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Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin. Stalin’s Birth. Gori, Georgia December 21, 1879 Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili Father was a shoemaker Mother was a housekeeper. Joseph’s Father. An abusive alcoholic Left family to work in Tiflis, Georgia when Joseph was 5 Died in 1890. Stalin’s Mother. Yekaterina

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Joseph Stalin

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Presentation Transcript
stalin s birth
Stalin’s Birth
  • Gori, Georgia
  • December 21, 1879
  • Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili
  • Father was a shoemaker
  • Mother was a housekeeper
joseph s father
Joseph’s Father
  • An abusive alcoholic
  • Left family to work in Tiflis, Georgia when Joseph was 5
  • Died in 1890
stalin s mother
Stalin’s Mother
  • Yekaterina
  • Deeply religious
  • Wanted Joseph to be a priest
  • Worked hard to pay for Joseph’s school
  • Father abused Joseph
  • After his father left, Joseph and Yekaterina lived with a priest
  • Enrolled in Orthodox parochial school in 1888.
stalin as a priest
Stalin as a Priest
  • 1894 got scholarship to seminary
  • Got highest marks on behavior and grades
  • In his fourth year, he joined Mesame Dasi
  • Expelled from seminary
revolutionary apprentice
Revolutionary Apprentice
  • Joined Social Democratic Party in 1901
  • Did full-time revolutionary work
  • 1905 Served as party organizer
  • Met Lenin at conference in Finland
  • December 1911 Stalin was exiled to Vologda.
  • January 1912 broke away from party and met in Prague
  • Lenin co-opted Stalin into government
  • March 1912 Stalin escaped from exile and went to St. Petersburg
return to exile
Return to Exile
  • 1913 Stalin and Lenin met in Vienna to write Marxism and the National Problem
  • March 7, 1913 After he returned to St. Petersburg, Stalin was arrested.
  • While in Siberia, he changed his name to Stalin (man of steel)
czar loses power
Czar Loses Power
  • The Czar’s abdication on March 15, 1917 led to great social and political chaos
  • Stalin and Lenin agreed that they should overthrow the temporary Russian government
  • Both urged seizure of power at party debates, but neither had a role in organizing the insurrection itself
early soviet regime
Early Soviet Regime
  • Held cabinet post of commissar for nationalities for the next five years
  • Served in different positions during the civil war
  • Acting inspector general of the Red Army and as a political commissar.
  • 1921 He initiated the brutal reconquest of independent Georgia.
stalin gains power
Stalin Gains Power
  • Lenin died in 1924
  • 1925 Stalin got rid of Trotsky
  • 1926 ousted Kamenev and Zinviev
  • Got rid of the rest of the cabinet
  • 1928 Almost had total control
stalin s politics
Stalin’s Politics
  • Deportation and execution of kulaks
  • Forced entrance of peasants into collective farms
  • Nationalization of all industry and commerce
  • Execution and deportation of those who opposed his plans
stalin s dictatorship
Stalin’s Dictatorship
  • Dissatisfaction may have led to secret plot to replace Stalin with Sergei Kirov
  • December 1934 Kirov was murdered
  • Stalin executed almost entire political and military elite
  • Millions of Soviet citizens were forced into labor camps
world war ii
World War II
  • Stalin took comand of Soviet forces
  • Ordered brilliant counter-offensives at Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursk.
  • Arranged for lend-lease from the Western Powers
post war ussr
Post-War USSR
  • Stalin almost completely restored the pre-war system
  • Molded occupied countries in the Stalinist image and placed under Moscow’s control
stalin s end
Stalin’s End
  • 1952 Stalin began preparing for old leadership ways
  • He met with stout resistance
  • Before he could begin his “old ways”, Stalin died of a brain hemorrhage on March 5, 1953, in Moscow