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Littelfuse Business Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Littelfuse Business Center

Littelfuse Business Center

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Littelfuse Business Center

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  1. Littelfuse Business Center Main Menu – LFA

  2. Main Menu - LFA • This main menu item, LFA (for Littelfuse Associate) is for those internal Littelfuse associates who manage user profiles. The LFA screen allows searching for users by several selection criteria. • Littelfuse associates can also update the profiles of users and assign roles and correct sales orgs. • Locked accounts can be unlocked or accounts can be tested when issues occur.

  3. Main Menu - LFA • If you need to update the profile of one of the users, after you have found the line with their name and other information, just click on Select. • That user’s profile will now be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. To edit the profile, click on the word “Edit” at the bottom of the profile. • If you have selected a user in error or don’t wish to make any changes, just click on “Cancel” at the bottom of the profile.

  4. Main Menu - LFA • You are now able to add or change information in any of the fields. • It is very important that you assign the correct role to the user. ONLY Littelfuse employees should be assigned to the Littelfuse Manger, Littelfuse Manager, or Regional Acc/Prod Manager roles. • The Rep Agency Salesperson role should be assigned to all rep agency salespeople with all other rep agency personnel being assigned to the Rep Agency role.

  5. Main Menu - LFA Procedure to test someone’s userID when the user is having problems: 1. After logging in using your userID and password, click on the main menu item LFA. You will get the listing of the registered users. Find the person you want to test for and write down their userID and click on the test box for them. 2. Log out of your session.

  6. Main Menu - LFA Testing procedure continued: 3. Log back in as the person you wish to test, using their userID and your password. 4. Do your testing. 5. Log out of the session.

  7. Main Menu - LFA Testing procedure continued: 6. Log back in using your own userID and your password. Click on the main menu item LFA. Refind the user you tested for in the list of registered users and reclick on the test box to remove the test checkmark. NOTE: you do not need to change your role or any other profile information for yourself or for the user for whom you are doing the testing. You should only edit profile information if the any field actually changes.

  8. Main Menu - LFA • Remember, only internal Littelfuse associates have access to the LFA main menu item and are the only people who can assign roles or sales orgs and distribution channels to a user’s profile.