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17 Scenic Village Photos from Kerala - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some of the scenic village photos from Kerala

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17 Scenic Village Photos from Kerala 

Image by VinothChandar via flickr

1. A walk in the rain

Image by praveenkumardeshabhi via flickr

2.Scenic Kerala Village shot

Image by icultist via flickr

3.A paddy field worker going back home after work

4. Fisherman getting ready to cast the net in Kerala backwaters

5. A village scene from Nemmara, Palakkad

 Photo by ruffin_ready via flickr

6. Ferrying across a river

 Image by  S.Raj via flickr

7. Reflections

Image by acdme via flickr

8. Over the Bridge..shot from rural Kerala

Photo from Rural Kerala

9. A small village temple

 Image by challiyan via flickr

10. Niramala, Lighting the temple walls

 Source: vi.sualize.us via Paradise Holidays, Cochin on Pinterest

11. An idyllic Kerala village scene

Photo by Gulfu via flickr

12. EdavoorTemple, One of Kerala’s thousand temples

Image by VinothChandar via flickr

13. Rowing a Country Boat

14. Elephants in Kerala

15. A Sunset Near a Backwater Village

Image by sreeji. via flickr

16. Paddy fields Kerala

17. Another Beautiful Village Photo Taken at Punnamoodu

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Picturesque Village Photos from Kerala

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