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Welcome to RASA It is indeed a pleasure to introduce RASA as leading Design & Architecture firm. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to RASA It is indeed a pleasure to introduce RASA as leading Design & Architecture firm. RASA turnkey services offer Display design and Exhibition stalls, Retail-store, Lounge, Bar and Commercial office – space (BPO’s & KPO’s).

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Welcome to RASA

It is indeed a pleasure to introduce RASA as leading Design & Architecture firm.

RASA turnkey services offer Display design and Exhibition stalls, Retail-store, Lounge, Bar and Commercial office – space (BPO’s & KPO’s).

Rasa as a firm is supported by a focused and a dedicated team of professionals backed by a design shop as well as in house workshop.

In the realm of visual communication and design execution, we are good at facilitating a fine tuned creative “Flow” that generates genius idea’s to improve your presentation in turn leading to a perfect performance of your communication program.

“Flow” When it happens, we lose our sense of self, and move forward on instinct, completely devoted to the task before us, understanding slightest details of client needs and conform to deliver right solution in perfect time lines with right blend of budget involved.

RASA works towards win-win strategy and our skills will value your money.

Vision & mission:

There's an old saying about the difference between a manager and a leader: "Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things." (We follow to be both a manager and a leader)

As a leader, we act to inspire the people around us to push them – and, in turn, the company – to greatness. To do this we mix discipline between design and development of new channels to ensure the message reaches the target audience/users.

As a manager, we manage to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond in making a favorable impact to the bottom line of the client, which can be either to build a brand, move sales, or for humanitarian purposes. We manage to process strategic business thinking, using market research, creativity, and problem-solving.

To focus areas of retail design, sustainable and ecological design, and exhibition design.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of commercial objectives, marketing knowledge, visual merchandising, spatial and display design, fixture and lighting, communication design and branding strategies.

Our Commitments:

RASA is committed to employ sustainable design, creativity enhancing techniques and the latest technology to constantly measure results and fine tune every last detail to provide the maximum returns to its clients.

We nurture, refine, measure and constantly improve every aspect of the project to make sure each and every client objective is attained. We do sketches, brainstorming exercises, CAD programs, mood boards, 3d’s, whatever it takes to develop the concept from good, to great, to perfect.

We desire to work, we deserve to serve.


RASA has a team of dedicated flexible professionals having robust experience in the field of Architecture, Planning, Interior design, Exhibition design, Retail design and Display design having managed projects on Pan India basis.

RASA has evolved in last 11 years with good market reputation by delivering measurable results.

We pioneer in organizing and building a platform which integrates efficient time management with required input of services & resources resulting in cost control.

We start with strategy, study your requirement, prioritize your objectives and come up with a framework that meets your strategic goals. After which we get tactical and process logistics, and finally following function.

Embodied by in house workshop and fine craftsmen, we make sure that our design is not only visually appealing but also functionally performing.

Services: Architecture

We aspire to reinvent the art of sculpting.

Our designs adhere to sustainable building solutions in close collaboration with clients helping create their dreams into reality. Our work is processed to focus on vision, site, budget, surrounding environment resulting in creating successful projects.

We love nature, we believe in occupying in Green Building methods & deliver immediate long term benefits for developer, building owners and occupants.

RASA’s architecture is fulfilling, perfectly shaped & executed.

  • Services: Interior Design

  • To draw a circle we need a pivot, same way we are encircled with the space we live in.

  • We generate complete, functional, pleasing, calm, healthy environments to expose the philosophy and ideology of our clients. We provide optimized array of settings to create perfect space frame, hence the needs and resources of the client are satisfied.

  • We surface the complete program by finely blending the design and build memorable synthesis of sculpting.

  • We provide turn-key services for

  • Corporate Interiors

  • Residential Interiors

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Retail design

Services: Exhibition Design

As we aspire to reinvent the art of sculpting, we have some strong opinions about what design is and should be.

Exhibit design is terribly mistaken now days, for some agency’s it’s as easy as cutting and pasting some designs from the books or from some internet sites. Maybe for some of our respected clients the understanding of exhibit design has become “that's always been the way it's been done “.

Exhibit design is unique and every event is valuable opportunity, we very well understand that and process the design towards optimum efficiency and result.

We tirelessly ensure to suggest new ways for entire process of participating in an exposition considering long term objectives and long term strategies. In our opinion, every facet of your experience marketing program must further your journey towards these goals in the most direct and efficient manner possible. We view each show, each corporate event and each seminar you produce as a unique and valuable opportunity.

  • We believe in building a bridge linking Events, Expositions & Seminars to your target audience/users.

  • Brand Architecture

  • Concept development

  • Space & functional planning

  • Model making

  • Graphic and multimedia design

  • Color and material specification

  • Art direction

  • Logo design

  • Signage & Graphics

  • POP material

  • Product graphics

  • Standards documentation

  • Prototype concepts

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Fixture planning & design

  • Services: & Seminars to your target audience/users.Build

  • We are fortunate to have cohesive team of finest craft persons in the world fabricating our projects aligned with our in-house fabrication in the most efficient manner possible. With this extensive support, production capacity & technology we are able to produce a project with superior quality to any other competitors.

  • We operate Pan India and execute in farthest part of the country enjoying perfect ease of installation and fabrication.

  • An integrated process for better and efficient project control encompassed with positive and an open communication, we reach to the best in class.

  • Exhibit construction & Detailing

  • Retail construction & Detailing

  • Crafting

  • Engineering

  • System integration

  • Welding and metal fabrication

  • Custom/wood fabrication

  • Powder coat

  • Acrylic fabrication

  • Services: Multimedia & Seminars to your target audience/users.

  • Whilst creating space frames we process the space and frame with a perfect blend of multimedia. Our team renders the frame to create interactively and non interactively brilliant integration of technology, ensuring your spaces and places function perfectly.

  • At Rasa we consummate function and space frames.

Services: Strategic Planning & Seminars to your target audience/users.

Time’s changing always, we align business objective with space requirement. We assist clients to examine and recognize space. Goals can only be met if space requirements are in line with business objective.

We do detailed studies in reference to commercial requirements, breeding to substantial and stable recommendations adhering to your goals.

Rasa’s expertise of planners ensures to suggest new ways for entire process of structuring your space in ever evolving time.

It’s just not only the business plan; it’s a Strategic Plan determining where you are reaching in time.

Services: Research and Consulting & Seminars to your target audience/users.

Rasa works actively with clients, to outline a path to sustainable future and figure out most effective way to get there. We assist our clients with our multi disciplinary team of experts and our specialized methods to devise an optimal solution.

Arduous research capacity infuses us with providing the optimum structural plan to enhance the working of a solution. Rasa have a wide range of experts on call all over the world. We avoid many of the overheads cost that traditional consultancy firms have. As a result, Rasa is agile, fast and cost – effective while maintaining highest level of quality.

Some of our work & Seminars to your target audience/users.