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DMHRSi & Education and Training PowerPoint Presentation
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DMHRSi & Education and Training

DMHRSi & Education and Training

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DMHRSi & Education and Training

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  1. DMHRSi &Education and Training Mike Stewart Navy medicine Support Command 2009 Total Force Training Workshop 22-24 September 2009 "LINKING TOTAL FORCE TO MISSION AND OPERATIONS"

  2. Why use DMHRSi for E&T? • Provides for an Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) for All Hands. • Provides consistency from one command to another. • Allows for easy viewing of training history of an individual, a command, or all BSO 18. • Provides training completion for Readiness purposes

  3. Readiness Data Manpower Data Labor Data Education & Training Data from FLTMPS MHS LEARN Personnel Data Labor Data Feed to EAS (then to M2) Feed to SMART NPI Data Feed to EWPD then to CCQAS and AHLTA

  4. Status of DMHRSi • Mandated by BUMED for use at all BSO 18 commands • Fully deployed (NAVMISSA and METC this week) • Army fully deployed and Air Force completes Sep 09 • Tutor processes soon to also be in UPK format • Working on improvement of FLTMPS feed(contractors) • Working on new interface agreements to receive data from BUPERs and DCPDS • Data calls from BUMED, CNA, and TMA rely on DMHRSi • Use of other applications at your command hurt data integrity

  5. Recent Survey ResultsJuly 2009

  6. New Report Server • Data loaded from DMHRSi several times a week and is not real time • You have access to all reports • Over 7 million E&T records for Navy • Use it to check on data quality of your data. • Easy to tell now who is and is not using the system. • Welcome your feedback.

  7. Common Problems • Commands creating courses. • Commands creating offerings. • Not following standard naming conventions. • Not associating Training Center to the class. • Not changing sponsor from DOD to command. • Leaving the “Restricted” box checked. • Not updating enrollments • NOT USING THE APPLICATION

  8. Learning Paths • Allows you to set training “Goals” or “Mandatory classes” for an individual, work center, job, or person type (i.e. all critical care nurses, all Lab Techs, everyone in the Emergency Room) • It is a combination of one or more classes you wish a person to complete and which are mandatory and when you want them completed. • Can be set to specify a number of days prior to the end of the target completion period for the application to notify the learner of the upcoming completion date.

  9. Where we now stand • We don’t see as many classes scheduled for the future • We have a lot of students who have taken classes yet their enrollment status has not been updated. • Several classes are not associated to a training center therefore are not visible to students

  10. Way Forward • We all have to use it more efficiently. • We need to capture all readiness training in DMHRSi that is being recorded in EMPARTS • We are scrubbing the list of all course in DMHRSi and the associated competencies. Hope to have a totally clean application by 1 October. • We will continue to closely monitor every command’s utilization of the E&T module and report to regional commanders

  11. Questions?