fanuc robotics toledo defense and aerospace robotic painting technology l.
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FANUC Robotics Toledo Defense and Aerospace Robotic Painting Technology

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FANUC Robotics Toledo Defense and Aerospace Robotic Painting Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FANUC Robotics Toledo Defense and Aerospace Robotic Painting Technology. About FANUC Robotics Toledo. FANUC Robotics 24 Years in Robotic Painting Paint Products Designed, Manufactured, Integrated, and Serviced in North America 225+ Employees Dedicated to Paint

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about fanuc robotics toledo
About FANUC Robotics Toledo
  • FANUC Robotics 24 Years in Robotic Painting
  • Paint Products Designed, Manufactured, Integrated, and Serviced in North America
  • 225+ Employees Dedicated to Paint
  • Over 155,000 Robots installed World Wide Since 1982
  • Over 120 Paint Robots in Defense Applications
  • Complete Support Network
  • Dedicated 6000 Ft2 Paint Lab for Industrial Applications
robotic painting justification
Robotic Painting Justification
  • Quality
  • Material Cost
  • Warranty cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Compliance


Automated robotic application of material brings consistency to the spray out process.

  • Improve appearance consistency
  • Improve product film build consistency
  • Provide consistent gun target distance
  • Reduce part defects and rework costs
  • Consistently meet government specifications

Eliminate sags and runs

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Repeatable robot paths and gun triggering means the material application will save material.

  • Gun triggers are precise
  • Optimized gun target distance
  • Consistent material delivery
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Overspray reduced

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  • Proper application per the specification
  • Eliminates product defects caused by build variation
  • Reduction of application related variables
  • Reduced part rework
  • Reduced scrap rate


Paint thickness variations


  • Reduce repetitive motion injuries
  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduce turnover of skilled operators
  • Increased throughput potential
    • Reduced cycle times / increases production rates
  • Productivity increase
    • Multi shift operation savings
    • Larger coverage / per robot

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Paint Difficult Areas with Robotics



  • Removes employee from a hazardous environment
  • Eliminate cost of operator protective gear
  • Booth air can be recirculated
  • Lower booth air velocity
  • Lower VOC emissions in the air
  • Reduce abatement requirements
p 250 i a 15 key features and benefits
P-250iA/15 Key Features and Benefits
  • Application Flexibility Through High Performance
    • Large Reach - 1400/1400 arms
    • Painting Speed - 1500 mm/s
    • Payload - 15Kg Applicator & 15Kg on Arm
    • Sealed Hollow Wrist - 140deg bend
    • Industry’s Largest Work Envelope
    • Industry’s Fastest Joint Speeds

Application Flexibility

WorkEnvelope & Dimensions

P-250iA has the largest envelope and full axis motionrange

  • Features:
  • Offset arm improves near reach and extended arm improves far reach
    • Can paint across entire vehicle from one side
    • Excellent reach allows for painting near the robot and reduced rail travel
    • Can paint full fascia/bumper from ear to ear
    • ‘Flip-over’ option allows for single robot reach both sides
  • Benefit:
  • Reduces the size of spray booths
    • paint shop construction savings
    • energy savings
  • Reduces number of robots
  • Simplified paint path
    • reduced cycle time and teach time

Application Flexibility

  • Floor and invert mount
    • Robot can be mounted over the work area reducing the number of robots and floor space requirements
    • Industries largest inverted working envelope
    • Complete range of motion

Example: Can Replace Two Robots with One


Flexible Process Equipment Integration

Example: Arm Mounted Closed-Loop Paint Hardware

Recirculating paint supply lines (24 colors)

Specialized Process Equipment Packages for Camouflage Applications

most flexible small painter
Most Flexible Small Painter
  • Component Parts / Small Parts
    • Small armor plates, munitions coatings, defense vehicle interior/exterior components
  • Floor, Invert, and Wall Mount
    • Install in tight spaces
    • Large work envelope
  • Fast axis speed and acceleration
    • Required for small parts painting
    • Meet demanding cycle times
  • Camouflage paint finish compliant

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different uses of paintpro
Different Uses of PaintPRO

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Industry Specific Paint LabDedicated To Automotive & General Industrial Applications

  • Four Booths
    • 12’, 16’, 20’ and 30’ Side Draft
    • Single Component, 2K, FRP, Glaze, Adhesive, and Powder Capabilities
  • Ovens
    • Large (9’x8’x10’) Gas Fired Process Oven
    • Small (16”x18”x12”) Electric Process Oven
  • Training Facility
    • Full System Operations Training
    • Product Operations & Programming Training
fanuc defense aerospace contact
FANUC Defense – Aerospace Contact

Defense – Aerospace Application Specialist

Jerry Perez

Account Manager

Office: (419) 867-6048

Mobile: (734) 216-3829