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Packages Three major objectives: Protection against damage, spoilage, and pilferage Barbie doll Assistance in marketing the product Blister packs Cost effectiveness Shipping packages Primary & secondary package Excedrin pill – bottle-box 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Ries

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Presentation Transcript
  • Three major objectives:
    • Protection against damage, spoilage, and pilferage
      • Barbie doll
    • Assistance in marketing the product
      • Blister packs
    • Cost effectiveness
      • Shipping packages
  • Primary & secondary package
    • Excedrin pill – bottle-box
  • 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Ries
  • Size
  • Multiple uses
    • Animal Crackers – ornament
    • Avon collectibles
  • Color
    • Suntan lotion in honey
    • Meat cellophane in clear
    • Roman meal bread in honey
  • Material
    • Crown Royal – purple velour
empress chocolate globes
Empress Chocolate Globes
  • Show off yet protect unique globe
  • Thermofoil plastic inserts create illusion of a floating globe encased

in an open-sided box

with seasonal designs

  • A brand for which the owner claims exclusive legal protection.
  • Trademark protection confers the exclusive legal right to use a brand name, brand mark, and any slogan or product name abbreviation.
  • Frequently trademark protection is applied to words or phrases.
trademark guarantee
  • Firms can also receive trademark protection for packaging elements and product features.
  • Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
top 10 ad icons of century
Marlboro Man

Ronald McDonald

Green Giant

Betty Crocker

Energizer Bunny


Aunt Jemima

Michelin Man

Tony the Tiger


Top 10 Ad Icons of Century
aunt jemima 1893
Aunt Jemima 1893
  • "cultural touchstone" of significant political and social change.
  • Smiling black woman in early 1890s, but throughout the 20th century, mirrored America's changing perceptions of African-American women.
  • 1950’s criticism that black "Mammy" in a kerchief was an outdated and negative portrayal of African-American women.
  • Gradually modernized in 50’s & 60’s,with the most recent changes in 1989.
  • Today, Aunt Jemima's face beams from beneath a full head of dark hair -- sans kerchief -- but her sparkling eyes and warm smile remain the same.
tony the tiger 1952
Tony the Tiger 1952
  • Hawks Frosted Flakes (formerly Sugar Frosted Flakes)
  • Series of minor face-lifts such as an eye color change from green to gold & the addition of "whisker bones" and contours.
  • When America started heading for the health clubs, Tony also got a slimmer, more

muscular physique. He's also risen

from scrawny, cereal-box size pussycat

on all fours to a 6-foot figure with

towering, upright stance

marlboro man 1955
Marlboro Man 1955
  • Most powerful & most hated brand image of century
  • Ultimate American cowboy and masculine trademark
  • Global marketing tool
    • Best-selling cigarette in the world
    • Reposition from "mild as May" ladies cigarette to a product with broader appeal
  • Vivid image paid off in 1971 when cigarette ads were banned from TV
  • Light waves of different wavelengths
  • Red
    • To attract attention, an in-your-face color (Coke-Cola red)
    • Symbolize heat, fire, blood, passion, love, warmth, power, excitement, energy & aggression
    • 1931, Coca-Cola used signature red color to dress Santa and market its products at Christmas. Ever since, Santa Claus has worn red.
  • Blue
    • Peace, tranquility,sadness, depression, wisdom, trust & loyalty.
    • Least appetizing. Blue food is rare.
    • Laid-back color. Corporate color to communicate stability (IBM blue)
  • Yellow
    • Neutral
    • The brightest color
    • Communicates “caution”
1837 tiffany blue box
1837 Tiffany Blue® Box
  • Trademark blue box evokes strong, positive emotions among consumers.
  • Words associated with the blue box?
    • Luxury, exclusivity, expensive, and desire
  • Symbolic of the category
    • John Deere is the leading brand of farm tractors. Green - grass, trees & agriculture
  • Color symbolism
    • UPS brown: stability
    • Chanel black: sophistication,style,

formality, elegance, wealth

beer wine packages
Beer & Wine Packages
  • Iron City Beer in aluminum cans, 9-04
    • Easier, safer portability
    • Allowed at sports & concert


    • Chills faster
    • Easier to ship
    • More cost effective to recycle
  • Francis Ford Coppolas’s Winery, 9-04
    • Sofia Blanc in pink metallic 4-pack, $20
schirf brewing company
Schirf Brewing Company
  • In highly competetive micro brewing industry, image and perception of beer are as important as the quality of the beer itself. Since Ajax Design has guided the evolution of Wasatch Beers' packaging, beer sales have more than doubled.
shopping bags
Shopping Bags
  • Mass inception in mid-1950’s
    • Stylish, unspoken status symbol
    • Instant & recognizable stature
    • Free
    • Collapsible & portable
bloomies shopping bags
Bloomies Shopping Bags
  • 1922 brown bag with “Thank You” on side
  • 1954 gray with signature script B
  • 60’s & 70’s display actual art
    • T-shirts, Volkswagens, special events
    • Lichtenstein’s polka dots
    • Yves St. Laurent pencil sketches
  • 1973 Big Brown Bag family has lasted
    • Sturdy & spacious
  • Each new development & season brings a bag
    • 2004 Soho store (Warhol-like) “Happening in Soho”
    • 2004 Christmas Marc Jacobs happy people: big smiles, red lips
method dish soap
Method Dish Soap
  • Grabs shoppers with bright colors & striking form
  • Timesaving, squirt-from-the-bottom function
  • At rest, the valve is inverted to prevent the liquid from oozing out
  • Squeezing extends the valve outward & opens tiny slits in the plastic
  • Soap squirts out only when pressure applied to bottle; valve retracts as soon as squeezing stops
spot funny bones dog treat
Spot Funny Bones Dog Treat
  • Huge hit for the holidays
  • Unique packaging designed as tree ornament
  • Turns ordinary pet treat into extraordinary gift