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Job Search Suggestions PowerPoint Presentation
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Job Search Suggestions

Job Search Suggestions

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Job Search Suggestions

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  1. Job Search Suggestions

  2. Career Interest Self Assessment What do I want to do? • What are my current options? • Is it time for me to pursue a dream? • Is this a good time for me to go back to school? • What skills and abilities do I need to develop? • What do I need to do? • What motivates me? • What are my interests? I’m Ready to begin my job search • What geographic locations am I willing to work? • How far am I willing to commute? • What type of job do I want to pursue?

  3. Job Search Tools • Networking • Searching the Internet • Temporary to Permanent Positions • Job Search Firms

  4. Networking

  5. The Benefits of Networking • Quickest way to discover open positions • Most reliable source of leads • Helps you find out more about prospective employers

  6. Creating the Contact List • Co-Workers and former co-workers • Friends and Relatives • Professional Associations • Classmates

  7. Information Gathering Sheet • Contact • Referred by • Outcome/Notes • Referrals Obtained

  8. Job Search Networking • Know the purpose for contacting your network. • Know what you want to do, where you want to work or how the contact might be helpful to you. • Think about what companies you want to target through networking and how you can identify connections that will lead you to those employers.

  9. Job Search Networking • Don't act desperate. • Your contacts will be much more willing to help someone who is confident and capable than someone groveling, whining and desperate. • Don't forget that as high a priority as it is to you, your job search is not so to most of your network

  10. Job Search Networking • Respect your contact. • Don't drop into a contact's office uninvited • When you call a current or prospective member of your network, always ask if he has time to talk.  • Get permission before using a network contact's name. • Remember they are putting their reputation on the line if they recommend you.

  11. Job Search Networking • Aggressive vs Assertive • Don't be pushy and aggressive. Being aggressive is self centered no respect for those you are interacting with.

  12. Job Search Networking Aggressive vs Assertive • Being assertive means that you persistently go after your goal keeping in mind the needs of those you come in contact with. • Be sensitive to just how much a contact is willing to do for you and don't push beyond that limit. Be aware of body language, choice of words, and tone. Most people will understand your assertiveness


  14. 1-MINUTE PRESENTATION • Name • “I was referred to you by…” • Current Position / Title /Employer • Recent Change- • “As you may know, due to the damages from Hurricane Ike UTMB is progressing through a substantial/major reduction in force…” • Bridge to Now Let them know what you want • “I am currently seeking a new position…” • “I would just like to know more about opportunities at your company/firm/ organization” • Education/ Credentials • Years of Experience • Short example of the type of work that you currently do

  15. Internet Job Search Checklist What is your Internet Profile? Where to find the jobs Applying for a Job on the Internet Protecting Your Privacy Additional Tips Searching The Internet

  16. Ask yourself • What geographic locations am I willing to work? • How far am I willing to commute? • What type of job do I want to pursue?

  17. Searching The Internet • Internet Job Search Checklist • Electronic Resume • Cover Letter Template • Valid Professional Email Account • Current Contact Information • List of Companies you would like to work for

  18. What is your Internet Profile? • Email address • Instant Message Accounts • Google Yourself • Blogs • Myspace, Facebook, and other networking sites • Forum/ Bulletin Board Posts Your internet profile should be professional and place you in a favorable position.

  19. Where to Find the Jobs • Best place to find job postings • Company websites • Professional organizations • Geographic area Chamber of Commerce

  20. Major Employers UT Components: UT Health Science Center at Houston UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center UT Health Science Center at San Antonio UT Southwester Medical Center at Dallas UT Arlington UT Austin UT Dallas UT Tyler UT San Antonio UT Permian Basin Local Major Employers NASA Mainland Medical Center Clear Lake Regional Medical Harris County Hospital Dist. Boeing Corporation United Space Alliance Lockheed Martin Space Center Houston

  21. Research the company • Benefits • Culture • Industry • Ethics • Values • Current State of the business (google the company)

  22. Where to Find the Jobs Job Boards

  23. Protecting Your Privacy • Read the privacy policy. • Make sure you can delete the resume. • Post your resume sparingly. • Use a disposable email address. • Omit references on your resume. • Limit personal information. • Safeguard financial data. • Protect your Social Security number. • Be realistic about risks. • Avoid vague offers. • Handling unsolicited email about your resume posting. • Keep good records.

  24. Other Job Search Options • Temporary to Permanent Positions • Job Search Firms • Temp. Agency