2008 college recruiting seminar http youtube com watch v ftjoih3ies8 n.
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2008 COLLEGE RECRUITING SEMINAR http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtjOIH3IEs8 PowerPoint Presentation
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2008 COLLEGE RECRUITING SEMINAR http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtjOIH3IEs8

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2008 COLLEGE RECRUITING SEMINAR http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtjOIH3IEs8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 COLLEGE RECRUITING SEMINAR http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtjOIH3IEs8. State of Collegiate Soccer. High Demand for college soccer in the United States Division I Women http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=1&sport=WSO

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2008 COLLEGE RECRUITING SEMINAR http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtjOIH3IEs8

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2008 college recruiting seminar http youtube com watch v ftjoih3ies8



state of collegiate soccer
State of Collegiate Soccer
  • High Demand for college soccer in the United States
  • Division I Women http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=1&sport=WSO
  • Division II Women http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=2&sport=WSO
  • Division III Women http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=3&sport=WSO
  • NAIA Women http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/naia/member-services/championships/Qualifcation_Plans/qual_plans_pdf/WomensSoccerQP.pdf
  • Division I Men http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=1&sport=MSO
  • Division II Men NCAA Sports Sponsorship
  • Division III Men NCAA Sports Sponsorship
  • NAIA Men http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/naia/member-services/championships/Qualifcation_Plans/qual_plans_pdf/MensSoccerQP.pdf
division differences
Division Differences
  • Division I (Larger Schools, Major Conferences)
    • More Scholarship Money
    • Larger Operating Budgets
    • More Resources for the Student-Athletes
    • Facilities
    • More Time Commitment
  • Division II
    • Offer Athletic Scholarship
    • Smaller School
    • Falls Right in the Middle of Division I and III in How Program Operates
    • Senior Recruits Allowed to Workout with College Team
division differences cont
Division Differences (cont.)
  • Division III
    • No Athletic Scholarship
    • Much Smaller Schools
    • More Emphasis on Academics
    • Out of Season Rules Much Different than DI and DII
  • NAIA
    • No Governing Body
    • No Rules for Recruiting (Contacts, Visits, etc…)
    • Athletic Scholarships Available
    • Fit for Student-Athlete in the Middle for both Academics and Athletics
the recruiting process
The Recruiting Process
  • Misconception: “Schools will recruit me.”
  • Truth: Most players/parents end up recruiting the school.
the recruiting process1
The Recruiting Process
  • Step 1 – Research Schools
    • Size and location, academics
    • Quality of soccer program, coach, roster size and grade breakdown
  • Step 2 – Make List of Potential Schools
    • Include a few long shots, but majority of realistic choices
the recruiting process2
The Recruiting Process
  • Step 3 – Contact Coach
    • e-mail is usually most effective
    • Inform coach of schedule for high school or club
    • Be sure to put jersey number, jersey colors, potential positions, field number, and opponent
  • Step 4 – Set up a College Visit
    • Official Visit – Paid for by the school
      • Allowed only five
      • Can start after July 15 going into Senior year of h.s.
    • Unofficial Visit: Paid for on your own
      • Unlimited
      • Can take them anytime
    • Alert the coach that you are coming and request meeting
    • Tour the campus, meet with admissions, etc…
the recruiting process3
The Recruiting Process
  • Step 5 – Follow up
    • Let the coach know what you thought of the visit and if you’d like to continue to stay in contact
  • Step 6 – Rank Visits
    • Keep a personal reflection after each visit
recruiting rules
Recruiting Rules
  • A prospective student-athlete can call coach at anytime
  • Coach can’t call a recruit until after July 15 of senior year in high school, then only once a week
  • A prospective can e-mail coach at anytime.
recruiting rules1
Recruiting Rules
  • A coach can’t approach a recruit or a recruit’s parent at a game until its conclusion or at a tournament until the recruit’s team is completely finished with the tournament.
  • Although a parent or player approaching a coach isn’t entirely illegal, it can be a turn off because it puts the coach in an awkward situation. The coach is technically only supposed to say a brief hello in passing and not carry on a conversation.
when to start the process
When to Start the Process
  • Girls – Recruiting Process Significantly Sped up, especially at Division I
    • verbal commitments by junior season
    • Identification starting by sophomore year
  • Reality: should be contacting schools early in junior year and visiting soon after
  • Most schools looking for commitments in summer or early fall of senior year.
  • *Signing Period is first week of February
when to start the process1
When to Start the Process
  • Boys – pressure to decide early not as great as girls
  • Identification starts during junior year.
  • Start visits in spring of junior year and in the summer.
  • Signing Date the same.
how to gain exposure
How to Gain Exposure
  • Club vs. High School
    • High School for local coaches
    • Club just easier access and majority of the time is an overall higher level
  • College Showcases
    • Team profiles
  • ODP
  • Camps (summer, winter, identification)
  • Visits, E-mails, Phone Calls
  • Recruiting Services
what to send to coaches
What to Send to Coaches
  • 1 page profile sheet usually sufficient


  • Videos
    • Most effective if coach hasn’t seen you play
    • Not necessary, unless coach asks for them
  • Schedules – be sure to include jersey number, color, field location, opponent

Coach Smith,

Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I play for the U17 Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club team. My graduation year is 2009. My jersey number is 17 and I play either outside defender or outside midfielder. I am interested in your soccer and academic program and would like for you to come to one of my games if you are going to be attending either of these tournaments. My team will be wearing white or green. I am going to be in Raleigh NC Friday November 30 - Sunday December 2. My game times are as follows:Friday 11/30/07 - 11:50am vs. Internationals,  Field Location- WRAL SC Fairway B 02BSaturday 12/1/07 - 1:40pm vs. Dynamo, Field Location- WRAL SC Steak n' Shake #12Sunday 12/2/07 - 9:20am vs. CASL, Field Location- WRAL SC Eurosport A 16A

additional information
Additional Information
  • School Applications
    • Meet deadlines
    • Early applications
    • Reference Letters/High School Counselors
  • NCAA Clearinghouse https://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net
  • FAFSAwww.fafsa.com
  • Additional Scholarships
role of the parent vs player
Role of the Parent vs. Player
  • Coaches like to communicate with the player rather than the parent
  • Player should be the one contacting the coach, arranging visits, etc…
  • On a visit, important the player talks to the coach and not just the parent; should come with a list of questions.
  • NCAA Fully Funded Programs
    • Men = 10 & Women = 14
    • Those scholarships can be broken down and split up in any way
  • Fair Question to a coach: “Do you see me as a scholarship player?”
  • Majority of soccer players are not on an athletic “full-ride”
  • Athletic Scholarship is a year by year agreement, not a four year agreement
  • Most scholarships are increased before decreased