how the world works
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How the World Works

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How the World Works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How the World Works. Survivor!. Central Idea: The climate of a region determines its plant life. Who Am I?. By Adrian and Jake.\_www/billings/Pix/grassland-large.gif. Grasslands. Deserts.

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how the world works

How the World Works


Central Idea: The climate of a region determines its plant life.

who am i

Who Am I?


Adrian and Jake

i am in north america i have big open spaces what biome do i live in


I am in North America. I have big open spaces. What biome do I live in?

  • I have trees by the river.
  • I don’t have many bushes.
  • I have lots and lots of grass.
  • Listen to the sound:
right answer
Right answer
  • My leaves are hairy to save water.
  • My roots go deep underground to get water.
  • I am tall so the wind doesn’t blow me over.
guess plant
Guess Plant??
  • I need lots of water.
  • I need lots of sunlight.
  • My name is Big B_ _ _ _ _ _ m.
  • My growing points are underground so, if I get trampled by an animal, I grow back up.
big blue stem
Big Blue Stem
  • My name is Big Blue Stem even though I look red.
  • Picture from: