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iBM C2070-994 exam dumps PowerPoint Presentation
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iBM C2070-994 exam dumps

iBM C2070-994 exam dumps

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iBM C2070-994 exam dumps

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  1. IBM C2070-994 Free dumps IBM Datacap V9.0 Solution Designer

  2. 1. An administrator is trying to troubleshoot a problem with actions running in a page id task through Rulerunner. To get more information about the execution of the actions in Rulerunner, what configuration option should be modified? A. Change the service log level to 5 in the page id task setup. B. Edit the rrprocessor.exe.config file and set RRSLogSeverity=5 C. Set the Level of details to All in the RRS log tab in Rulerunner Manager. D. In Datacap Server Manager’s Logging tab, check the RRSFullLogging checkbox. Answer: C

  3. 2. A developer has created a new task in Datacap Studio’s Task Profiles. The system uses ADSI for authentication. The task name is Create Flat File. The developer creates a new task in the App Managers Rule runner tab by clicking “add new”. The first entry is create Flat File and the second entry is Create Flat file. The developer then goes to TMweb to make sure the group and station can run the new task. While testing, the developer cannot get the new profile to execute. What did the developer incorrectly configure? A. The user needs right to the new task. B. The case is not correct for tasks name. C. No Shortcut was created for the new task. D. A shortcut and user rights to the task are needed. Answer: B

  4. 3. An administrator added an additional IBM Datacap server for load balancing. The solution designer has been asked to reconfigure the sample TravelDocs application to test the new load balanced configuration. What two configuration files must be updated with the new location of the application? A. Rulerunner.xml and datacap.xml B. Datacap.xml and C. Datacap.xml and TravelDocsAdm.mdb D. TraveIDocsEng.mdb and travelDocsAdm.mdb Answer: B

  5. 4. A company is going to test authentication by both using passwords and not using passwords for their IBM Datacap application. Which two authentication system can optionally be configured to either require passwords or not require passwords? A. TMA B. LDAP C. ADSI D. ADLDS E. LLLDAP Answer: BC

  6. 5. Within IBM Datacap there is a file that contains a list of the available report types that are displayed in report Viewer. When a new report type is created, what is the name and default location of the file that the new report type must be added to? A. C:\Datacap\RV2\reports.ini B. C:\Datacap\RV2\reports.xml C. C:\Datacap\ReportViewer\reports.ini D. C:\Datacap\ReportViewer\reports.dco Answer: B

  7. 6. An accounts payable department needs to collect and gather information from the receipts of its employees as part of their expense reporting process. They have chosen IBM Datacap as the tool they want to use to automate large portions of this process. What method would be best suited to gather data from images where the name of the data label might change from image to image but still able to be defined as a list? A. Zonal B. Click N Key C. Fingerprinting D. locating by keyword Answer: D

  8. 7. A company wants to export documents to IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine using the FileNet P8 action library. Which of the following components must be installed on the Datacap servers in order to export? A. WorkplaceXT B. Content Engine .NET client C. FileNet Enterprise Manager D. Content Engine Java client Answer: B

  9. 8. An IBM Datacap Application Developer logs in to Datacap Studio in the UAT environment and does not see an application called Expense in the list. Expense was recently moved from the Development environment to UAT. Which of the following options provides a possible explanation for why the Application Developer can’t see the Expense application in UAT? A. The UAT datacap.xml file does not list the Expense application. B. Datacap Studio is pointing to the Development environment copy of application.xml. C. The Datacap Web Server is down so Datacap Studio cannot connect to the Datacap Server. D. The Rulerunner server misread the datacap.xml file and could not display the Expense application for Datacap Studio. Answer: B

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