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Journey To Explore Islam Project Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Journey To Explore Islam Project Overview

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Journey To Explore Islam Project Overview
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Journey To Explore Islam Project Overview

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  1. Journey To Explore Islam Project Overview

  2. Goals and Motivations • Develop a tool (Multimedia / Software CD) to: • MakeDa’wahefficient • Make Da’wahinteractive • Make Da’wahimpressive • Deploystate of the art in Da’wah

  3. How did we achieve our goals? [1] • Include “Qur’an” + ~450 titles about Islam categorized in 9 main sections on 1 CD. • Use multimedia (graphics, animation, video, and audio) to address multiple human senses. • Special package durable, light weight, cheap to mail, and with motivational messages on it.

  4. How did we achieve our goals?[2] • Easy navigation, search engine, topic marking (favorite), and help tutorial. • Professional utilization of multimedia features to impress users and keep them interested. • Affordable, specially with quantities!!!

  5. Invitation Introduction (1) Introduction (2) And Now Let us Explore the “Journey to Explore Islam” Islam, in the specific sense, refers to the faith based on the Scripture revealed to Muhammad (S), the Arabian Prophet, 14 centuries ago. This scripture is known as the Quran. Allah, or God, described the Quran thusly: ‘And We have made the Quran easy to remember, so are there any who will take heed?’ Islam, in its general sense, means submission to the Will of the One, All-powerful Creator. It is the same essential religion followed and preached by the Biblical Prophets beginning with Adam and Noah, and through Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (A). Though Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West, many in the West are unaware of treasures Islam has to offer. Start your journey with this CD and explore Islam for yourself. Feel free to use the contact information provided for your use at the conclusion of this CD.

  6. What do Muslims Believe? • How does a Muslim worship? • Do Muslims have a Bible? • Who is Muhammad? • This section answers to these and other important questions. Fundamentals of Islam

  7. What are my duties to my parents, spouse, children and relatives? • What are my duties to others? • Islam revives the fundamentals of familial and interpersonal relations. • This section is designed to shed the lights on the social values of Islam. Social Values in Islam

  8. Knowingly or otherwise, you are increasingly interacting with Muslims. At times do you find Muslim behavior strange? Perhaps you were under the impression that Arab and Muslim were the same? • This section is designed to take you in a journey to explore the culture of Islam itself and the diverse cultures and nationalities from which Muslims come. Particulars of Islam

  9. Knowledge and science hold a place of paramount importance in Islamic Teachings. • The contributions of Muslims scholars to all fields of science are well documented. From Avicenna’s medical cannons to Al-Khawarizmi’s al-jabr (algebra), modern science owes much to Muslim scientific endeavor. • The Qur’an itself contains scientific facts which have only been recently discovered by modern scientists. Explore this section to learn more. • No Conflict Between Faith and Reason In Islam Islam and Science

  10. Is Islam just some strange new religion that just appeared in the Arabian Desert 14 centuries ago or does it require a bit more assessment? • Islam does not claim to be a new faith as such but, rather, preaches to be a clarification and completion of the earlier divine messages. • This section provides information about the origin and spread of Islam to all over the world. History of Islam

  11. “Indeed God chose Adam, Noah, the Family of Abraham and the Family of Imran above all the creation. Progeny one from another, and certainly God is Aware of all things.” • Do you know that Qur’an contains a chapter entitled ‘Mary’ after the mother of Jesus (A)? • Would you expect to find the stories of the Hebrew Prophets amongst its pages? • This section explains how Islam is compared to other religions. Comparative Religion

  12. In today’s information age, it would seem the citizens of this world would be well informed of the world around them. • Unfortunately, those exposed to and convinced by popular media have had their worldview shaped into a careful narrow tunnel that obscures truth and makes objectivity nearly impossible. • Islam is one of the most widely misunderstood and misrepresented ways of life. • This section is designed to help you build an opposing perspective to commonly held misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. Stereotypes and Clarifications

  13. So, Who Would Convert to Islam Anyway? • Demographic data shows that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the West. • This growth is due in part to high conversion rates. • But what is it about Islam that so many have found so moving? • Explore this section to find out more. Hear from Over 100 Who Chose Islam

  14. Many illusionary obstacles may be in the minds of people who wish to become Muslims, but are not sure what it takes. Some may think an elaborate ritual is required, while others may think Islam is only inherited. • The truth is that nothing could be more simple than becoming a Muslim. • This section explains how to become a Muslim in a Q & A format. How to Become a Muslim?

  15. Visit us online Contact Information Testimonials FAQ DownloadFreeDemoVersion Ordering Information FREE CDs  CD Contents Online

  16. Help Needed • Spread the word out. Tell others about this project. • Subscribe to our list and get the latest project news. • Sell the CD on Amazon, e-Bay, or any similar site, specially outside USA to make the CD available around the world. • Order the CD in quantity and distribute it (through your Masjid, MSA, etc.). for details Click Here. • Give us your feedback about the CD and the project in general Click Here.

  17. FAQ Q: Can I copy the CD and distributed for Dawah? A:No, but you can order it in quantity and distribute. • Q: Who can benefit from this CD? • A: The CD is designed to be used easily with anyone who is seeking truthful information about Islam, like: Muslim Da’iah Non-Muslims Muslim youth New Muslims