utopia and dystopia n.
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Utopia and Dystopia PowerPoint Presentation
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Utopia and Dystopia

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Utopia and Dystopia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Utopia and Dystopia. By Kelly Velasquez-Perez Pd. 6 ELA Mrs. Briggs. Utopia By: Thomas Cole. Utopia. The art relates to the idea of utopia because in my perspective it is beautiful and looks like it is a peaceful place

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Utopia and Dystopia

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utopia and dystopia

Utopia and Dystopia

By Kelly Velasquez-Perez

Pd. 6 ELA Mrs. Briggs

  • The art relates to the idea of utopia because in my perspective it is beautiful and looks like it is a peaceful place
  • The time period in the picture affects the utopian vision it portrays because in the picture there seems to be a Roman temple. I would think that it was drawn during that time period.
  • The mood of the work is pretty peaceful because it shows all the things in nature that one might consider peaceful. Since most of the coloring is green I came to like the picture. Also the way they drew the temple behind the trees and in front of the mountain was in a way very cool to imagine a place like that .
  • I think the author’s purpose in making this art may be the artist came across a ruined temple and drew it the way he would have thought it was first constructed. I would need to know if he is interested in the roman history on what inspired him to draw this picture.
  • The artist want to portray this idealized setting because he may like the out doors and thinks that nature is a utopia .
  • The work relates to the work of a dystopian because in the picture the world seems to have been destroyed by the Aliens and it seems that human life is nearly wiped out.
  • The time period of this picture seems to be in the future. It has not happened yet because we are still alive! In a way the artist portrays what will happen in the future.
  • The mood of this picture is very dark. The way it was drawn tells that the artist isn’t very optimistic of our future. The coloring alone can help you assume that this isn’t the picture that is meant to keep us in a good mood.
  • I think the artist’s purpose in making this piece of art is the fact he doesn’t believe that the human race will last long. For me to answer such a question is I need to know what inspired him to draw it and what it means to him.
  • The artist wants to portray a chaotic setting to get our attention on what life would be like in the future and maybe he wants us to change the direction of our society.