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HE Elearning: Some issues

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HE Elearning: Some issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HE Elearning: Some issues John Slater UKeU Overview Background What is an E-university? What models are there? What partners have we chosen and why? Disaggregation Whereat are we The future Background Large market for eLearning at university level-speaking English (or thereabouts)

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HE Elearning: Some issues

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Presentation Transcript
  • Background
  • What is an E-university?
  • What models are there?
  • What partners have we chosen and why?
  • Disaggregation
  • Whereat are we
  • The future
  • Large market for eLearning at university level-speaking English (or thereabouts)
  • UK losing overseas market share
  • Home need for more eLearning delivery
  • UK Government puts up $100M
  • Private Public Partnership preferred
  • Announced last millennium (just)
what is an e university
What is an E-University
  • A university
  • Distance learning

- But there are others that are DL e.g. UK OU

  • Delivered mainly by electronic means

- But there are others that deliver electronically

  • With appropriate support for a plethoraof learners

- But there are others that do that e.g.universities

types of elearning systems
Types of eLearning systems
  • U nassessed addodds
  • P age turning
  • K eep records and assess for real
  • C o-operative work system
  • U pdate pedagogy
  • F inally, completely integrated total system
what models are there 1
What models are there 1?
  • Attached to a site/integrated

- Courses and reputation come from adoption

  • Brokers

- courses come from elsewhere but are badged by eU in addition to existing badge

  • Commissioners

- courses are specified and developed or modified

  • Developers

- courses are acquired or licensed and modified

what models are there 2
What models are there 2?
  • Type of IT support

- Specialized MLE integrated

- Left to partners with summary data

- MIS at eU, Learning support at partner

- Hybrid –some partners have own system, others use centralized

  • Public vs Private

- Napsterisation of eLearning (MIT et al)

five value points
Five Value points
  • A cceptance by HEI
  • D o groupwork with others accepted
  • A ward or degree
  • P robably taught by HEI
  • T ickets – professional or otherwise
what models are there 3
What models are there 3?
  • Disaggregation by function e.g.

- Assessment/Accrediting bodies

- Tutorial support/culture/access/disability

- IT/Technical support

- Library/Admin

  • Disaggregation by granularity

- Award

- Programme

- Credit bearing chunk

potential partners public sector
Potential Partners Public Sector
  • G overnment (UK)
  • O ther agencies (Funding Councils etc)
  • O verseas Government
  • D evolved/Regional bodies e.g Scotland
  • G lobal broadcasters e.g BBC
  • U niversities
  • Y our friendly organisations giving access to information and markets e.g British Council
  • S upporting Resources e.g British Library
  • A ccreditors/Branders/QAers
  • D evelopers/Deliverers of Learning
  • O rganisers/Providers of tutorial support etc
  • P roviders of services to eU

- Admin

- Rights clearance

- Partners provision overseas

- Assessment related services

  • T raining/Value added services
potential pardners private sector
Potential Pardners Private Sector
  • V enture capitalists – money
  • A ccess to financial placements
  • M arketing partners
  • P ublishers/content providers
  • I T partners various
  • R egional partners overseas
  • E xperts at networking outreach
  • S upliers of training systems
what have we chosen
What have we chosen ?
  • C ash from Government cash
  • H ybrid IT etc, licenses but vary with amount of development cash given to university
  • A few partners from IT/content provision
  • M arketing partner/overseas partners
  • P ostgraduate/CPD first then Undergraduate
  • S elected disaggregation
Why ?
  • Need to get customer contacts and cash through government
  • Need brand from high brand universities
  • Need to take partners along
  • Need to get going but work towards something more sensible
  • Need to get the student admin data done properly and alumnae/i etc as resource
  • C losely allied accreditor
  • L earning content –licenses etc –reuse clause
  • A ssessment organisation
  • M aterial – QA framework through normal mechanisms plus own committee – emphasis on disability and access
  • P eople to support navigation
  • S upport – 7*24, help desk,call centre, SLAs
next steps
Next Steps
  • Finalise partners –nearly there 3 weeks?
  • Get courses
  • Get learners

- Corporates/government/individuals

  • Get going

- legal and corporate

- IT systems – own/bought in

  • Platform Development group – eU + SUN
standards conformance product choice
Standards conformance/product choice
  • E fficiency and scalability will matter
  • S corm/IMS (Some OK others dodgy)
  • C rowded market – cave Gates
  • A ccess /disability/minorities
  • P ublic good funds
  • E merging products
will it be a killer app pro
Will it be a “killer app” ? Pro
  • A nytime, anywhere, any format etc
  • D ecent bandwidth cheaper
  • O verseas infrastructure improving
  • P edagogy is getting more atuned
  • T echnology is beginning to be owned
will it be a killer app con
Will it be a “Killer App”? Con
  • A cceptance of awards
  • G ood resources not all available
  • A ssessment – cheating etc
  • I nsufficient pedagogic understanding
  • N ot invented here – sharing hard
  • S upport needs to be better than HE norm
  • T rainee Adult stuff hard to do electronic
the future
The future
  • S elected customers
  • U ndergraduate offerings

- Strongly standards conformant at end of first year for dgrees partially in the UK only

- Fine granularity and used to lower costs

  • R egenerate UK Market share
  • V aried corporates
  • I nternational mainly targeted countries
  • V arious university relations?
  • E xpect a bumpy ride