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1920S POP CULTURE. Olivia Anderson & Ruth Macaulay-Smith. Film-1920s. 1 st full length feature- D.W. Griffith- “Birth of a Nation” (1915) Glorified KKK 1 ST talkie(movie with sound) The Jazz Singer-with Al Jolson. Hollywood- In California

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1920s pop culture


Olivia Anderson & Ruth Macaulay-Smith

Film 1920s

  • 1st full length feature- D.W. Griffith- “Birth of a Nation” (1915)

    • Glorified KKK

      1ST talkie(movie with sound)

    • The Jazz Singer-with Al Jolson.

      Hollywood- In California

    • Became center for film industry due to weather conditions & landscape.

      First movies featured nudity plus female vampires

      Censorship was later put on such movies.

Films 1920

  • Celebrities.

    • Gloria Swanson- was one of the most prominent stars during the silent film era and was one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. 

    • Charlie Chaplin-Still considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of cinema, English comic actor and filmmaker Charles Spencer Chaplin rose to fame during the 1920s.

      Big Five Studios

    • Warner Bros. Pictures

    • Paramount Studios

    • RKO Pictures

    • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

    • Fox Film

Fashion 1920s

  • Flapper Lifestyle

    • Women proclaimed freedom by fashioning themselves as flappers.

    • The sported dresses with shortened hemlines, showed off their rolled stockings, “bobbed” hair and painted their cheeks and lips with rogue.

    • Flappers first to wear one-piece bathing suits.

      Underwear made more flexible and modern bras were introduced and provided shape and support.

Fashion 1920s2

  • Coco Chanel-Credited for liberating women from rigid corsets and petticoats and popularizing the sportswear and casual chic that defined the 1920s.

Night clubs 1920s
Night Clubs-1920s

  • Night life- New fashion and way for people to become more social.

  • Became known as speakeasies where people bought bootleg liquors

  • Soon evolved as place for entertainments.

  • Cotton club

    • Originally known as club deluxe

    • Opened in 1920 on Lenox Avenue

    • Owned by Jack Johnson(Heavy-weight champ)

    • Bought by Owney Madden in 1922

    • Changed name to cotton club.

    • Club forced to close due to Race-Riots.

    • Reopened Sept. 1936- downtown on 48th street.

Night clubs 1920s1
Night Clubs 1920s

  • Apollo theatres

    • 125th street in Harlem, NY in 1913.

    • Seamon’s new burlesque theatre

    • African-Americans not permitted

    • Jan. 1934, African-Americans began to perform

    • Performers included: Ella Fitzgerald

    • Billie Holiday

Radio 1920s

  • Started as local stations but as technology improved national stations became popular.

    • Sponsored by manufacturers

    • Stations broadcasted news, politics and music.

    • By 1930s 60% of American families owned radios

    • Source of night time entertainment

    • Increase in number of radios=number of radio stations

    • 1922-600 radio stations

    • Chicago-KYW-1921- 1st station to broadcast opera 6 days a week

    • Used for advertising

    • Federal Radio Commission (FRC)-1926

    • Radio made of plastic, wood or metal.

Music 1920s

  • Jazz era

    • Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington were two popular jazz musicians.

    • Birth of jazz accredited to blacks but for immense popularity, blacks and whites were responsible.

    • Female musicians such as Bessie Smith & Billie Holiday emerged.

    • Jazz performance broadcasted from cities like NY & Chicago.

    • Youth influenced by jazz

    • Later taken over by middle class whites.

Dance 1920s

  • New music and dances were fast paced and energetic

  • Evolved along with Jazz and Blues.

  • Dances mostly appealed to the youths rather than older people.

  • Types of dances

    • Lindy Hop

    • Tangos

    • Foxtrots

    • Camel Walks

    • Square dances

    • Charleston

    • Black Bottom

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