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Commonwealth of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia. Logistics and Resource Management Program. Virginia’s Logistics Program. “ the Mission ”. “ Our Mission ”. “ Provide Virginia’s Stakeholders with Logistics / Resource Coordination and Support both “day to day” and in times of emergency”. Mission by “Action”.

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Commonwealth of Virginia

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  1. Commonwealth of Virginia Logistics and Resource Management Program

  2. Virginia’s Logistics Program “the Mission”

  3. “Our Mission” “Provide Virginia’s Stakeholders with Logistics / Resource Coordination and Support both “day to day” and in times of emergency”

  4. Mission by “Action” • Facilitate acquisition of “in-state and out of state resources” • Request management/resource management • Resource Database and Inventory (Resource Manager 2.0)* • Statewide Mutual Aid Program (SMA) • Emergency Management Assistance Compact Program (EMAC) • Federal Requests for Resources (Action Request Form – ARF)

  5. Mission by “Action” • Emergency Procurement Support • Emergency Procurement of resources • Emergency Procurement process education • Emergency / Disaster Contract Services • Private Partnership Relationships

  6. Mission by “Action” • Logistics Planning Assistance • Resource Management Training • Logistics Management Training • Local and Regional Planning Review as requested • Resource GAP Analysis Data Collection • NIMS Typing Assistance (in conjunction with VDEM NIMS Staff) • Forecasting and “Anticipation of Need” modeling

  7. Mission by “Action” • Staging Areas • Predetermined staging areas • Pre-identified “re-entry” credentialing process (in development) • Incident dependent and locality dependent

  8. Mission by “Action” • Distribution Sites • Coordinated with Localities/State Agencies • Virginia Distribution Center • Incident dependent and locality dependent • Private Partnership Distribution Processes

  9. Mission by “Action” • Prepositioned Resources • Communications Cache resources • Special Needs Equipment • Sheltering Supplies (Dept of Corrections and VDEM PPDS – Sandston, Va) • Home Repair Kits (VDEM PPDS – Sandston, Va)

  10. Mission by “Action” Procedural Process Guidance • Logistics Management Plan • Request for Assistance / Request Management Standard Operating Procedures • Logistics Section Standard Operating Procedures • Section Specific Standard Operating Procedures • Statewide Mutual Aid • Emergency Management Assistance Compact • Emergency Procurement

  11. Virginia’s Logistics Program “the Structure”

  12. Virginia Logistics • “Hybrid system” of Operational Logistics and Logistical Operations based on the “all-hazards” concept • Designed as a “coordination and support network” for state agencies and localities • Utilizes local, state, federal, private sector, and volunteer resources and capabilities

  13. State agencies (Virginia Emergency Response Team) Voluntary based organizations and donations received Private Partnerships Contract Partnerships Statewide Mutual Aid (SMA) Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) Federal Partnerships Useful Resource Tools

  14. Department of General Services (DGS) Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) FEMA Department of Corrections (DOC) Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) Virginia Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VaVOAD) Private Industry Partnerships Logistics Section / ESF 7 Partners

  15. Virginia’s Logistics Program Requests for Assistance and Resource Management “How It All Gets Done”

  16. VDEM Processes • VDEM uses a continuously evaluated process model for request management based on a “Cradle to Grave” concept • Incorporates all facets of request management • Locality requests / assistance and support • State Agency requests / assistance and support • Statewide Mutual Aid – locality to locality mutual aid • Volunteer Organizations – VaVOAD • EMAC (State to State) • Action Request Forms (State to Federal)

  17. SALTT (Size, Amount, Location, Type, Time) – capability based requesting concepts Resource availability – seasonal, 24hrs,etc Pricing – reasonable and fair concepts Capable and reputable “Requestor / Provider” Consideration Factors

  18. Virginia’s Thoughts “the process model should follow the business model” See Virginia Request for Assistance Process Model Handout

  19. Title 44 of the Code of Virginia and the Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan (COVEOP) Comprised of more than 400 members Over 30 primary state agencies (ESF’s) Non-profit organizations Private partners Federal partners Coordinates response operations to disasters and emergencies throughout the Commonwealth Requires authorization by the Governor but can be done daily through other agreements – VSP, VDEM, VDOT, etc Virginia Emergency Response Team

  20. Volunteer Programs Support • Volunteer organizations have extensive capabilities at the local and state level • Coordinated by ESF 17 – Volunteers and Donations at the state EOC – handled locally otherwise • Extensive local, state, federal, and private volunteer groups and resources

  21. Mutual Aid Coordination Programs Statewide Mutual Aid Program • “Agreements/contracts” between localities for resource support – SMA • SMA – can be initiated by Locality or VDEM Logistics Chief – responsibility is locality • (See program advantages handout) EMAC Program • Agreements between Virginia and other states for resource support (requesting and assisting) • Coordinated by VDEM Logistics Section Staff • (See program advantages handout)

  22. Private Sector Interaction • Private Sector receives and can respond to IFB’s, RFP’s, and Quick Quotes • Companies can receive purchase orders directly from the Commonwealth • Logistics Section Staff will seek out resources on the internet, eVA, and other sources and may contact suppliers directly • Vendors communication with Logistics Section staff PRIOR to event/occurrence

  23. Virginia has a robust DGS Contract Database as well as disaster services contracts “pre-negotiated” Can be used by localities and state agencies Competitively bid to facilitate cost recovery through FEMA Pre-Event Disaster Services Contracts

  24. Virginia’s Logistics Program “Putting it all together”

  25. Challenges • Prepositioning of Resources vs Cost • Warehousing or Request as needed • Diversity of “needs” across Virginia • Budgetary impact due to associated costs • Commodity needs in large events • Localities and State Agencies Understanding of Logistics – when to ask, what to ask for, how to ask

  26. Logistics Program Development Matrix Continue Development of Local and State Logistics Programs through Training Implementation of the State Logistics Management Plan to include Points of Distribution, Logistical Staging Areas, and Movement Coordination and Management Continued development of Virginia’s Disaster Services Contracts Increase use of Grants by the Commonwealth of Virginia and localities for resource management and logistics programs Continue support to locality partners, state agencies, and other states as they develop Logistics Programs (based on lessons learned, processes, etc. )

  27. Use of pre-established contract service providers by localities and state agencies Train partners in logistics management processes and practices Use of VOAD partnerships Pre-certify vendors in Virginia Coordination with FEMA Logistics Personnel Best Practices

  28. Virginia’s Logistics Program “What we would like Logisticians to Know about Virginia” the tough part to say but the truth must be told

  29. The local perspective has the most merit with VDEM Logistics as we work in support of their response. The State will not overwhelm our localities capabilities; otherwise we just made the emergency larger for our localities Virginia asks what their (local) setup is and what it can accommodate before deployment of resources Perspectives (Localities and the State)

  30. All events are LOCAL– not State, not Federal – our role is to SUPPORT the localities Citizens will call their local Emergency Managers asking why their expectations are not being met Many local EM’s are “multi-hatted” “About the Localities/Jurisdictions”

  31. Virginia Supports and Coordinates the state’s emergency response operations with its Localities or Jurisdictions 1 person Logistics Program day to day and staff increases as applicable. 90+ percent of Virginia’s localities and state agencies do not have a formal Logistics Program We use traditional Logistics Principles (Staging, Burn Rates, PODS, Forecast Modeling, etc) but we work with our localities as each event and impacted locality is unique About State Logistical Operations

  32. We use a defined process to ensure that we are good stewards of Resources We will exhaust all of our capabilities (State Agencies, SMA, EMAC, Procurement) prior to coming to the federal partners We will ask FEMA Region III for a CAPABILITY – we will not ask for a specific Federal Partner resource About the State

  33. The Federal Partners Support and Coordinate their operations through the State EOC to Virginia localities and jurisdictions Our Chain of Command goes through FEMA Region III for resource support from the Federal Partners via the ARF Process Federal Partners Involvement

  34. Final Thoughts for Virginia - we are all in this together - disasters are “all inclusive” - superman and wonder woman don’t exist so it is up to us to be prepared

  35. For More Information about Virginia’s Logistics Programs • Jason Eaton, PEM Chief, Logistics Section jason.eaton@vdem.virginia.gov 804-674-2400 or 804-296-6565 (cell)

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