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Microwave Problems and troubleshooting Tips

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Microwave Problems and troubleshooting Tips

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  1. ……..Microwave Ovens are the best gadgetry for our kitchen. If your Microwave breaks down for continuous use, you can fix it with some do-it-yourself repairs first and can save your money and time………. …………………Some general Microwave problems and their basic troubleshooting tips has been discussed here…………

  2. Microwave won't Running ? • Check if it is properly plugged in • Inspect the cords and wires of the • machine for any damage • The fuse may be blown. open the • outer casing of the oven and then • remove the fuse. Check the fuse with • voltmeter. If the reading is not zero • then replace it.

  3. Microwave does not cook ? • It happens most likely due to thermal • cut off of the oven. It is of circular shape • and wires coming out of it. Check with a • voltmeter and if the reading is not zero • then you need to replace it. • Another reason may be • malfunctioning of the transformer • or the magnetron.

  4. Plate inside the Microwave won't turn ! • Check if the plate is properly placed • In the rotating mechanism there is • ring with rollers. Check if there is food • material stuck in the ring. • Clean the ring properly.

  5. Microwave Touch pad not working ? • Generally ants or small insects make their way between the small spaces of touchpad and the microwave itself. What you can do is clean the air holes and cover it with a mesh material that has very fine holes.

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