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Proud to be a Chinese PowerPoint Presentation
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Proud to be a Chinese

Proud to be a Chinese

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Proud to be a Chinese

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  1. Proud to be a Chinese Olympic Games 08

  2. Contents • History of Olympic Games • Famous sport teams of China • Famous players of China • Details of the Beijing Olympic Games • Activities for celebrating the coming Olympic Games 2008 • Design of the medal • Feelings of the project team

  3. History of Olympic Games • The Olympic Games, or Olympic, are international multi-sport events taking place ever four years and comprising summer and winter games. • Beginning in 776 BC, they were originally held in Olympia, Greece until 393 AD. • In 1896, they were revived by a French nobleman, Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, thus beginning the era of the Modern Olympic Games. • The Summer Olympics (Games of the Olympiad) have been held every four year starting in 1896, except in 1916, 1940 and 1944 due to the World Wars. Greece and Australia are the only nations which attend every Summer Olympics. • During the ancient times only young men could participate. Competitiors were usually naked, so no women was allowed to watch. • For some events, many of the participate would use oils to keep their skin smooth, as well as provide an appealing luster. • Even though the bearing of a torch formed an integral aspect of Greek ceremonies, the ancient Olympic Games did not include it, nor was there a symbol formed by interconnecting rings. • These Olympic symbols were introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games.

  4. Famous sport teams of China Famous sports of China are: Diving, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, shooting, gymnastic, etc.These are some photos of team members:

  5. Conclusion: China has various famous sport teams in the world helping China to be one of the strongest sport countries in the world. They have got many medals . In the last Olympic Games held in Athens, China sport teams ranked overall the third. So, we are proud to be Chinese.

  6. Famous sport players of China Name: Liu XiangSports: AthleticsAwards: Olympic Games: Gold medal(2004)12.91s 14th session of Asian Games man 110 meter fence champion etc

  7. Yao Ming Name: Yao MingCenter native place: ShanghaiPalm of the hand 21 cmArms unfold: 2.23cmMember of China basketball teamMember of the Rockets in NBA

  8. Guo Jingjing Name: Guo JingjingEducational background: UniversityAwards: Athens Olympic Games 2004:Female two person 3 meter board champion14th session of World Cup: female two person 3 meter board champion, single second place etc.

  9. Wang Liqin Name: Wang Liqin Birth: 1975.8.16 Height:1.86mWeight: 75kgHe is one of the top table tennis player in the world.