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Partha Banerjee Dubai: {Partha Banerjee Mumbai} PowerPoint Presentation
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Partha Banerjee Dubai: {Partha Banerjee Mumbai}

Partha Banerjee Dubai: {Partha Banerjee Mumbai}

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Partha Banerjee Dubai: {Partha Banerjee Mumbai}

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  1. Mr. Partha Banerjee

  2. Partha Banerjee Mr. ParthaBanerjee has been a notable identity in the field of renal consideration in India, Europe and Africa as he has given a gigantic commitment towards the medicinal services of the patients experiencing kidney maladies through the assistance of propelling various renal consideration focuses in India and different parts of the world. ParthaBanerjeeDubai:- Once I was perusing a book online where the writer Max Sidorov, K.N attempted to clarify the Big Diabetic Lies and the significance of Nutrition to keep any sickness.

  3. The ARC Healthcare group has been synonymous with renal social insurance since the commencement of the organization. A great deal of its prosperity can be credited to the vision of exclusive; Mr. ParthaBanerjee. He has been a piece of the basic consideration portion since 1996 and has had corporate relationship with driving social insurance and pharmaceutical organizations on the planet, including yet not restricted to Aventis and Pfizer.

  4. His work and devotion has earned him incredible notoriety and respect and presently, Mr. ParthaBanerjeeDubai is filling in as CEO in ARC Dubai which is a Renal Health Care Center in Dubai and is known as Renasense (name of the human services focus). Renasense is the most confided in Renal Care mark in Dubai as they furnish their patients with the best human services offices and help.

  5. Mr. ParthaBanerjeeis attempting to give best to the general population who are connected with the associations he is working for. He has an extraordinary vision and getting ready for the improvement of the patients that agony from the Renal Diseases.

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