2009 commonwealth of virginia campaign coordinator training n.
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2009 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign COORDINATOR TRAINING PowerPoint Presentation
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2009 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign COORDINATOR TRAINING

2009 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign COORDINATOR TRAINING

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2009 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign COORDINATOR TRAINING

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  1. 2009Commonwealth of Virginia CampaignCOORDINATOR TRAINING

  2. In this Course, You will: • Review the basic training presentation • Examine the Pledge Card and Transmittal Sheet • On-line Pledge Processing • Discuss Best Practices • Answer Questions

  3. The Coordinator’s Role You serve a vital link in the CVC Network! • Role Model • Educator • Liaison • Energizer

  4. Learning Objective:By the end of this training you will have the tools to: • Plan a successful campaign for your agency or work unit • Identify resources for materials, suggestions, best practices, and ideas • Locate the On-Line Pledge Process

  5. Anticipated Results for the 2009 Campaign • Provide employees with an easy way to contribute financially to the campaign and reduce paper • Increase employee awareness of the needs of their neighborhoods and across the Commonwealth • Instill a sense of volunteerism • Build teamwork • Have fun!

  6. The Campaign Theme isWhat $2 Can do! Alternatively $2 can do a lot – Can You?

  7. 2008 Campaign totaled $4,400,000

  8. A Variety of Charities Even more charities need our help – With over 1,300 groups to pick from, there is something for everyone and every interest. You might ask your coworkers - “Who touches your heart?” 9

  9. The charity did not re-apply orThe charity received less than the minimum in designations last yearorThe charity did not meet financial standards My favorite charity is not included in the directory! What Happened?

  10. Giving is easy and flexible and available to all employees • Cash or Check • Payroll Deduction • Credit Card • Donation of Stock • And now – Online Giving! • New and Improved!

  11. 100% of your designated giving goes to your specified charity or charities. Undesignated funds cover the administrative costs of the campaign. At the end of each campaign year, remaining undesignated funds are divided proportionately among charities who received at least $1,000 in designations.

  12. Designation Options • Designate a Single, Specific Charity • Designate Multiple Specific Charities • Designate a specific region of the state (to include all charities who serve that region) • Leave your gift as “undesignated” and it will be distributed among all charities who received at least $750 in specific designations.

  13. For coordinators, this is a special assignment and not a year-round job! Use this opportunity to learn more about the wonderful employees in your agency! The campaign runs from October 1 through December 15. The main kickoff will be Sept. 18. Agency chairs may run a shorter campaign within these dates.

  14. This campaign is run by employees and for employees. Employees “vote” for their favorite charity when they designate their gift Employees from across the state serve as volunteer coordinators and on the Advisory Council Employees Volunteer their time and talent to their local charities

  15. Governor Tim Kaine is the Honorary Chairman of the Campaign. The CVC campaign is the only official way for employees to lend a helping hand to their communities. (Executive Order #23-06)

  16. How will employee donations help? • $2/week means 27 people will receive Red Cross Training Materials • $3/week provides 32 hours of mental health counseling for one teen • $5/week will give 38 full days of planned activities for adults 60 or older • $10/week will give 138 nights of lodging for a homeless man, woman, or child

  17. Super CVC Website • Easy Navigation • On-line Pledge Processing • Many resources for coordinators, donors, and charities • Searchable directories • By Name • By CVC # • By Federation • By type of services • By Region

  18. CVC Website • CVC Coordinator Communiqués • Making a Difference – featuring actual stories from the charities • Volunteers in Action – featuring State Employees working in their communities

  19. The Coordinator’s Campaign Kit • Pledge Cards (Paper and On-line) • Directories (Searchable and paper) • Posters

  20. Getting Started • Build your team • Plan special events • Kick Off Events • Charity displays at your agency • Silent Auctions • Bake Sales • Chili Cook-off • Fun and Games • Order Campaign Materials (online)

  21. Getting Started • Make it Personal! • Collect “Personal Touch” Stories from your employees • Have coordinators personally hand a pledge form and materials to each employee • Ensure that events are open to all employees

  22. Getting Started • Develop ways to reach employees in outlying areas or on other shifts • Ask for help when needed • Execute your plan with energy and passion!

  23. Role Modeling • Have an “Elevator Speech” ready for moments when you have a captive audienceA 15 second message about what’s happening with CVC at your agency • Start the giving with YOU. Make your pledge or donation early. • Speak positively about the CVC and who we serve • Be sure to give the message that no CVC funds and no state funds are used in the State Employee Loan Program. The VACU funds the loans entirely.

  24. A little extra effort means a lot! Check each returned pledge card for completeness and legibility • Agency Name and Number • Clearly printed employee name and ID • Amount of donation • Method of donation • Codes and names of designated charities (or a check in the undesignated box) • Employee Signature on payroll deduction, stock, or credit card donations • Keep donation information secure and confidential

  25. ID#       Distribution:White copy goes to Payroll (payroll deduction gifts only) Yellow Copy – Coordinator – CVC Processing CenterPink Copy – Employee/Donor

  26. Electronic Pledge Processing • All employees with a state-assigned ID number can give on-line* • Donors need to print a copy for their records • Your payroll office receives deduction information (via reporting from CVC) • The pledge processing center receives designation information and credit card pledges The ID number to be used is the one on the paystub and it is also the number used on Payline, and is on the employee insurance card (after the “YTX”).

  27. How to Give On-line Get Ready: Have your employee identification number and the names or codes for your favorite charities. If you want to search for charities that meet your own needs, go to and look through over 1,300 charities.

  28. How to Give On-line Get Set: Jot down the names or numbers of the charities on your list. The On-line Pledge Processing System allows you to select a charity from a drop-down list of charities in alphabetical order. There is a charity for every interest. Note that not every charity that was in last year’s campaign may not be in this year’s campaign.

  29. How to Give On-line Go:To start giving, please begin at the CVC website and click on the Give Now button or go to Employee Direct at and supply the requested information. If you used online giving in 2008 or 2007, you will have the option to View your previous gift designations. Remember that not all charities in last year’s campaign will be eligible this year.

  30. How to Give On-line Tips • Online giving is available for credit card or payroll deduction giving. • Follow the OPP prompts or refer to the User Guide -- online at -- Make a copy of your pledge for your records • Print a copy of the pledge card for cash and check gifts and attach to your gift – give to your coordinator • Call the CVC Office at 804-225-2159 if you are planning a gift of stock

  31. How to Give On-line Credit Card Giving Tips • When you give online through a credit card, • The gift will automatically be charged on your credit card when you submit your transaction. • Credit Card processing is through Veri-Sign, a confidential processing system. • No Credit Card information is stored on any state computers.

  32. Complete the Pledge Transmittal Form • This form is located on the CVC website at • Attach yellow copies of the pledge cards with the transmittal sheet and send to the Pledge Processing Center • Keep the white copy for your agency records • Use Special Event Pledge cards and Transmittal Forms to Save paper when collecting for your event.

  33. Resources: People • Your previous agency CVC coordinators and Agency Chair can be very helpful • Recruit help within your own organization! New people = new ideas! Best Practice: 1 Coordinator per 25-40 employees For new coordinators – there may be a CVC Ambassador that will help you with your campaign.

  34. Resources: CVC Contacts Anne Dinterman, CVC Program Manager (804) 225-2159 Anne.Dinterman@DHRM.Virginia.Gov

  35. Resources: Materials • On-line Resources • Pledge Cards • Posters – icons for your emails • 2009 Video • Directory of Participating Charities • Guest Speakers

  36. Thank You See “What $2 Can Do!”