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APRS. Automatic Packet Reporting System. Scott Honaker – N7WLO. What is APRS?. Ad-hoc, connectionless network able to relay position reports and messages No routing information is required Packet delivery is not guaranteed Packets contain position, status or short messages

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Automatic Packet Reporting System

Scott Honaker – N7WLO

What is aprs l.jpg
What is APRS?

  • Ad-hoc, connectionless network able to relay position reports and messages

    • No routing information is required

    • Packet delivery is not guaranteed

    • Packets contain position, status or short messages

    • Most stations can automatically digipeat

    • IGates make data available to the world

Aprs use l.jpg

  • Originally intended for events

    • Provides basic location and message handling

    • Can communicate between base, mobile and portable stations

    • Allows assets to be plotted on map whether moving or fixed in near real-time

    • Simplifies deployment

Other aprs uses l.jpg
Other APRS Uses

  • Web page eliminates “Where are you” cell phone calls

  • SAR/EOC – Many now have APRS capability because it is nearly custom tailored

  • Messaging – Ability to reach someone live

  • Email – Can send Email via an IGate

  • Weather – Current weather reports available from connected weather stations

Aprs uses continued l.jpg
APRS Uses - Continued

  • Security – Can send emergency message when broken down

  • Tracking – Use like a low-jack system

  • Direction finding – Several packages support DF capabilities by triangulation with multiple stations simultaneously

  • Extra Field Day points – post your score

  • Anything you can think of…

How to connect to aprs l.jpg
How to connect to APRS

  • http://map.findu.com/callsign

  • 2m nationwide on 144.390 MHz

    • With DOSAPRS, WinAPRS, MacAPRS, etc

  • HF on 10.151 MHz LSB

  • Winlink 2000 (HF Email)

  • Satellite via PCSat or International Space Station (ISS)

Aprs network l.jpg
APRS Network

  • APRS Station Types

    • Basic – Transmit and receive

    • Tracker – Transmit only

    • RELAY – Provide basic digipeating

    • WIDE – Dedicated digipeaters with specific coverage areas

    • IGate – Internet gateways to repeat APRS packets to servers on the Internet

Aprs network diagram l.jpg


APRS Network Diagram


RELAY Digipeater

WIDE Digipeaterand IGATE

Aprs on the internet l.jpg




APRS on the Internet

FINDU Server


WU2Z Mail Server

User on map.findu.com

Email user

Aprs routing l.jpg
APRS Routing

  • NWAPRS Default – RELAY,WIDE3-3

    • One generic digipeater hop and 3 WIDE

    • Covers area with good WIDE support

    • Good coverage with minimal traffic

  • Little Infrastructure – RELAY, RELAY,WIDE

    • Uses two generic digipeaters to get to WIDE

  • Fixed Station – N7WLO-0,WIDE3-3

    • Minimizes traffic if path known

Aprs naming l.jpg
APRS Naming

  • Callsign-SSID

    • N7WLO-7 is car with Kenwood TH-D700A

    • N7WLO is home station

    • N7WLO-8 is boat

  • Tactical Callsigns


    • More informative

    • Callsign included in status text

Typical aprs station l.jpg
Typical APRS Station

  • 2m FM Radio

    • Units with packet data ports are more reliable

  • TNC – Kantronics KPC-3+ is the standard

  • GPS with NMEA support

  • Computer – Most anything

  • Software – For nearly any platform

Aprs station diagram l.jpg


APRS Station Diagram


TNC Cable – Unique to Radio/TNC Combination

RS-232 Serial Cable

2m Radio

VHF TNC - like Kantronics KPC-3

Computer running APRS Software

Minimal aprs station l.jpg
Minimal APRS Station

  • 2m FM Radio

  • Windows computer with a sound card

  • AGW Packet Engine (software TNC)

  • AGW-Compatible software (like APRSPoint)

  • Optional GPS – not required for fixed station operation

  • A laptop and HT can work well

Dedicated aprs stations l.jpg
Dedicated APRS Stations

  • Kenwood TH-D7A/G

    • Dual Band HT with internal TNC

    • Includes APRS software internally

    • All position/message functions available

    • Jacks for PC/Laptop and GPS input/output

  • Kenwood TH-D700A/G

    • 50w Dual Band Mobile with internal TNC

    • Adds digipeater and other features to TH-D7

    • Voice synthesizer option

Aprs technologies l.jpg
APRS Technologies

  • MIC-E (Mike Encoder)

    • Short (~100mS) APRS burst at the beginning of voice transmissions

    • Provides APRS support through voice repeaters

    • Available in Kenwood D7/D700

    • Rarely used

  • APRStt (APRS Touch Tone)

    • Latest from Bob Bruninga

    • Make APRS available on ANY radio with DTMF

Aprs trackers l.jpg
APRS Trackers

Tigertronics TigerTrak

  • Basic location data

  • Balloon experiments (with altitude profiles)

  • Telemetry – River levels in Lewis County


Kantronics KPC-3 Plus

Byonics TinyTrak II

Sar eoc use of aprs l.jpg

  • “Real-time” tracking of assets

  • GPS and radio standard equipment

  • APRS and voice available with D7

  • All other stations visible on GPS displays

  • APRStt will provide access for everyone else

  • Messaging to/from units with D7

  • Message traffic and positions logged

  • Messages/positions available on Internet

  • Email available for stations via IGate

Aprs software platforms l.jpg
APRS Software Platforms



  • MacAPRS

  • PocketAPRS (Palm devices)

  • APRSce (Windows CE devices)

  • Xastir (Linux)

Windows software l.jpg
Windows Software

  • WinAPRS

    • Oldest, feature-rich, confusing interface


    • Good features, Street Atlas maps, two programs

  • APRSPoint

    • Limited features, cleanest interface, no better maps

  • UI-View

    • Good features, must create maps

Aprs resources l.jpg
APRS Resources

  • map.findu.com

  • www.TAPR.org

  • www.NWAPRS.org

  • www.APRSPoint.com

  • www.QSL.net/soundcardpacket

  • www.PacketRadio.org.UK