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S. M. Part 5. MANAGING SERVICE PROMISES. © 2000 The McGraw-Hill Companies. McGraw-Hill. Provider GAP 4. CUSTOMER. Service Delivery. External Communications to Customers. COMPANY. GAP 4. Part 5 Opener. S. M. Chapter 15. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION.

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  1. S M Part 5 MANAGING SERVICE PROMISES © 2000 The McGraw-Hill Companies McGraw-Hill

  2. Provider GAP 4 CUSTOMER Service Delivery External Communications to Customers COMPANY GAP 4 Part 5 Opener

  3. S M Chapter 15 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION © 2000 The McGraw-Hill Companies McGraw-Hill

  4. Objectives for Chapter 15:Integrated Services Marketing Communications • Introduce the concept of Integrated Services Marketing Communication • Discuss the key reasons for service communication problems • Present four key ways to integrate marketing communication in service organizations • Present specific strategies for managing promises, managing customer expectations, educating customers, and managing internal communications • Provide perspective on the popular service objective of exceeding customer expectations

  5. Figure 15-1 Communications and the Services Marketing Triangle Company Internal Marketing Vertical Communications Horizontal Communications External Marketing CommunicationAdvertising Sales Promotion Public Relations Direct Marketing Employees Customers Interactive MarketingPersonal Selling Customer Service Center Service Encounters Servicescapes Source: Parts of model adapted from work by Christian Gronroos and Phillip Kotler

  6. Figure 15-3 Approaches forIntegrating Services Marketing Communication Manage Customer Expectations Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises Improve Customer Education Manage Service Promises Manage Internal Marketing Communication

  7. Figure 15-4Approaches forManaging Service Promises MANAGING SERVICE PROMISES Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises Create Effective Services Communications Coordinate External Communication Offer Service Guarantees Make Realistic Promises

  8. Figure 15-8Approaches forManaging Customer Expectations Offer Choices Create Tiered-Value Offerings Communicate Criteria for Service Effectiveness Negotiate Unrealistic Expectations Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises

  9. Figure 15-9Approaches forImproving Customer Education Teach Customers to Avoid Peak Demand Periods and Seek Slow Periods Confirm Performance to Standards Clarify Expectations after the Sale Prepare Customers for the Service Process Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises

  10. Figure 15-10 Approaches for Managing Internal Marketing Communications Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises Create Effective Vertical Communications Create Effective Horizontal Communications Align Back Office Personnel w/ External Customers Create Cross-Functional Teams

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