oxy fuel cutting n.
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Oxy-Fuel Cutting

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting. I. Parts and Adjustments.  Torch Cutting Tip Pre-heat holes Cutting hole. Three control knobs. Preheat O2 valve Preheat Propylene valve Cutting oxygen valve Lever. Lighting and Adjusting Torch. Propylene valve open slightly Light torch with striker

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i parts and adjustments
I. Parts and Adjustments


  • Cutting Tip
    • Pre-heat holes
    • Cutting hole
three control knobs
Three control knobs
  • Preheat O2 valve
  • Preheat Propylene valve
  • Cutting oxygen valve
    • Lever
lighting and adjusting torch
Lighting and Adjusting Torch
  • Propylene valve open slightly
  • Light torch with striker
  • Adjust flame back to tip
  • Adjust preheat O2 until neutral flame
  • Press cutting lever and readjust O2

(NOTE) Propylene = 10 psi, Oxygen = 40 psi

Tank valves are open fully on both gases.

cutting metals
Cutting Metals

Metal preparation

  • Metal should be clean
  • Mark desired cut with soapstone
  • Place metal on cutting table
  • Get comfortable
steps to making a cut
Steps to making a cut
  • Inner cone flames
    • 1/16 to 1/8
    • Prevents slag from collecting on tip
  • Allow the edge of the steel to melt
  • Press down slowly on the O2 cutting lever until completely open.
  • Tilt torch tip slightly toward the direction of the cut
  • Move the torch slowly along the surface
  • When beveling or cutting at an angle, lean the tip at the desired angle and hold the torch parallel to the work.
turning off the torch
Turning off the Torch
  • First the Propylene valve is closed on the torch.
  • Then close the oxygen valve.
  • Close both tank valves
  • Re-open the torch valves to release hose pressure and then close them again.
  • Back out the regulator adjusting screws until they just become loose.