bug tracking system vs svn cvs l.
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Bug Tracking System Vs SVN/CVS PowerPoint Presentation
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Bug Tracking System Vs SVN/CVS

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Bug Tracking System Vs SVN/CVS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bug Tracking System Vs SVN/CVS. Presented by Sneha Mudumba. Bug tracking system.

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bug tracking system vs svn cvs

Bug Tracking System Vs SVN/CVS

Presented by

Sneha Mudumba

bug tracking system
Bug tracking system
  • It is a software application that is designed for quality assurance and helps the programmers to keep track of reported software bugs in their work. It is a sort of issue tracking system.
  • The major component of bug

tracking system is a database that

records facts about known bugs.

concurrent version system
It is an open source version

control system that keeps track

of all changes in a set of files,

typically the implementation

of a software project and it

allows several developers to


The major components in CVS is a repository which is master copy where CVS stores a full revision history.

Concurrent version system
features of bug tracking system
Features of bug tracking system
  • The major component of bug tracking system is a database that records facts about known bugs.Facts may be the time of the bug, the nature of the bug, the behavior and details on what produced a bug.
  • Typical bug tracking system supports the concept of lifecycle for a bug which is tracked through status assigned to the bug.
features of cvs
Features of CVS.
  • The key terms of CVS are:

Repository:The master copy

where CVs stores the revision


Working Copy:The copy in

which actual changes are made.

Typical CVS system supports

several programmers to work

concurrently.The server will accept

the changes made to the most

recent version of file.Developers

are therefore expected to keep

their working copy up to date by

incorporating other peoples changes.


Limitations of CVS1. CVS only shows what the conflicts are but does not give a procedure to solve it 2. Limited support for Unicode text file and non -ASCII filenames.

  • Examples:

Mantis and TRAC:Mantis is an example of web based bug tracking

system.It is written in PHP and requires a SQL database Server.It is a lightweight ,simple bug tracking system.

TRAC matches to mantis.



So the Bug tracking system and the Concurrent version system both enable the programmers to keep track of the bugs by using different mechanisms and there by enable the programmers to resolve the errors in a easy way