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Games Story Development. Representation. Aims and Objective. Consider how characters are represented in Computer Games Apply issues of representation to wide range of games Evaluate the effect representation has on a narrative. Assignment 1.

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Games story development

Games Story Development


Aims and objective
Aims and Objective

  • Consider how characters are represented in Computer Games

  • Apply issues of representation to wide range of games

  • Evaluate the effect representation has on a narrative

Assignment 1
Assignment 1

You have been asked to explain the following areas (with illustrative examples):

  • Forms of storytelling

  • Game genres

  • Approaches

  • Representation

  • Emotional themes

  • Interactive story

  • Writing strategies

Types of representation
Types of representation

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Sexuality

Race representation
Race representation

  • Four Key Themes in Racial Representations

  • Exotic

  • Dangerous

  • Humorous

  • Pitied

    (Alvarado et al. 1987: 153)

  • Gears of War: Dominque Santiago (Death of children and wife)

  • Modern Warfare 2/3: Russians are dangerous

  • Resident Evil 5:Sheva (Exotic)

  • Metal Gear Solid: Mei Ling is a comic characters

Representation of women 1
Representation of women (1)

  • Compare the representation of both Lara Croft, Princess Zelda and Bayonetta.

Representation of women 2
Representation of women (2)

  • Laura Mulvey argues that female characters are presented in a negative light.

  • Submissive light: these characters are overly sexualised, form part of the male gaze

  • Damsel in distress:

  • Femme fatale: these characters are evil

  • What does Computer Game tell us that is attractive?

    “the most purchased video games perpetuate amplified, unrealistic, and potentially damaging ideas about body image for young players” - Dunlop, J. (2007)

Representation of men
Representation of men

  • Fight for masculinity (Devil May Cry,

  • Representation of heroes: 90s Vs 2000s (Mario Vs Nathan Drake)

  • Hierarchy: where are the men situated? (Marxism reading)

  • Wins the approval of other men and the adoration of women.

  • Men and boys should always be in control, and that talking about one’s feelings is a sign of weakness. – Gears of War 3?

  • Areal man must be economically powerful and socially successful.

  • Well-intentioned and light-hearted, they range from slightly inept to completely hopeless when it comes to parenting their children or dealing with domestic (or workplace) issues. 

Representation of disability
Representation of disability

  • The Victim: Your character in Fable

  • “Hero” roles are usually played by non-disabled actors, presenting a false picture of disability

  • The Villain: Joker (Mass Effect 2): Cocky and arrogant / The End (MSG: Snake Eater)

  • Entertainment: KatawaShoujo: Romance with disabled girls?

Representation of age
Representation of age

  • Link: Society finally “trust” him after he has grown up at the end of the game – except as a Hero

  • Sully: Uncharted; Nathan Drakes mentor and a comic relief character

Representation of sexuality
Representation of sexuality

  • Homosexuality is generally not a negative issue in computer gaming

  • You can have a choice of sexuality (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fable)