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DRAMA. Development 2011-2013. drama staff. David Crean – Development Executive for Events and series Jo Schofield – Development Executive – short films and StoryLand Vicky McDonald – PA to Commissioning Editors. development for RTÉ ONE. Expanding development slate

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Drama staff
drama staff

  • David Crean – Development Executive for Events and series

  • Jo Schofield – Development Executive – short films and StoryLand

  • Vicky McDonald – PA to Commissioning Editors

Development for rt one
development for RTÉ ONE

  • Expanding development slate

  • Looking for variety in tone and attitude across a range of drama

  • 2011 to 2013 transmission

  • Currently developing for RTÉ ONE only

  • Important to bring down cost per hour

Jane gogan



State of the nation drama
state-of-the-nation drama

  • Either 2 x 1 or 4 x 1 hours

  • Challenging and inquisitive

  • Unique views on familiar stories

  • Prescience – how will simmering events impact in two or three years

  • Contemporaneous

Renewable series
renewable series

  • High-end entertainment series

  • Light-hearted – more humour required

  • Rooted in a truth so stories chime with the audience

  • Potential for co-production or pre-sales

  • Distinctively Irish in all its diversity

  • Universality

  • Small stories with big impact

Bci sound and vision fund
BCI Sound and Vision Fund

  • Distinctive authored series and events

  • Specific cultural purpose that will appeal to RTÉ’s audience while meeting Sound and Vision criteria.

  • Multi-part events (minimum 2 x 1 hours)

  • Stories that are told for a television audience

Co production

  • Irish dimension to story is essential

  • Degrees of involvement from RTÉ

  • Think globally – there are opportunities

  • Be pro-active

  • It’s a long game

  • Entertainment driven drama

  • First class talent in writer, director and casting

  • Think of forming strategic alliances with sales agents and productions companies if you don’t have the contacts


  • MEDIA funding is available for development and production

  • Shared development costs with other television financiers would be welcome

  • The next MEDIA call for slate funding is in the autumn

What we look for in proposals
What we look for in proposals

  • Clarity, originality and authenticity in the voice of the writer

  • A unique and informed perspective

  • A developed idea for a story

  • Characters that audiences will take to

  • A world that the audience recognises

  • Consideration given to target audience

  • Urban and rural perspectives

  • Surprise, delight, inform, intrigue, engage and inspire!

Other priorities
Other Priorities

  • Talent new to RTÉ audiences – where there is inexperience mitigate with experience

  • Potential for pre-sales, co-production or co-finance


  • Urban

  • Suburban

  • Rural

  • Core audience 35-54 but drama needs to make an impact across the full range of demographics.

Most common reasons for rejection
Most common reasons for rejection

  • failure in the submission to convey a clear television drama idea with the distinctive voice of the writer,

  • lack of definition in the story and the characters,

  • Failure to convey the producer’s ambition for the piece often comprised of synopsis.

  • an Irish version of something we've seen elsewhere,

  • are standard genre pieces that lack singularity,

  • express a world view that is detached from the audience,

  • are sitcoms and therefore more appropriate to Entertainment.

How to submit
How to submit