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IEEE USF EXCOMM Training Summer Session

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IEEE USF EXCOMM Training Summer Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE USF EXCOMM Training Summer Session. May 2011 MSC 2708. Agenda. 2011-2012 Goals NEW Programs/Events EXCOMM Responsibilities EXCOMM Resources Fall 2011 Events Sponsorship Details Budget Summary Hands-On Time. 2011-2012 Goals. Our Ultimate Goal.

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Presentation Transcript
  • 2011-2012 Goals
  • NEW Programs/Events
  • EXCOMM Responsibilities
  • EXCOMM Resources
  • Fall 2011 Events
  • Sponsorship Details
  • Budget Summary
  • Hands-On Time
our ultimate goal
Our Ultimate Goal

To promote long-lasting IEEE membership to students

    • EXCOMM Training Workshop
    • FWCS/USF Mentorship Program
    • Intramurals
    • FREE Membership Program
    • FREE T-Shirt Program
    • IEEE Sponsorship Program
    • PI Your Professor
ieee excomm workshop

Chair and Vice-Chair

  • Purpose:
    • To meet new EXCOMM members
    • To allow the EXCOMM to go over and vote on technical details of the semester’s events.
    • To provide all EXCOMM members time to fulfill their duties
  • TWO Sessions
    • Summer (May)
    • End of Winter (December)
ieee fwcs mentorship program


IEEE/FWCS Mentorship Program
  • Purpose
    • To give students the opportunity of creating a professional relationship with a member of the IEEE Florida West Coast Section
  • Reason
    • Allows students to meet professional IEEE members
  • Details
    • A database will be created of volunteer FWCS members that wish to participate in this program
    • Up to 3 students will be paired with a mentor working in their field of interest.
    • There must be at least 1 monthly meeting from each group (3 meetings a semester)
    • Meeting time/location will be arranged by the mentor and his students.
    • All meetings will be recorded by the Student Branch
ieee presents pi your professor

Events Committee

IEEE Presents: PI Your Professor
  • Purpose
    • To fundraise money for the branch
  • Details
    • Participation from 3 teachers
    • $5 - students will have a chance to “PI” their professors
    • Rules:
      • Professors will be wearing a plastic cover
      • Students will stand at least 6 ft. from them
      • The “PIs” will consist of plastic plates with whipped cream
sponsorship program 500

Events Chair

Sponsorship Program: $500
  • Planning
    • Fall/Spring Events Pamphlet
    • Sponsorship Pamphlet
    • FWCS List of potential sponsors
    • Sponsorship Letter
  • Benefits
    • Direct access to the local Electrical Engineering community
    • General Body Meeting Guest Speaker
    • Invitation to all our events
    • Tax-deductible Sponsorships
    • 2-person table at both Senior Banquets
free t shirt program

Membership Chair

FREE T-Shirt Program
  • Purpose:
    • To award active students by giving them free T-Shirts
    • To advertise the student chapter
  • Requirements
    • Attended at LEAST half of the semester’s events
    • Must have signed-in the attendees list at all events
free membership program

Membership Chair

FREE Membership Program
  • Purpose: To increase local student involvement and regional Student Membership
  • Plan:
    • IEEE USF will sponsor (re-imburse) membership for active and involved students
  • Requirements
    • Miss at MOST 2 events of the Fall Events
      • Does NOT include SoutheastCon and Senior Banquet
    • Must have signed-in the Attendees List at all events
2011 2012 excomm members
2011-2012 EXCOMM Members
  • Chair : Victor Basantes
  • Vice Chair: DishaSaha
  • Treasurer: AyazHemani
  • Membership Chair: Robert Lewis 
  • Internal Secretary: Kelley Allenegui
  • External Secretary: Mikel Graves 
  • Designs Chair/Webmaster: PalanSeemangal
  • Marketing Chair: Ruby Perez
  • Events Chair: David Touvell
  • Events Committee: Sharina Jones
  • SPAC Chair: Alexandria Oliveros
  • EXPO Chair: Naval Dhawan
chair victor basantes
Chair – Victor Basantes
  • Responsible for the overall management
  • Prepare the reports for IEEE:
    • Annual Plan – November 1st
    • Annual Report - May 1st
    • Report new EXCOMM members
  • Arrange for efficient transition of EXCOMM members
    • Organize and direct two EXCOMM Training sessions.
  • Coordinate the FWCS Mentorship Program
    • Manage and serve as your guide.
vice chair disha saha
Vice-Chair – DishaSaha
  • Assist the Chair with the work
  • Organize each semester’s special events:
    • SoutheastCon Competitions
    • Annual Field Trip
  • Perform all functions of the Chair in the latter's absence or upon request.
    • Be the Chair’s right wing
internal secretary kelley allenegui
Internal Secretary - Kelley Allenegui
  • Keep accurate and informative records of all Branch events.
  • Keep detailed records of the Branch's supplies.
  • Write minutes for all EXCOMM meetings
    • Publish them online with the Webmaster's assistance
  • Work with the Chair to create an agenda for EXCOMM meetings.
  • Take pictures at all Branch events
    • Send EXCOMM minutes weekly to Webmaster
external secretary mikel graves
External Secretary – Mikel Graves
  • Write articles for the IEEE FWCS Signal
    • Advertise upcoming events and request for sponsorships
    • Promote the IEEE USF/FWCS Mentorship Program
  • Be responsible for all Branch correspondence.
  • Attend all the monthly FWCS meetings
    • 1st Tuesday of every month
  • Provide the Webmaster with information about FWCS events to make them available on the website.
    • Publish an article EVERY month in the Signal
treasurer ayaz hemani
Treasurer – AyazHemani
  • Maintain the appropriate financial accounts
    • private and SG
    • two signatures: Treasurer and Advisor
  • Submit Purchase Orders to fund the Branch's events.
  • Prepare an annual budget for inclusion in the Annual Plan of Activities report
    • IEEE and Student Government
  • Oversee all fundraising efforts.
    • Keep weekly accounts of incomes and expenses
marketing chair ruby perez
Marketing Chair – Ruby Perez
  • Send e-mails to the Student Branch and the College of Engineering to advertise the Branch's events
  • Work closely with the Webmaster to advertise events on the website
  • Maintain and update a Facebook page
  • Constant advertising on SG’s ProGo system
  • Physical advertising: flyers around the buildings and chalk around campus
    • Start advertising at least a week in advanced for our events.
designs chair palan seemangal
Designs Chair – PalanSeemangal
  • Design:
    • flyers to advertise the Branch's events.
    • logo to be used on the Branch's yearly t-shirts.
    • fall/spring events pamphlets (beginning of each semester)
  • Provide the Marketing Chair and the External Secretary with all the materials created.
    • Must have all designs ready two weeks before the events
    • Pamphlets (Events and Sponsorship) must be completed one month before the beginning of the semester
membership chair robert clark
Membership Chair – Robert Clark
  • Keep records of all active members
    • Registered and not-registered with IEEE
    • Keep a roster of all the students that attend the events.
  • Increase student involvement by going to electrical engineering classes
  • Organize participation in ALL Monster Sessions organized by the College of Engineering.
  • Responsible for:
    • FREE Membership Program
    • FREE T-Shirt Program
    • At least 10 students added to Blackboard every month
events chair david touvell
Events Chair – David Touvell
  • Reserve rooms (MSC and ENB) and pavilions at the beginning of the semester.
  • Organize the semiannual picnics and banquets
    • Contact sponsors and create an agenda
  • Attend the EMS’s “Event Review” sessions.
  • Work with the Treasurer to make sure that food will be available at ALL events.
  • Create AND lead an Events Committee
  • In charge of the Sponsorship Program
    • Contact at least 10 sponsors each month
    • Get at least 10 sponsors by end of Fall
events committee
Events Committee
  • This group of students will assist the Events Chair with:
    • Contacting sponsors
    • Organizing large events
    • Putting together fundraisers
  • This committee is mainly targeted for new students in the IEEE Student Branch
    • Follow the Event Chair’s ideas and plans
webmaster palan seemangal
Webmaster - PalanSeemangal
  • Maintainthe Branch's website
    • Keep students updated about all IEEE offers, seminars, and meetings
  • Work with the Marketing Chair and the Designs Chair to publish the Branch's events online.
  • Keep a working RSVP system.
  • Upload EXCOMM minutes weekly with the Internal Secretary's assistance.
    • Weekly updates on the website (every Monday)
spac chair alexandra oliveros villalba
SPAC Chair – Alexandra Oliveros Villalba
  • Responsiblefor organizing two major IEEE events:
    • Student Professional Awareness Workshop (Fall)
    • Student Professional Awareness Conference (Spring)
  • Complete all required paperwork with IEEE (budget and agenda)
  • Oversee the reservation of the venues and the food .
  • Contact speakers and sponsors.
    • Make the SPAC successful
expo chair naval dwahan
EXPO Chair – Naval Dwahan
  • Responsible for coordinating our annual participation at the USF Engineering Expo
    • Be innovative!
  • Contact Laser Show sponsors.
  • Submit all the paperwork required by USF before the deadline.
  • Apply for SG EXPO Budget
  • Coordinate the agenda for the two days.
    • Meet all deadlines given by USF (around November)
officer responsibilities fall
Officer Responsibilities (Fall):
  • FWCS/USF Mentorship Program: Chair
  • SoutheastCon: Vice-Chair
  • Annual Field Trip: Vice-Chair
  • Fall Picnic: Events Chair
  • Fall Banquet: Events Chair
  • PI Your Professor: Events Committee
  • 1st General Body Meeting: Chair
  • 2nd General Body Meeting: Vice-Chair
  • 3rd General Body Meeting: Internal Secretary
  • 4th General Body Meeting: External Secretary
attention officers
Attention Officers!
  • If you can’t fulfill certain responsibilities due to previous commitments, time conflicts or any other reason:
    • You are responsible for appointing another officer to your event.
general body meetings
General Body Meetings
  • ALL officers will be required to run at least one general body meeting throughout the academic year
  • Exception: Events Chair
    • Constantly working on getting us sponsors, and planning the picnic and banquet.
year round events
Year-Round Events:
  • IEEE Competitions
    • Hardware Competitions
    • Software Competitions
    • IEEEXtreme
  • IEEE FWCS/USF Mentorship Program
  • USF Engineering EXPO
  • EXCOMM Page:
    • IEEE USF: Book of Everything
    • IEEE USF Constitution 2011
    • EXCOMM Training Presentation
    • EXCOMM Positions and Responsibilities
    • Fall 2011 Events Information (very detailed)
    • IEEE USF 2011-2012 Annual Budget
    • Senior Banquet Sponsorship Letter
    • Senior Banquet Alcohol Letter
    • ALL Minutes
    • Available:
1st general body meeting thursday september 1 st
1st General Body Meeting Thursday, September 1st
  • Event Title: IEEE: An Introduction
  • Officer: Chair
  • Location: ENB 313
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Speaker - Jim Howard
  • Topic:
    • What is IEEE?
    • Joint Meeting with IEEE-CS
    • Recruit EXCOMM Members
    • Advertise SPAC
2011 spac soft skills workshop wednesday september 14 th
2011 SPAC - Soft Skills WorkshopWednesday, September 14th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF SPAC Fall 2012
  • Officer: SPAC/SPAW Chair
  • Location: MSC 2708
  • Time: 12 pm – 2 pm
  • Topic:
    • Networking for the Career You Want
    • Personal Positioning for Engineers
    • Interviewing Skills For Engineers
2nd general body meeting thursday september 29 th
2nd General Body MeetingThursday, September 29th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF Jeopardy!
  • Officer: Vice-Chair
  • Location: ENB 313
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Topic:
    • Recruit SouthEastCon 2012 Teams
    • Advertise Mentorship Program
    • Advertise Picnic
fall 2011 picnic saturday october 15 th
Fall 2011 Picnic Saturday, October 15th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF Picnic Fall 2012
  • Officer: Events Chair / Events Committee
  • Location: Riverfront Park
  • Time: 10 am – 2 pm
  • *funding for canoes and kayaks
3rd general body meeting thursday october 27 th
3rd General Body Meeting Thursday, October 27th
  • Event Title: Neural Engineering: An Introduction
  • Officer: Internal Secretary
  • Location: ENB 313
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Speaker: Dr Saddow
  • Topic: Neural Engineering In Today’s Society
pi your professor wednesday november 9 th
PI Your Professor Wednesday, November 9th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF Presents: PI Your Professor
  • Officer: Events Chair / Events Committee
  • Location: Outside of ENB
  • Time:
4th general body meeting thursday november 24 th
4th General Body MeetingThursday, November 24th
  • Event Title: Robotics and You
  • Officer: External Secretary
  • Location: ENB 313
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Speaker: FWCS RAS
  • Topic: Advertise Trip (Ripley's Believe It or Not)
senior banquet with gold friday november 25 th
Senior Banquet with GOLD Friday, November 25th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF Senior Banquet Fall 2012
  • Officer: Events Chair
  • Location: MSC 2708
annual field trip monday december 12 th
Annual Field Trip Monday, December 12th
  • Event Title: IEEE USF Annual Trip
  • Place:
  • Officer: Vice-Chair
2011 2012 current balance
2011-2012 Current Balance
  • Student Government: $2,500
  • Private Account: $1,528
2011 2012 expected income
2011-2012 Expected Income
  • $200 Fall SPAC
  • $200 Spring SPAC
  • $200 Fall E.E Department Banquet
  • $200 Spring E.E Department Banquet
  • $100 IEEE Annual Report
  • $5000 Expected Sponsors: 10
  • TOTAL: $4900

Events Chair

    • Request rooms for MSC, ENB, and Pavillion
    • Review database of FWCS sponsors
    • Create an “Events Committee”
  • Design/Webmaster Chair
    • Develop Fall 2011 Events Pamphlet
    • Work on updating the website
    • Create a flyer for SPAC (Public Speaking) 
  • SPAC/SPAW Chair
    • Find potential speakers and send e-mails to them
    • Come up with an event description and agenda
  • EXPO Chair
    • Come up with an idea for EXPO and develop an abstract 
  • Membership Chair
    • Develop an abstract for Membership and T-Shirt programs
  • Chair
    • Abstract for FWCS Mentorship Program 
    • One-on-one officer training
  • Vice-Chair
    • Prepare for 2nd General Body Meeting 
      • Jeopardy game questions
  • Marketing Chair and Internal Secretary
    • Access ProGo system and submit forms
  • External Secretary
    • Write one Signal article to:
      • advertise FWCS mentorship program,
      • announce new officers
      • mention SPAW and Picnic
      • ask for sponsorship for Banquet 
  • Treasurer
    • Agree on event allocations
    • Put in PO's for the fall semester 
    • Come up with budget for PI Your Professor fundraiser
    • Present income for upcoming year