics beam lines located in Lujan Center, FP11A shared with neutron scattering program

lansce has implemented a standard 28 day operating cycle with contingency
LANSCE has Implemented a Standard 28-Day Operating Cycle with Contingency

LANSCE Operating Schedule for CY2001











For Turn-on

1L Maintenance

Lujan/ WNR

User Program

Prad, NRS, ….

Reserve or


2002 Outage

  • Incorporates formal change control and contingency allocation process

Line D

Line X

Kicker 2

C-Magnet 1

C-Magnet 2

Kicker 1

Beam Stop

We have Identified Funding, Developed a Detailed Project Schedule, and Plan to Install a Switchyard Kicker in 2003
  • Five-fold increase in beam available to Proton Radiography program
  • ~20% more beam time scheduled for Lujan Center and WNR
  • Makes an Ultra-Cold Neutron program possible
  • Make changeovers between Line X and Line D operations more efficient, increasing beam availability
  • Stable accelerator operation at fixed beam intensity yields more reliable beam delivery for all programs

We are Greatly Improving our Scattering Instrument Suite with New Construction and Upgrades

  • HIPPO: Received first beam on sample, July 7, 2001
  • SMARTS: Turntable, slits, and controls readied, July 2001
  • First beam expected August 2001
  • PROTEIN: First beam on sample December 2000
  • Alignment improvement studies underway
  • New BNL detector received July 27, 2001
  • NPD Upgrade: Design for new detector banks for pair-density functions
  • underway with University of Pennsylvania
  • PHAROS: New wide-angle detector bank installed
  • New data acquisition electronics installed
  • Chopper reworked and balanced
  • ASTERIX: First beam December 2000
  • First data June 2001
  • IN500: Thimble installation April 2000
  • Ballistic guide design completed and procurement order
  • placed
Beam Delivery to the User Program has been Reliable thus far, but Current is Limited by the Target Moderator System


75 mA

56 mA



We have Funding and are Developing a Plan and Schedule to Replace the Lujan Target Moderator if Necessary
  • Target Moderator Reflector system is experiencing overheating of the lower lead reflector
    • Potential problem with lead reflector cooling
    • Thermal cycling may have separated cooling coils from lead
    • Analysis to determine maximum current without melting lead underway
  • The current Target will last through this run cycle
    • Operating conservatively until we understand the problem
    • ~60 mA limit at present gives stable heat load
    • Attempting to develop a work-around to allow higher current
  • Funding and parts to assemble the spare are in hand; assembly planning has begun
    • Develop an engineering solution to the lead heating problem
    • Redesign and fabricate lower reflector
    • Develop a plan for possible installation during the next outage
  • Will install during the next outage if no solution is found
some of the exciting experiments that are planned and underway at the lujan center
Some of the Exciting Experiments that are Planned and Underway at the Lujan Center

Tony Cheetham, UCSB

Tonya Kuhl, UCSD

Anne Mayes, MIT

Takeshi Egami, UPenn

Ersan Ustundag, CalTech

Wayne Goodman, Texas A&M

Dave Mao, Carnegie Institute

HIPD: In-Situ Synthesis of Bismuth Transition Metal Perovskites, Structure and Magnetic Ordering

SPEAR: Molecular Density and Orientation in Confined Polymer Layers Under Static and Dynamic (flow) Conditions

LQD: Chain Statistics of Polystyrene Dissolved in Lower Molecular Weight Polystyrene

NPD: Local Structure of Superconducting Cuprates with Stripes

FP5: Solid State Reaction Studies

FDS: Identification of CHx Intermediates Formed Over Surface During Methane Decomposition Over Supported Catalysts

SCD: In-situ Neutron Single-crystal Diffraction Study on Ice II, III, V, VI and IX at High Pressure

  • DOE, NNSA, the LANL Director, and LANL Senior Management have made a commitment for success at LANSCE
  • We are responding to the BESAC recommendations for governance
  • LANSCE Division completed the outage and started up 20 days earlier than scheduled
  • User program started as promised on July 1, 2001
    • Operating with high reliability at less than full power
  • Funding for kicker magnet in place and project underway
  • Funding to build replacement target for Lujan Center in place
    • To be installed at next outage
  • We are succeeding at the activities needed to operate the LANSCE user facilities safely and reliably