beef quality assurance ar presentation and update l.
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Beef Quality Assurance AR Presentation and Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Beef Quality Assurance AR Presentation and Update

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Beef Quality Assurance AR Presentation and Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beef Quality Assurance AR Presentation and Update. Ryan Ruppert Director of Beef Quality Assurance National Cattlemen’s Beef Association . BEEF QUALITY ASSURANCE.

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Beef Quality Assurance AR Presentation and Update

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Presentation Transcript
beef quality assurance ar presentation and update
Beef Quality AssuranceAR Presentation and Update

Ryan Ruppert

Director of Beef Quality Assurance

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

beef quality assurance

This plan of work describes the plan of work for implementing the industry’s Quality Assurance initiative. The AR describes the proposed tactics for industry’s producer-oriented quality assurance educational programs, Beef Quality Assurance and Dairy/Beef Quality Assurance

fy 2010 priorities addressed
FY 2010 Priorities Addressed
  • Environmental and Welfare Practices, Science-Based Information, Emerging Health Threats, International Education, E. coli & Salmonella, and Production Practices
committee that reviewed this plan of work
Committee That Reviewed This Plan of Work
  • Joint Producer Education Committee and Quality Assurance Advisory Board.
creating market opportunities for bqa
Creating Market Opportunities for BQA
  • Use BQA standards and certification to improve product quality and maximize market opportunities for producers by creating a national BQA producers’ manual, online tools, and national certification process.
measurable objectives
  • Enhance Dairy BQA educational modules by adding dairy handling modules.
  • Create the National BQA Cow/Calf-Stocker-Seedstock Producers Manual.
  • Create a minimum of 30 podcast Best Management Practices (BMP) promotion for BQA.
bqa pilot projects
BQA Pilot Projects
  • Initiate pilot projects that create better ways to address quality issues. These projects are designed to create educational tools and methods to provide producers, employees, and service providers straight forward ways to implement BQA BMPs.
measurable objectives8
  • Develop a nationally coordinated response to address cattle transportation emergencies to care for the cattle.
  • Complete at least two projects focused on priority issues from the 2007 National Market Cow & Bull Beef Quality Audit.
greater reach of bqa
Greater Reach of BQA
  • Expand beef industry involvement at all levels in the BQA program. This will be done by focusing outreach to small producers, dairy, veterinarians, livestock auction markets, order buyers, packers, and truckers. Also collect key benchmarking data to support BQA initiatives directed to fed cattle.
measurable objectives10
  • Using Baxter Black as the BQA spokesman, reach small producers through RFD-TV by having a spot on every other week promoting BQA.
  • Receive endorsement of three dairy organizations for dairy producer BQA education.
  • Certify at least 1,000 cattle haulers in the TQA program.
  • Collect and analyze key data from the production chain to benchmark key quality factors that impact consumer acceptance and perception of beef.
state extension of bqa
State Extension of BQA
  • Coordinate the National BQA standards with states to consistently deliver innovative and credible BQA education to all beef producers across the country, while recognizing unique production environments at the state level. The National BQA program will provide templates for BQA education based on the National BQA Manual.
measurable objectives12
  • Conduct the 20th Annual State Beef Quality Assurance Coordinators’ Seminar. Provide a forum where by all state BQA Program Coordinators have the opportunity to share program information and assist in the setting the direction and priorities of BQA.
  • Provide states with national support and materials to update and improve their educational offering to producers.
bqa cattle care and handling education
BQA Cattle Care and Handling Education
  • Continue to develop the BQA Care and Handling educational program to provide producers with key training and tools to better address consumer concerns about cattle well-being and develop a culture in the beef industry of accountability to good stewardship.
measurable objectives14
  • Create a training video for seedstock, cow/calf, and stocker producers on proper handling techniques and facility design to decrease quality defects.
  • Create a seedstock and cow/calf BQA self-assessment to measure implementation of key Best Management Practices taught in BQA.
  • Distribute the stocker self assessment to 50% of stockers producers.
consumer awareness of bqa
Consumer Awareness of BQA
  • Leverage BQA's focus on safety & wholesomeness to enhance consumer perception of beef and beef producers, by developing producer spokesman who are exceptional implementers of BQA through the BQA award program.
measurable objectives16
  • Award one beef and one dairy producer with the BQA award.
  • Utilize BQA Award winners in at least two consumer/retailer focused promotion activities.
  • Create a video producer profile of the award winners to distribute to producer and consumer audiences to promote beef in a positive light.
changes from 2009
Changes from 2009
  • Create a presence on RFD-TV to reach small producers.
  • Create meaningful benchmarking data to the industry to evaluate BQA implementation.
  • Enhance BQAs use of technology to deliver the BQA message to producers.
transportation quality assurance
Transportation Quality Assurance
  • Draft Course Material is almost complete
  • Creating a formal contract on data ownership and financial responsibility
  • Launch in Oct 2009
national dairy bqa program
National Dairy BQA Program
  • Cooperative effort with National DHIA
  • Draft National Manual based of DAC&QA from PA and endorsed by NDWBI
  • Online English and Spanish Modules completed in draft form
  • Beta Test to begin for DHIA members in Aug.
bqa assessments
BQA Assessments
  • Feedyard – Revised, Distributed, and Implemented in Many States
  • Stocker – Draft Assessment Created
  • Cow/Calf-Seedstock – FY 2010