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Bibliographic Record

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Bibliographic Record Description of a book or other library material AACR2 Anglo American Cataloging Rules 2 nd edition Standard rules libraries use for describing books and other materials Item Record Refers to a specific library copy of a title. Includes barcode number of the item.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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bibliographic record
Bibliographic Record

Description of a book or other library material

  • Anglo American Cataloging Rules 2nd edition
  • Standard rules libraries use for describing books and other materials
item record
Item Record
  • Refers to a specific library copy of a title.
  • Includes barcode number of the item.
authority record
Authority Record
  • Provides cross-references for pseudonyms and other alternate headings.
  • Free Speech = Freedom of Speech
  • Voting Rights = Suffrage
  • A standard barcode format in libraries.
  • Four components
    • Patron/Item indicator
    • Unique Library ID
    • Item/Patron ID
    • Check Digit (calculated from previous digits)
    • 8888 00000 000 4 possible patron #
    • 8888 00000 000 5 possible item #
claims returned
Claims Returned
  • Circ Module shows item charged to patron
  • Patron reports item returned to staff
  • Staff marks item Claims Returned in Circ Module – policy?
  • Staff can look on shelf for item.
  • If item is later found or checked out to another patron, fines are cleared
  • If item never shows up, patron may be assessed fines – policy?

Original Cataloging

Cataloging from scratch using material and applying AACR2 and MARC

Copy Cataloging

Importing an existing bib record from another source (OCLC, vendor, LOC) and making local changes if needed

cataloging module
Cataloging Module

Bibliographic Records – describes a title, manifestation of a work

Item or Holdings Records – describes a specific copy attached to a bib record

Authority Records – directs variant headings to authoritative heading

patron registration
Patron Registration
  • In person registration, often uses paper application
  • Online registration, uses Web form
  • Importing records from external database, for students, employees etc.
holds reserves
Holds / Reserves
  • Bib-level hold – places a hold on the first available copy of the requested title
  • Volume-level hold – places a hold on the first available copy of the requested volume
  • Item-level / Item-specific hold – places a hold on a specific copy from a specific location
bib level hold
Bib-Level Hold
  • When is it used?
  • Most patron placed holds are bib-level
volume level hold
Volume-Level Hold
  • When would this be used?
item level hold
Item-Level Hold
  • When would this be used?
  • Usually by staff to retrieve a damaged item / CD in the wrong case etc.
  • Could be used by patron if ILS does not support volume-specific holds
serials periodicals
Serials / Periodicals
  • Serial: A publication in any medium issued under the same title in a succession of discrete parts usually numbered (or dated) and appearing at regular or irregular intervals with no predetermined conclusion…
  • Periodical: A serial publication with its own distinctive title, containing a mix of articles, editorials, reviews, columns, short stories, poems, and other short works written by more than one contributor, issued in softcover more than once, generally at regular stated intervals of less than a year, without prior decision as to when the final issue will appear…

Dictionary for Library and Information Science. Reitz. 2004.

  • Online Public Access Catalog
  • Public view of online library catalog, also called PAC (Public Access Catalog)
  • Keyword searching – searching databases for words that appear anywhere in record or text
  • Federated searching – searching across multiple databases with a single search
  • Phrase searching – keyword and phrase
  • Field searching – searching in specific indexes such as author, titles etc.
more search terminology
More Search Terminology
  • Boolean operators – Logical connectors for keyword searching (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Metadata – data that describes documents, used for online retrieval
  • Open URL – standard that enables linking from a citation to full text in another resource
  • Portal – gateway to info resources
  • URL – uniform resource locator, Web address
  • Web OPAC – OPAC available via the Web
history of the opac
History of the OPAC
  • OPACs started in the 1970s long before the Web
  • They were text based and command driven
current state of opacs
Current State of OPACs
  • Almost all OPACs are now available on the Web
  • In some cases this has slowed down their performance
staff view
Staff View
  • Library staff often have a more detailed view of the OPAC or PAC.
  • The ability to see item record details
  • Influence of the Web on search defaults
    • Default AND – not phrases
    • Default Keyword searching – not field searching
    • Use of quotes for phrase searching
open url linking from the opac
Open URL linking from the OPAC
  • III WebBridge
  • Link from catalog record to ISBN search, title search, author search in another database
federated searching
Federated Searching
z39 50
  • Standard that allows searching other library catalogs
my library
My Library
  • Links from OPAC to licensed resources must allow remote users to authenticate
    • IP recognition – proxy server
    • Referring URL recognition
digital media
Digital Media
  • SFPL – historical photo database
interlibrary loan
InterLibrary Loan
  • Predates computers
  • Computers have created faster networks for
    • Checking libraries that have desired titles
    • Automated management of loans
    • Transmission of articles via Ariel in some cases
class web page
Class Web Page