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maersk logistics ohrid 2009 ix congress l.
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MAERSK LOGISTICS : Ohrid 2009 IX Congress PowerPoint Presentation
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MAERSK LOGISTICS : Ohrid 2009 IX Congress

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MAERSK LOGISTICS : Ohrid 2009 IX Congress
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MAERSK LOGISTICS : Ohrid 2009 IX Congress

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  1. MAERSK LOGISTICS : Ohrid 2009 IX Congress Ohrid May 22nd 2009

  2. Presenter • Giorgio Poggio Managing director Balkan Cluster GRELOGTOP@MAERSK-LOGISTICS.COM Education • Political Science degree • supply chain management specialization • Penelope Spyropoulou Thessaloniki/Skopje/Durres Branch Manager GREDAMSLKMNG@DAMCO.COM Education • Technical Institution Computer Science • Customs Clearance specialization

  3. Introduction • Maersk Logistics Balkan Cluster • Maersk Logistics Balkan Cluster was established in 2006 to offerintegrated transport solutions,SCM, WND, as well as freight forwarding services including ocean freight, airfreight, and landside services to the local market by utilizing the worldwide network and expertise of Maersk Logistics • Today the BalkanCluster organisation counts 40 professionals handling all Maersk Logistics & DAMCO operations in Greece, Bulgaria, Makedona, Cyprus, Lebanon, Albania and Kosovo. • Cluster head office is based in Athens with branches in Varna, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Cyprus, Sofia and Beirut.

  4. HUNGARY ROMANIA BLACKSEA CROATIA Belgrade BOSNIA SERBIA BULGARIA Kosovo Sofia MONTENEGRO► Skopje Bar Tirana MAKEDONIA Durres TURKEY ALBANIA Thessaloniki GREECE Volos Piraeus Rhodos CYPRUS Heraklion CRETE Limassol Geographical Scope of Balkan Cluster Countries/Areas -Greece -Cyprus -Albania -MAKEDONIA -Bulgaria -Kosovo -Lebanon Ports -Piraeus -Thessaloniki -Volos* -Heraklion -Limassol -Varna -Durres -Beirut

  5. SLK RAILWAY LINES Our Gate to the Balkans BUDAPEST, ROTTERDAM KOPER West Bulgaria locations -as shown on the map- can be served via Thess/niki as a cheaper alternative to Varna port. Damco Hellas provides more than 5.000 moves through dedicated trucks and block train to Sofia yearly. Damco Hellas provides more than 10.000 customs transit formalities to all Balkans yearly. BAR

  6. END TO END VISIBILITY AT ITEM LEVEL Multi country consolidation: your gateway from/to China Destination Honda Suppliers Far East AIR: 2 DAYS Thessaloniki/ Balkans SEA: 25 DAYS HUB Tanjung P.

  7. PENANG SUBANG JAYA KLANG JOHOR Multi country consolidationour facilities in Tanjung Pelepas, MY Warehouse area 11,000 square meters Employees 45 FTE Customs status Free Trade Zone / Bonded area Services: Consolidation, deconsolidation, bonded operations, warehousing, distribution Voumes 600,000 cbms (2006) weekly service from/to America, Europa, Far East, Indian Sub-continent, Africa, Oceania. Air connection (KLIA) Clients managed:

  8. Why we are here? • We believe we can use our experience in operating integrated supply chains for global clients to release value for your supply chains

  9. How do we do this? / Agenda • Consultancy: SupplyChain HealthCheck™ • Management and Control • Information management • Operational capabilities • Case History

  10. How do we do this: consultancy SupplyChain HealthCheck™ Reaching your full potential The SupplyChain HealthCheck™ is Maersk Logistics’ proven fact-based and practical approach to supply chain analysis and development. Design and Develop

  11. How do we do this: consultancy Our supply chain development approach involves: • Understanding your business and Supply Chain objectives • Operational & Financial benchmarking • Identification of root cause of performance gaps • Modelling and design based on your business and financial objectives • Solution quantifying the value adding • Delivering the quantified value through implementation, execution and follow up The SupplyChain HealthCheck™: Scoping Data Gathering Workshop “AS IS” Analysis Modelling “TO BE” Implement Compelling Value Proposition Design and Develop

  12. How did we do this? Some of our consultancy projects Design and Develop

  13. How do we do this? Management and control • Maersk Logistics is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain management services • We manage operations, documentation and information • We take care of the supply chain from the time of planning and procurement through to the delivery of the products at their final destination. • The objective is to integrate and coordinate all the actors of your supply chain in order to support the control and the correct execution of your international supply chain. Operate

  14. How do we do this? Information Management Value SPECTIVE ™ advanced • EDI connection / ASN • On line vendor connectivity • Associated documents visibility • On line operations instructions • Landed Cost visibility • Manufacturing process visibility • Distribution visibility Visibility scope • Unified info platform • On line real time • Origin milestones visibility • Destination milestones visibility • Item/SKU visibility • Associated documents visibility • Reporting • KPI Monitoring SPECTIVE ™ Core Carrier Track & Trace • Container tracking • Port A/Port B • Many sources Value Operate

  15. How do we do this? Operational capabilities • +15,500 Maersk Logistics employees world-wide • +300 offices in +90 countries • Ocean carriage • Ocean Forwarding volumes of +800,000 teus • Contracts with over 20 different shipping companies • Warehouses • +40 warehouses 1,200,000 m2 • 15 cross-dock/trans-load in US warehouses 290,000 m2 • +85 CFS warehouses 1.1 mill. m2 • Airfreight Forwarding volumes of 125,000 tons. • Customs house brokerage and consultancy • Insurance Operate

  16. Client Challenges (SCM department quotations) • Value • Benefits • Maersk Logistics Solutions ”Steep growth lead to exclusive focus on customer service levels ” ” Huge variation among processes and process ownership” • Euro 5.300.000 Nett /saving over 24 months. • Central control and mature processes in place. • Logistics cost reduction (emergency shipments, demurrages) • Reduced safety stock holding (increased timeliness, reduced variability) • Improved cash to cash cycle (reduce lead time) • Increased commercial effectiveness through more On Time in Full deliveries • Cargo full traceability • Implement supply chain management solution • Purchase order management • Vendor Management including 3PL’s and transporters • Document Management • Spective™ visibility update including KPI MNG ”Unable to trace shipped products until invoices arrive...” ”Major cost of inventory” ”No central visibility ” • BPR: Map business processes and draft a common operating procedure to streamline workflow among all the parties ”Local sub optimization versus global efficiency and effectiviness Design, Develop, Implementation How did we do this? FRIGOGLASS case history … The real challenge is identify real situation and how best to implement the theory to deliver true business benefit…

  17. How did we do this? A case history in Electronics industry The real challenge is identify real situation and how best to implement the theory to deliver true business benefit… • Current Situation • Logistics cost >10% of consumer price. Products are stored in multiple location over 13 countries, low visibility, complex processes. • Maersk Logistics Solution • Centralize SCM control within Greece HO and outsource entire supply chain and logistics organization to 4PL and respective 3PL’s and transporters. • Standardize operation- and management processes including external contracts • Centralize EU warehouse for EU Import and Export (picture) • KPI Management and visibility update • Risks / Obstacles • Strong Internal change management required • Benefits • Reduced transport, inventory, Warehouse and labor cost • Increase response to market, top expertise, variable cost Total Nett Savings Euro 5.300.000/ 24 months Design, Develop and Implementation

  18. Conclusion • We identified Frigoglass as a potential benchmark for Balkan established companies with international flow of goods to apply our Supply Chain Development study and Supply Chain Management program capabilities: • Identify complexity and define priority to quickly materialize ‘quick win’ scenarios short implementation time • Bench mark existing process issues in terms of supply chain performance • Our Integrated Supply Chain Management solution can solve your issues in a manageable • What is a realistic timeline from development to implementation ? Design, Develop andImplementation

  19. Project Timeline Design, Develop and Implementation

  20. Thank you for your time