Traditional finnish rye bread
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Traditional Finnish rye bread. GIF Activity Package Saara Haapsaari. The objective. To l earn bake Finnish traditional rye bred The pupils will know , what is the bread tradition in Finland and how to restore bread tradition

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Traditional finnish rye bread


GIF ActivityPackage

Saara Haapsaari

The objective
The objective

  • To learnbakeFinnishtraditionalryebred

  • The pupilswillknow, what is the bread tradition in Finland and how to restorebread tradition

  • To learn the recipe of ryebread and howitwasbakedbefore

    • Alsohowto makesourdough

  • The pupilswillknow, howhelthy the ryebread is

  • To get the pupils and othersinspired to bakeryebread at school and at home

Concrete work at the school
Concretework at the school

  • Ryebreadwillbebaked

    • by the pupilsat junior highschool ( grades 7, 8 and 9 ) at leastonce in home economics

    • by the students at highschoolduringBon apetit 1 ja 2- course

    • and also on ”The traditional food and habits”- dayof ourschool

  • At the highschoolalso a diploma of home economicswillbe made abouttraditionalryebread

Team rye bred

The pupils in gradeninewereveryinterested in bakingryebred. Theyhavetwohours home economics in a week, both on oneday. As ittakesmoretime to make the ryebreadready, theyweremixingthe sourdough on theirowntimeon the firstdayand on the seconddaythe breadwasbakedduring the lessons.

The holeactivitypackagewentverywell and somepupilseventook the recipe and dough to bake the ryebread at home.

The pupilssaid, thattheywillbake the breadstillmanytimes.

Allpupils in the groupsaid, that the taste of bread is verydelicious.

Now we are beginning to bake
Nowwearebeginningto bake

The rye bread dough
The ryebreaddough

Soon it is time to taste
Soonit is time to taste…

Delicious good nam nam
Delicious, goodnam, nam”.

Pupils opinions

  • ”The ryebreadtaste is verydelicious.”

  • ”Ittakestime to bake the ryebread, butit is not


  • ”The ryebreadsmellsverygood.”

  • ”Wewant to baketoo.”

  • ”I wanteatthisbreadallways.”

  • ”This is bestbread, thatI haveever

    eated. I wantbakethisbread at home.”

  • ”I haveheard, thatthisbread is veryhealthy.”

  • ”I want to learn to bakethisbread.”

  • ”Thisis likegrandmam´sbread.”

  • Allteacherstastedthe ryebread and theiropinionswere:

    ”The taste is delicious”, ”I want to byethisbread”, ”I eatedthatkind of

    bread, when I waschild”, ”I want to learn to bakethisbread, mayI have

    the recipe?”

Real finnish food

Real Finnish food

Saara Haapsaari

Teacher of home economics

Nurmon yläaste


  • Raaka-aine- ja materiaalikulut n. 100 - 150€ (Kevään seminaaria varten ajatuksena hankkia Jokipiin pellavaa tuliaisleipien kääreeksi)