Achieving our destiny
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Achieving Our Destiny. By: Abby Adams, Mariah Lee, Gianna Abboud , and Theresa Collins. “Manifest Destiny”.

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Achieving our destiny

Achieving Our Destiny

By: Abby Adams, Mariah Lee, GiannaAbboud, and Theresa Collins

Manifest destiny
“Manifest Destiny”

First written by a New York newspaperman, John O’Sullivan, the phrase Manifest Destiny means obvious fate. He and many others believed that it was America’s “manifest destiny to overspread and posses the whole of the continent.” Growing through settlement, through treaties, and through war, the United States expanded from sea to shining sea!

America s boundaries in 1818
America’s Boundaries in 1818

This is all of the land that the United States possessed in 1818, including the land from the original thirteen colonies, the land gained from the Revolutionary War, and the land bought in the Louisiana Purchase.


  • In the late 1810s, the lower peninsula named Florida was ruled by Spain. This is when President Monroe was in office.

  • The land was desired by Americans.

  • Complaints with Florida:

    • Spain could not control Florida because it was weak from

      Napoleon's invasion

    • Runaway slaves were welcomed by Seminole Indians.

    • Seminoles raided landowner’s property in Georgia

Very trade accessible, which meant a bigger profit, and the land had perfect conditions for farming!

Invasion of florida
Invasion of Florida

  • In 1818, Monroe sent Andrew Jackson to Georgia with orders to end the raids. However, he was not ordered to invade.

  • Jackson marched 1,700 troops

    into the Spanish colony, captured military posts, and two British subjects said to have fired rebellions. He later executed them both.

  • Also appointed a new American governor, rather than keep the Spanish politician in office.

  • Spain was furious, and wanted him to be punished.

Govern or get out
“Govern or Get Out”

  • Both countries feared war, and did not want it.

  • John Quincy Adams inspired Monroe to send a blunt message to Spain of: “Govern your land properly, or give it to us, the U.S..”

  • Spain obliged, and agreed to cede Florida to the U.S

  • In return, America paid off five million dollars in settlers claims to Spain, and also agreed to honor Spain’s claim to Texas.

Who did this impact
Who Did This Impact?

  • Many Indians such as Seminoles,

    Creeks and Cherokees were impacted.

  • The United States forced them onto reservations, where most got sick and died.

  • The Seminoles refused to move for ten years, and caused the most costly Indian war ever fought in the United States.


Leader of the Seminoles

Americans come to texas

Americans Come to Texas

Moses Austin dreamed about colonizing in Spanish Texas and attracted the “Old Three Hundred” families. They were the first settlers from America to live in Texas.

Requirements for moving in 1821:

Only moral and hardworking settlers

Intend and promise to become Mexican citizens

Join the Catholic Church

Mexicans enjoyed having a small colony, but soon

the population grew too large, as Americans outnumbered Tejanos 25,000 to 4,000.

Settling was banned in 1831 because Americans:

Resented taking orders from the Mexicans

Had little respect to Mexican culture

Had no interest in becoming citizens

Moses Austin

Independent nation
Independent Nation

  • The Alamo, when 200 Texans were slaughtered by Santa Anna’s Mexican army, infuriated the Texan rebels.

  • Sam Houston, the leader of the rebels, lured Santa Anna and his army into Texas, causing him to leave his supplies back in Mexico.

  • Houston’s strategy was to wear down the Mexican army. It wasn’t a popular idea at the time, but it worked well.

  • Texan rebels surprise attacked Santa Anna at San Jacinto River, screaming “Remember the Alamo!”

  • Texans won quickly and easily, gaining revenge and independence from Mexico!

Texas annexation
Texas Annexation

  • There were many disputes over whether or not to admit Texas into the United States.

    • Americans didn’t want a war with Mexico

    • Abolitionists did not want to add another slave state to the U.S.

  • Afterwards, when James K. Polk was elected President, he wanted to annex Texas as they requested.

  • In March 2, 1836 Congress voted “aye” to adding Texas, and it became the 28th State

  • Mexico felt betrayed by there own kind.

  • Groups impacted
    Groups Impacted

    • All of the groups that were impacted included:

      • Mexicans already living there

      • American Settlers

      • Texas Rebels

    • What happened to the people:

      • Gained a new type of government

      • Got to participate in voting for new laws

      • Experienced new cultures

    Oregon fever
    “Oregon Fever”

    • First groups in Oregon Territory:

      • Fur Trappers

      • Outlaws

      • Early Pioneers

      • Missionaries

    • How they contributed to later settlement:

      • Jedediah Smith, a young fur trapper, found the South Pass

      • Others told tales of the riches of the land to folks back east

    • More people wanted to emigrate west because of the easier trail through the Rocky Mountains, and the chance for a “fresh start” in their life.

    Fifty four forty or fight
    “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight”

    • Both Britain and U.S. wanted the Oregon Territory.

    • Polk swore that he would not rest until the U.S. had annexed all of Oregon Country.

    • He wanted the northern border of Oregon/the U.S. to be at 54 degrees, 40 inches north, which is where this famous phrase originated because he was willing to fight for the land.

    Ownership of oregon
    Ownership of Oregon:

    • Possession of Oregon Country was ratified on June 18, 1846.

    • Without spilling a drop of blood, the U.S. compromised and gained land from Great Britain.

    • All land up to the 49th parallel was deemed U.S. territory, while all the land north of it was owned by the British.

    • People already living there such as fur trappers, farmers, etc. dealt with increased competition concerning their businesses because of the population explosion.

    California and the mexican cession
    California and the Mexican Cession

    • Texas had joined the United States after previously rebelling against Mexico.

    • With two different opinions on the border, these two rivers started this war. A Mexican soldier shot first at American Captain Seth Thornton.

    • On May 13, 1846, Congress declared war against Mexico. However, Mariano Paredes, the Mexican President, also declared war against America.

    • Polk’s goals in war:

      • End war with Mexico quickly, then buy California.

      • Kick Britain out of North America.

    Yellow : The Rio Grande River. This is the border that Texans believed to be accurate.

    Red: The Nueces River. This is the border which Mexicans believed to be accurate.

    Treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    • After America won the war and many battles against Mexico, we bought the Mexican Cession for $15 million dollars. This is know as the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    • We promised the 80,000 Mexicans living in the territory protection.

    Effects of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
    Effects of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

    • Families were divided; half in America and half in Mexico. There was literally a line through the middle of houses.

    • Mexicans were forced to give up their land in order to secure socially higher classmen land in the Mexican Cession Area.

    America s new boundaries 1853
    America’s new Boundaries - 1853

    • Not bought until 1853

    In the end
    In The End

    • Between 1819 and 1853, the borders of the United States grew to what we know today. Americans fulfilled their “Manifest Destiny” by spreading their way of life across the lands! Through treaties, rebellions, and wars, we acquired all the different portions of property, making America a super power, and a land of eternal hope for all.