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CONTOUR DRAWING Anyone can LEARN how to Draw by Training Coordination of HAND and EYE MOVEMENTS. Contour drawings to Color Collages Unsigned works!

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contour drawing


Anyone can LEARN how to Draw by Training Coordination of HAND and EYE MOVEMENTS.


With a horseshoe crab found at Rye Beach, NY, we continued our contour line studies. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC provided ample images for those things which could not be brought to school.

the contour study may lead to stylized designs from nature
The Contour study may lead to “stylized” designs from nature”

The Horeshoe Crab - millions of years on earth unchanged!

yodo s contours and shapes from a tiger s head behind foliage
Yodo’s Contours and Shapes from a tiger’s head behind foliage:

we learned a little about PhotoShop too!

practiced contour drawing leads to closer observation and greater manual control
PRACTICED Contour Drawing leads to closer observation and greater MANUAL control:
  • That is, control of how one uses one’s HANDS (manos en espanol, no?)- to record the observations of one’s eye MOVEMENTS as vision is trained to slowly study the outer edge and structural lines of anything ORGANIC.
the human figure o k we ll study manga and anime
THE HUMAN FIGURE: “o.k., we’ll study MANGA and ANIME…”
  • Due to popular demand we approached the human figure in motion in a few studio exercises using the art of Japanes Manga, Anime and contemporary American comics and cartoons [adult swim] (even!)

Amandalee Ortega


Student Motivation was great during this period – thanks to Japanese influences on contemporary American youth tastes in ART…

Kadidja Bayor

Karisma Arrington --------------


After rudimentary studio exercises studying the anatomy of the FACE, Kappa students studied VALUES from this drawing by Italian Renaissance master PARMAGIANNINO; Amazing results followed!




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