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C2070-991 Passleaders | C2070-991 Questions | C2070-991 braindumps

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C2070-991 Passleaders | C2070-991 Questions | C2070-991 braindumps

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  1. C2040-405 IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration Update

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  4. Question NO 1, When an IBM HTTP Server is installed on the same machine as an IBM Domino server, to which file is the parameter HTTPIHSEnabled=1 added? A. TLS.ini B. notes.ini C. domino.conf D. Webconfig.xml Answer: B https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  5. Question NO 2, OAuth documents are stored in the credential store on the IBM Domino server. Domino checks for changes to the consumer documents every 60 minutes. New changes aren’t being seen immediately. How can the administrator manually update the credential store’s document cache? A. tell http process social now B. tell http update social cache C. tell http osgi social clearcache D. tell http osgi social refresh oauthconsumers Answer: D https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  6. Question NO 3, Using the Linked Files feature when integration between IBM iNotes 9.0 and IBM Connections Files is enabled, Nancy wants to send a file to a private group with 300 users. Which true statement will prevent Nancy from sending her file? A. Linked files are not supported for private groups. B. Linked files are supported for up to 20 recipients. C. Linked files are not supported if DAOS has been enabled. D. Linked files are recommended for use when the number of recipients is less than 100 users. Answer: D https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  7. Question NO 4, In order to enable automatic updates for widgets, which must Adrian enable on his IBM Domino server? A. Open Authorization (OAuth) B. OSGi Tasklet Server (DOTs) C. Domino Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (DIIOP) D. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Answer: B https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  8. Question NO 5, Company policy forbids return receipts for incoming mail. How can Sally prevent return receipts from being returned for incoming mail? A. Sally can use a mail settings policy document. B. Sally can enable the option to prevent return receipts in the Server Configuration document. C. Sally would have to add the correct parameter to the client's notes.ini to prevent return receipts. D. Sally would create a desktop settings policy to set the preference in the local client preferences. Answer: C https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  9. Question NO 6, Users are complaining to Mary that all of their contacts are visible to users that they have delegated access to. What can Mary do to prevent all new contacts from automatically being visible to all delegates? A. Mary would have to set the Contacts settings policy to private on creation. B. Mary would have to create a custom policy to add create_private_contacts=1 to the notes.ini. C. Mary can create a desktop settings policy that allows users to automatically create contacts as private by default. D. Mary can set the "How much access do you want to give forCalendar, ToDo, and Contacts" field to Privileged Access. Answer: C https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  10. Question NO 7, John is configuring federated login for his IBM Notes users. Where does he store the metadata.xml file that here ceives from the Identity Provider (IdP)? A. the ID Vault B. the IdP Catalog C. the Credential Store D. each user's Notes ID Answer: B https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  11. Question NO 8, On which server must the IdP Catalog application be created? A. Microsoft Active Directory server B. IBM Domino Administration server C. Domino server that hosts the ID vault D. Domino Web server that hosts the iNotes users Answer: C https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  12. Question NO 9, Russell has configured his IBM Domino Web server for federated login. When he tries to open his IBM iNotes mailbox, he is redirected to authenticate with his Identity Provider’s login site. His browser displays "Error 400 You are not authorized to perform this operation", and he is unable to open his iNotes mailbox. The Domino Web server's log.nsf error message says "Bad SAML Request". Where would Russell find the problem? A. IdP Catalog B. Internet Site document C. credential store application D. key ring file for the Web server Answer: A https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  13. Question NO 10, Susan wants to deploy the widget features to her IBM iNotes users. How must she handle the Widget Catalog in her environment to ensure success? A. Create a Widget Catalog on the IBM Domino Widget server. B. Place a replica on the Domino server hosting the iNotes Redirect database. C. The Widget Catalog is only required to enable the Widget capability in IBM Notes. D. A replica of the Widget Catalog must existon each iNotes mail server in her environment. Answer: D https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

  14. https://www.examcollection.us/C2040-405-vce.html

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