Joseph stalin
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Joseph Stalin . Anthony Martinez 5 th English 2 pre- ap. Background. Joseph Stalin real name is Iosif Vissarionvich Dzhugashvili . B orn on Dec. 21,1879 in the Caucasian town of Gori ,Georgia. He was the only one of four kids to survive infancy.

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Joseph stalin

Joseph Stalin

Anthony Martinez


English 2 pre-ap


Joseph Stalin real name is IosifVissarionvichDzhugashvili.

Born on Dec. 21,1879 in the Caucasian town of Gori,Georgia.

He was the only one of four kids to survive infancy.

Various sicknesses left his left arm slightly crippled for life.

Young stalin
Young Stalin

Grew up poor.

Stalin’s father was a shoemaker and alcoholic.

Stalin’s father beats him.

Stalin’s mother tried keeping the family together.

Enrolled in Orthodox parochial school in Gori in 1888.

Joined MesameDasi… which got him expelled from the seminary in May 1889.

Stalin expelled from school
Stalin expelled from school

Disrespect for those in authority and reading forbidden books.

had been trying to convert his fellow students to Marxism.

Who stalin follow why
Who Stalin follow& Why??

Stalin followed John Lenin.

Both wanted worldwide communism.

Both had hatred of other political opponent.

Why do people follow stalin
Why do people follow Stalin?

To the lower class he promised changed and gave people hope in a better life without war.

People obtained free medicine and free education.

People feared him

How stalin got his ways
How Stalin got his ways...

He had his propaganda department make posters and convince people of things that weren't true.

He threatened that bad things would happen if he was not leading.

also he had purges-periodic arrests and executions. this kept people living in terror and fear.

Stalin s bloody hand
Stalin’s bloody hand

Stalin is responsible for millions of lives.

About 3-5 million died of starvation.

About 12,000,000 died in the camps.

Why is s talin considered a leader
Why is Stalinconsidered a leader?

He led the Soviet Union through its most difficult times in World War 2, which the Soviets suffered most.

He helped the poor.

People looked up to him.

He made changes for the Soviet Union.

Ruled Soviet Union for 31 years.

Joseph stalin