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March 31 and April 1, 2008. Littelfuse University presents Webcast 27. Introduction to Ground Fault Protection. POWR-GARD Business Strategy. Products and Services that promote the safe control of electricity in the workplace Grow our business with organic and growth and acquisition

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March 31 and April 1, 2008

Littelfuse University presents

Webcast 27

Introduction to Ground Fault Protection

powr gard business strategy
POWR-GARD Business Strategy
  • Products and Services that promote the safe control of electricity in the workplace
  • Grow our business with organic and growth and acquisition
  • Acquisition of K-Tec branded ground fault relays and ground fault protection products
introducing powr gard ground fault protection
Introducing POWR-GARD Ground Fault Protection

K-Tec branded ground fault protection products reduce the incidents of arc-flash

Improve the safety of electrical workers

Reduce the incidents of downtime improving productivity


POWR-GARD Strategy

POWR-GARD Strategy Refinements Are Necessary

  • What this means:
  • Shift from circuit protection to life-safety protection.
  • Life safety protection includes circuit protection but also focuses on hazard identification and risk mitigation.



Equipment Protection:

• Circuit protection

  • Life Safety Protection:
  • Circuit Protection +
  • Shock / Grounding protection +
  • Safety Consulting

POWR-GARD Strategy

POWR-GARD Strategy Refinements Are Necessary

  • Why focus on people protection vs. only equipment protection?
  • Increase PG’s value to industrial customers by addressing their changing needs.
  • Increase POWR-GARD’s TAM by expanding into adjacent products and services.
  • Allow for expansion into commercial, institutional and utility markets.
  • Leverage PG’s knowledge of electrical systems to capitalize on industry challenges and trends.
opportunity for your business
Opportunity for your business
  • High Average Selling Price Products
  • Product complement to our current offering
  • Profitable commission rate on new opportunities
webcast learning objectives
Webcast: Learning Objectives
  • What is a Ground Fault?
  • Why is Ground Fault Protection important?
  • What is difference between GFCIs and GFRs?
  • What basic standards cover GFPs and why do people use them?
  • Typical applications for GFP devices and ELMs?
  • What is important about selecting GFPs?
  • How to select GFP devices and CTs
  • Competition
  • Available Training Materials and Sales Collateral
  • Pricing and Product Availability
equipment ground faults
Equipment Ground Faults

Source: FM Global

what is a ground fault
What is a Ground Fault?

A ground fault is when electricity unintentionally travels to ground instead of its normal path back to its source.

Operator Using Power Drill

Normal Circuit

Courtesy of OHSA Training Institute

what is a ground fault1
What is a Ground Fault?

A ground fault is when electricity unintentionally travels to ground instead of its normal path back to its source.

Operator is Shocked or Electrocuted

Ground Fault

Courtesy of OHSA Training Institute

ground faults
Ground Faults
  • Occurrence of an unintentional conductive leakage current path to ground from hot or neutral
    • 90% occur slowly due to insulation breakdown
    • 10% occur quickly due to hard mechanical damage, flooding or electrical shock
did you know
Did you know…….?
  • Over 80% of short circuits are initially started as ground faults also known as earth leakage or residual currents.
  • Most Arc-Flash accidents begin as phase-to-ground faults and quickly escalate into phase-to-phase Arc-Flashes.
  • According to one insurance company*, between 1989 and 1998, there were 1497 fires and explosions in industrial and commercial buildings caused by electrical grounding failures, averaging a loss of $575,000 per event.
  • As just stated, 90% of all ground faults occur slowly due to insulation breakdown.

* Source: FM Global

insulation breakdown
Insulation Breakdown
  • Insulation Breakdown = Energy dissipation at the point of fault
    • Hot Spot
    • Smoldering
    • Smoke
    • Fire
    • Explosion
    • Arc Flash
  • Conventional monitoring and detection comes too late to help. By the time you find high-level leakage current, you may already have a problem.
causes of insulation breakdown
Causes of Insulation Breakdown
  • Vibration
  • Excessive humidity
  • Dust buildup
  • Moisture
  • Cable chaffing
  • Corrosive Vapors or Chemicals
ground fault basics
Ground Fault Basics
  • Leakage current involves levels of current which are not typically controlled by fuses or breakers as they may be in the low milliamp range.
  • Our low level fuse rated at 1/10 Amp, allows 100mA of current.
  • Protection levels provided by fuses and circuit breakers are designed to protect equipment but may not be enough to protect people.
  • Ground fault relays and ground fault circuit interrupters protect people as well as equipment.

Dangers of Electrical Shock

  • Currents greater than 75 mA* can cause ventricular fibrillation (rapid, ineffective heartbeat)
  • Will cause death in a few minutes unless a defibrillator is used
  • 75 mA is not much current – a small power drill uses 30 times as much

Defibrillator in use

Photo courtesy of OSHA

* mA = milliampere = 1/1000 of an ampere


Effects of Electrical current



1-3 mA of current

3-10 mA of current

10-40 mA of current

30-75 mA of current

100-200 mA of current

62-75 mA of current

> 1500 mA of current

Mild sensation

Muscles contract, releasing grip may be difficult

“Let-go” threshold, possible loss of consciousness

Respiratory paralysis

Ventricular fibrillation

Directly across chest - potentially fatal

Tissue and organs burn

progression of a ground fault
Progression of a Ground Fault
  • Over time, undetected low level ground faults can escalate into high current ground faults that destroy equipment, cause fires, Arc-Flash accidents and costly downtimes.
ground fault relays
Ground Fault Relays
  • Enhance personal safety
  • Provide equipment protection
  • Operate reliably without nuisance tripping
what is a gfr
What is a GFR?
  • GFR stands for Ground Fault Relay.
  • GFRs are used to sense ground faults and open circuit breakers or shunt trip switches to minimize damage to equipment and isolate the faulted branch.
  • The ground fault current is usually sensed by current transformers.
    • Alarms or signal set points can vary depending on the application.
    • UL 1053 is the UL Standard for Ground Fault “Equipment Protection”
  • GFRs are sometimes called Ground Fault Monitors.
powr gard ground fault protection
POWR-GARD Ground Fault Protection
  • Protection – Rapid disconnection at the set trip levels
  • Prediction – Display ground fault leakage or insulation resistance of a given load or circuit
    • Monitoring allows for prediction and prevention of problems before they occur
    • Act….rather than React
settings allow for control of key elements
Leakage current - selectable

10mA / 30mA / 60mA / 80mA

100mA / 300mA / 600mA

800mA / 1.0A / 3.0A

Time Delay - selectable

<50 ms

250 ms

500 ms

1.0 sec

Insulation Resistance - selectable





Settings allow for control of key elements



traditional ground fault protection
Traditional Ground Fault Protection
  • Conventional monitoring looks for leakage current 5 amps and above
  • Likely to experience nuisance tripping caused by line noise
    • Voltage surges and sags
    • Transients
    • Notches and spikes
    • Harmonics
powr gard technology
POWR-GARD Technology

Developed by K-Tec for critical requirements

  • Impervious to nuisance tripping
  • Detect low level ground faults
  • Prevents equipment damage
  • Low and medium voltages
  • Protect up to 1000 HP @ 4160V with inrush up to 2000 Amps without nuisance tripping
powr gard technology1
POWR-GARD Technology
  • Works on line to detect leakage current
  • GFRs also detect insulation resistance while offline
  • Operate in all types of power systems
    • Grounded
    • High Resistance Ground
    • Ungrounded or floating ground
arc flash hazard reduction
Arc-Flash Hazard Reduction
  • Ground Fault Protection will reduce Arc-Flash Hazards
    • Arc-Flash incident energy is directly proportional to how long the Arc-Flash current lasts (tA).
    • GFRs can react to ground faults in 25 milliseconds or less, minimizing Arc-Flash incident energy.
    • Products which measure insulation resistance can predict and prevent an increase of insulation resistance before an arc flash incident would occur
ground fault relay applications
Ground Fault Relay applications
  • Main Switchboards and panelboards over 1000 amps
  • Ground Fault Protection can be cascaded to provide Zone Selective Interlocking (selective coordination) in critical applications.
  • Arc-Flash Hazard reduction
ground fault protection is regulated by safety standards
Ground Fault Protection is Regulated by Safety Standards
  • UL 943 for “people protection”
  • National Electrical Code® (NEC®)
  • OSHA
  • MSHA
  • Others under current review

Applicable Standards and Codes are listed in RTM Documentation

what is a gfci
What is a GFCI?
  • GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Most common types of GFCIs are receptacle types used in residential bathrooms and kitchens near sources of water. (NEC 210.8)
  • Most GFCIs are considered “People protection” and are set to open the circuit if the ground fault current is as low as 6mA.
    • UL 943 is the UL Standard for “People Protection” GFCIs
  • GFCIs consist of a sensing circuit and a switch or contactor that opens the circuit when a ground fault occurs.
  • Some GFCIs are also called Residual Current Circuit Breakers or Earth Leakage Circuit Interrupters or ELCBs
  • K-TEC GFCI are known as Shock-Block – a high level GFCI currently leased to entertainment industry thru very specialized channels
where ground fault protection is used
Where Ground Fault Protection is Used
  • Panelboards and switchboards
  • OEMs of Power Distribution panels and custom controls
  • Elevators and escalators
  • New construction sites
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • Municipal / Utilities – wastewater treatment, dams, pools
  • Marinas / Shipping
  • Equipment for RV parks and vehicles
  • Power pedestals
what s in a name
What’s In a Name
  • Product currently available for sale are labeled with the K-TEC brand name to assure current customers of product continuity
  • In the coming months we are likely to change the labeling and branding to

Littelfuse POWR-GARD™ Products

to add to our safety product portfolio.

new powr gard ground fault protection products
NEW POWR-GARD Ground Fault Protection Products
  • Ground Fault Relays
  • Ground Fault Monitors
  • Current Transformers
  • Monitors and Accessories
ground fault relays1
Ground Fault Relays
  • RCD300M2 - Residual Current relays monitor current in the line and neutral conductors to detect a differential and predict oncoming faults.
  • Will detect “unsafe” ground current level
  • Adjustable leakage current and time setting
  • Must be used with WKE series current transformers
  • Connected to AC line input or shunt trip
  • For single or three phase applications
ground fault relays2
Ground Fault Relays

Leakage current options

Current selection dial

Fault indicator light

ground fault relays3
Ground Fault Relays

GF Test button

Relay “ON” indicator

GF Test Reset Button

ground fault relays4
Ground Fault Relays

Input monitoring terminals

Time selection dial

Output relay terminals

ground fault monitors
Ground Fault Monitors
  • GFR4000 - Similar to RCD300M2 with the addition of offline ground fault monitor
  • Complete motor protection
  • Offline Monitors insulation resistance to prevent restart of motor in unsafe condition
  • Must be used with WKE series current transformers
ground fault monitors1
Ground Fault Monitors

GF Test button

Leakage current


Relay “ON” indicator

Fault indicator light

GF Test Reset Button

Current selection dial

Insulation Resistance

Time selection dial

current transformers
Current Transformers

WKE Series

  • Used in conjunction with RCD and GFR products
  • Unique technology provides sensitive detection without nuisance tripping
  • Works with any POWR-GARD GFR products to reduce inventory requirements
  • Mu metal composition
earth loop monitor
Earth Loop Monitor

ELM Series (ELM300)

  • Ground Continuity monitor
  • Assures proper grounding of portable or mobile equipment
  • Used in applications where having a proper ground circuit is critical
  • Alarm range 1.0 Ω
device selection
Device Selection

* All devices must be used in conjunction with WKE series current transformers.

littelfuse product benefits
Littelfuse Product Benefits
  • Protect circuits in ungrounded, grounded or high resistance ground systems
  • Protects workers to a lower level of leakage current for added safety
  • Provide reliable protection without nuisance tripping which improves system availability
  • Metering output to drive a remote meter or interface
  • Predictive protection reduces incidents of arc-flash, fire and system disruption
gfcis and gfrs are used by oems
GFCIs and GFRs Are Used By OEMs
  • OEMs of Panelboards and Switchboards
  • OEMs of specialized controls for:
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
    • Chemical processing
    • Pulp and paper
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petrochem
industries using gfcis and gfrs
Industries using GFCIs and GFRs
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Mining Industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Boathouses, Marinas, and RV parks
  • Carnivals, Fairs, and temporary installations (movie sets, etc.)
  • Pools, spas, fountains, and health care facilities.
  • Safety Engineering Industry to reduce Arc-Flash Hazards and increase reliability
industrial competitors
Industrial Competitors
  • List of top GFR competitors
    • Bender (DIPL-ING W BENDER GMBH )
    • Startco (Canada)
    • Square D
    • ABB
    • Basler Electric
powr gard specializes in niche markets
POWR-GARD Specializes In Niche Markets

Ground Fault Trip Sensitivity (Amps)

.006A .010A .030A .100A 1A 2.5A 5A

Ground Fault Relay Market Segmentation by Trip Current

Extremely Difficult

Very Difficult





Sq D


K-Tec Technology


product available now
Product Available Now
  • Release To Market program
  • Web link (
  • Data sheets for RCD, GFR, ELM, WKE
  • Product overview sheet
  • Sales presentation
  • Other tools in development
  • Pricing – ASP for these systems (GFP + CT) is $800 to $1000
  • Commission Rate is 10%
  • Product available now…lead time typically 2 – 4 weeks
  • Data sheets online and as part of RTM
  • Data sheets will be printed and available through RR Donnelly
support material
Support Material
  • RTM sent out today
  • Links to data sheet and web information
  • More resources under development
  • Questions can be answered in POWR-GARD Marketing and soon on the Tec-Line

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